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Colossalcon General
Sandusky, OH thread!

Let's chat all, who's going?!?!?
Some topics:

4 chan meetup ( was a blast last year)
Costume team ups
Party schedules
Room and ride sharing.

I am so freaking excited!!!!
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Event is June 1st thru the 4th

Who is going from here.... By far my favorite con!
I'll be there as always, smashed day and night
Fuck yes! You got a room or staying off site?

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Drag queens need to stay the fuck away from lolita.
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Old thread >>9295067

Comm full of SJWs? Wondering what kind of meet you should organise? Did some girl's baby puke on your brand? Talk about your local community here, online comm stuff goes in >>9325784.
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I haven't been active in my community for a while and I really want to start going to meets again, but the only meet that's coming up is a Harry Potter meet and I've never seen or read any of it. It's not just an outfit theme either, they're visiting the Harry Potter expo. I'm debating whether I should go anyway and feel out of place or wait (possibly for a long time) until a less themed meet comes up.

Before you suggest hosting a meet, I'm a complete nobody in my comm so I'm fairly certain no one would attend anyway.
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Gulls how should i tell this unstable girl who considers me her "friend" in my comm to leave me alone?

She's really mentally unstable (attempted suicide several times,changes bf every month or so, openly talk about her sex life which makes me feel uneasy especially since she is into ddlg which grosses me out) and I just don't want anything to do with her anymore.
I tried to be her friend at first, then she proceeded to make me uncomfortable (asking me out when she still had a boyfriend,saying how she has threesomes super casually), then told me i was one of her best friends despite meeting me twice and talking to me only a tiny bit online, then went apeshit saying i was "so cold" and "egoistical" and a "leech"(??) and how she always had to make the first move/come to me.
Then a few months later she came back, apologized and I told her that we should just "forget about it" and now she's back and think of me as a friend

She's friend with all the popular girls in the comm and I'm affraid she'll talk shit behind my back to them.
I just want to make her understand I'm not comfortable around her but without being mean.
I think that if you let them know you haven't read or seen it, and that you just want to hang out with your comm members you will be fine anon. Is this the Dutch meet btw?
I was thinking of maybe going too.

Lets talk about larger meets and events! I'm talking a little more than your average tea party - raffles, guests, music, or anything with ticketed entry.

>Have you been to such a meet/event?
>(if applicable) How do you or your comm organise larger events (with raffles and such?
>What's the best organised event/meet you've been to?
>What's the worst organised?
>What's your dream event?
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My dream event is one of Kaya's parties
Kaya, but please just continue the thread and ignore what I said

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If you had to choose between Gogo Tomago and Honey Lemon to cosplay as, which one would you pick and why?
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gogo because i'm short and asian. she's also tsuntsun and cute as heck. shame her regular outfit isn't as interesting as honey lemon's.
Gogo, because I'm short and prefer more boyish styles, so her outfit would suit me better.

Gogo, her outfit is more forgiving to an average figure and looks way more comfortable.

Old Thread to da limit: >>9322965

pls don't waste this with examples of toned down, mature, or simple sweet. you can make a separate thread for that, homes.
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Do you wear jfash to work? If so, where do you work? What style do you wear? How do your coworkers react? How do your supervisors react? What pieces or styles do you find work best for your work? Self posts, ootd, or floordinates welcome.

Also, please don't spend this thread arguing about whether or not jfash is appropriate or professional. Some people have jobs that have a more liberal dress code. This thread is for sharing those outfits.
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Yes. I work in an office.
My style for work is typically himekaji bordering on otona kawaii but I obviously am most conscious about picking an appropriate length.
I pair almost everything with a cardigan of some sort as an option and the shoes used in himekaji are typically passable on their own (esp pumps).
My coworkers don't care much but sometimes they'll mention if something is particularly cute.
>tfw going into the medical field
Maybe some day in private practice...
I work in a law office with an extremely lax dress code. On days I'm not expecting other attorneys, I'll dress in toned down classic coords or otome leaning coords. Most of my coords are JSKs with cardigans, although sometimes I swap those out for blazers. I usually skip head wear, but sometimes I'll wear small bows or berets. My absolute favorite pieces are a no name lacy Meta skirt and IW's Constance JSK in brown.

