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Old thread sucked. >>8991829

Are any qt lolitas going?
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Seagull meet up where? I wager there will be a good few discarded McDonald's bags to pillage fries from in the parking lot by the 5th light pole from the left.
I need last minute help ideas.

Where can I get a white and black sticker which I can cut into little squares
MT hungry for pizza guy from last thread here:

So sounds like Hyatt Bar is the meet up? What time did we want to that going? I know someone had badges to pick up at 8. I'll get dinner early.

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Ita thread: Bawleted edition
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Looks like she wanted to do a casual coord, but completely missed the mark.

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Old one ded. >>9000104

Post feels. Happy, sad, whatever. As long as they're cgl related.
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One of my lolita friends has become more and more outwardly a gull to the point where it's cringe. She always talks about cgl and what people are saying on cgl at meets and uses cgl terms like instead of saying "I can't go out this weekend. I don't have money.", she'll say "I'm a temp poorfag now kek."

How do I tell her that's cringy as fuck? She's way older than me and I was hoping she'd figure it out but apparently she hasn't.
Just be honest with her. Tell her that the reason that shit is on /cgl/ is because it's supposed to stay on here. She'll probably catch on. It sounds like the people who constantly reference memes because they're Hip and Randum.
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>elderly black man enters wearing this shirt
>flip out
>start telling him about my SNK cosplay squad
>he's totally confused
>says he got the shirt because his nickname is Tater

Embarrassing, but funny.

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discuss and post chocolate theme coords!
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Who's going, what are you wearing, and meetup when and where?

Question of the thread, what state are you coming from?
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Day 0 get hype
Stl local very hyped
Bump for Friday!

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I'm not a furry.

Can anyone educate me about tails? Are there secure ways to attach them, preferably something much better than clothespins? Also any recommendations? Looking for something long and catlike rather than bushy.
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I really like mine, super think and bushy. Has a stiff metal core so you can curl it up and it doesn't hang limp. It fastens on with a big metal triangle paper clip thing.
>It fastens on with a big metal triangle paper clip thing.
So if someone yanked on it would it just haul your pants off?

New Thread! Discuss where to buy, where not to buy, recent purchases, reviews and sales!
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Any circle lens brand/series recommendations for someone with astigmatism and rather dry eyes? I've only ever used normal clear lenses and have been told not to wear them for more than ~6 hours at a time but I want to experience being as kawaii desu as the rest of you gulls, even if it's just the once. I'm mostly looking for a very natural brown but other colors could be fun, too.
Neo Vision torics
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Can someone ID these lenses?

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Spring time means sailor lolita time to me! Also I don't have a coord planned for UtS so I'm looking for inspiration. Requesting good gothic or otome sailor coords!
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Last thread: >>8946434

> Cosplay Masterpost: http://pastebin.com/ekZP1fhg
- Tutorials and links that can help with Homestuck cosplays. Refer to it if you need help. Any contributions welcome.

> Crunchy Cosplay List: http://i.imgur.com/QRRWqRn.jpg
- A list of suggested Homestuck cosplayers to follow and check out, as they have great cosplays and some also have good tutorials on their blogs.

To discuss:
> The comic has now ended. What are some fond memories you have had while cosplaying Homestuck? Will you still continue to cosplay from it?
> When did you start doing Homestuck cosplays?
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>Fond memories
I had a fantastic local fan group who organized multiple dances per year for years. I skipped my high school's ones and got my awkward adolescent groove on as Roxy or Kanaya instead. Way more fun, and way more people that I liked being around, than I would have had at school at the time.

>First HS cosplay

My first one was in 2012 and it was my very first time dressed as a popular character. Before Karkat here, I'd done exclusively minor obscurities--the change in attention I received was kind of overwhelming but also really, really fun.
Why do I even open these threads anymore........
Because its sad and funny to watch non-homestucks struggle and often refuse our tutorials

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Old thread is in autosage. Let's continue.
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I want to cosplay Judy Hopps but I'm afraid of the furries

Instead of a full fursuit, do a gijinka like the Pokemon fans.

I think the general public would appreciate this cosplay. When I went to see the film is was mostly adult couples.

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tfw you will never have cosplay friends that will take the time to make cosplays and go to cons with you

the no friends in general why even try
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What country are you in, OP?
I'm from Canada but I'm thinking of moving to the states just to get away from this place
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I know your pain anon.

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gen 4.png
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Old thread a kill >>9004544

Discuss new releases, ILD plans, bloodbath woes, etc. Will you be gunning for any new releases this month?

Please keep it EGL related!
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Re asking my question about laundry

>So sorry if this is disgusting but I noticed some of my dresses started getting the pit stains. They arent too bad/yellowed yet.
What is a good way to take these out, especially since the dress is a print/colored?
I've done the 1:1:1 on yellowed blouses before and it worked beautifully, but I wonder if it will affect the color of a dress

Also I should note I do realize the yellowing is caused from the aluminum in deodorants, but I've yet to find an aluminum free deodorant that I like. (I tried Toms but didnt work well for me). If there are any suggestions for this as well, I'd love to hear!
I.W Classical strawberry in beige or pink. I got a SS for it as it's super popular with the japanese lolitas.
try oxyclean, it works on my brother's teeshirts.

Old thread going out the door >>8998397

I'm going to kick the thread off with a dump of things that are pretty nice/I liked overall.
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Unnatural hair working pretty well for once.
Pretty good Bodyline coord.

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I need to refresh my folder.

Any art anons taking requests? We could use things like:

>A cosplaying or ouji Carlos for punning
>More gifs
>Vendetta callout (a la samefag/bait reaction images)
>lolita, cosplayer, or LARPing bait fish

and general /cgl/ versions of things, just about anything. some ideas:

>"Do want"/"Do not want" (especially with all these rereleases)
>Ita/nitpick reactions
>sad feels
>friendly feels
>lonely feels
>accomplished feels
>crafting feels
>amused, smug, confused, cringing faces

Just general stuff people post about a lot that can be summarized into an image.

Dumping some shit to start it off.
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When will Tumblr stop with their shit taste and pandering? edition
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This cringe is painful with no limits
I saw this on liveleak as well as the aftercare video. Thought it might be fake because
>how could the person holding the drill not notice the hair getting tangled
>and how come that bitch wasn't screaming in agony, since hair isn't typically yanked out all at once like that and even waxing can hurt a lot of people

But maybe this is real. I also saw a video of some dumb korean kid "eating" a live firecracker and it exploding in his mouth. Obviously he lost some teeth if not some inside jaw tissue.

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