Anyone else watching this? The most recent episode was insane.
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they haven't released a new ep for a week or two, right?

i follow the show and i wish i could like at least one person on it but they're all garbage. i laugh every time they show /cgl/ caps.

audra's Reddit AMA was a pathetic attempt at money grabbing for her "artbook" and it actually got funded. kms
Nah, a new episode was released a couple days ago.

I couldn't agree with you more about everyone being garbage. The only even kind of likeable person there is Ashphord imo. Maybe Paula as well, if only because she just gets shitted on by everyone else.
Actually I stopped watching once there was the 3rd episode in a row about 'cake porn' By god, it's 'wet and messy', be an adult. There's a lot worse things then frosting people throw on their downstairs in that genre of porn.

It's just your run of the mill garbage. I enjoy shows about fashion, but it is garbage.

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What is gothic fashion in Japan?
How is it different from Western gothic?
What are your favorite jgoth brands?
How is the goth scene over there (any experiences to share)?
Who are your jgoth style icons?
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is this for real?
nice trips

the biggest difference is not in style as much as quality. despite being well-established as a subculture, Western goth brands are often costumey, and the better brands tend to only make women's clothes. Japanese gothic brands like h. Naoto, in contrast, have a huge range of styles in varying levels of formality.

another difference is that there is less emphasis on sex appeal in jgoth, usually. even with brands like alice auaa and Na+h, which can use very sexy silhouettes, the coords or fashion spreads i have seen emphasize sexuality less than their Western counterparts.

alice auaa is my favorite jgoth brand, followed by h. Naoto. if we include EGL family gothic brands, Moi-meme-Moitie has a special place in my heart. if we include defunct brands, Black Peace Now is the best.
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as for style icons, Mana-sama, Uri (featured often on street snaps), and Buttcape

Continue from the last thread. >>9277274

Just how hard do people go at MAGfest?
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A mini version of Dragoncon. Anyrhing goes.
Discord is run by a molester

Post some of the worst Worbla cosplay jobs you've ever seen. What makes a successful warble armor and what dooms most people. Are you like me, in that a horrible Worbla armor hurts you more than a horrible craft foam armor because you know how much money these poor fools wasted on their Worbla alone?
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I get that they used warble to achieve this specific shape for the dress, but I just feel like its such a waste of material an it doesn't look that great either.
This is from a Worbla "tutorial", kek.
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I didn't see one after a couple cursory glances so, LETS GO!

What are you guys working on? Anything Halloween related? Gotta keep workin'!
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you first^^
GLADLY~ Finishing up my Metallica cosplay for a shoot in a couple weeks!
Hey, where did you got that tank top?

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Can someone explain some of the history and background of Vivienne Westwood in lolita fashion?

General for Vivienne Westwood related coords and post any items from the brand that work well within lolita.
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Was there ever any drama over this Vivienne Westwood Bodyline replica back in the day?
This is a Nana cosplay

Nana wears vw
VW made rocking horse shoes so theres that

in general some of her shit works for punks and goths which were cultures and styles japanese lolitas tended to follow back in the day so theres that.

Lolibrary is down, so Hell hasnt frozen over yet.
>Discuss lolita general-related things
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Just came here to see if it was just me. I don't understand how it's been offline so often lately. I know it was always a bit iffy but I feel like it's down more than up lately.
They haven't posted on FB since the start of the month so there's no news about the update. Hope everything is going okay for them.
Hoping to see more casual/daily wear this year, OTT is great and all but it'd be nice to see more toned down stuff.
>can't wait for spring coords
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I'm into lolita since like 2006 but looking through old fruits/kera/GLB and comparing them to the same magazines today, I don't understand how anyone can say J-fashion is dying just now. I think it's been long dead.
Even if the sub-styles remain, the general vibe of fun and experimentation which jumps out of the pages of an old Fruits has been gone for a decade. And it's honestly depressing.

Also I feel like nowadays it became so boring. I see mainly classical OTT with boring neutral colors,even sweet isn't as playful/vibrant, decoras don't or barely exist anymore,... Larme is popular but it's so normie i don't even consider it an alternative fashion.

Can we get a thread for bad cross overs that make no sense.

I'll start with nozomi deadpool that I see around in my cosplay community. Nice enough guy but his cosplay is pretty fucking dumb
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When you want to cross play but you're ugly
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If someone has that guy saved that self-posted his Steven Universe/JoJo crossover a while ago (I think in the SU general), then threw a fit when everyone told him it was a bad crossover? I remember it but forgot to save it apparently.

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