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Hey /cgl/, got curious about this subject:
How many of you are in college and cosplay?
How do you deal with budget and time constraints as a result of college?
What are you working on in your free time?
What college or state do you go to?
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Thinly veiled project survey.
I was actually going to include that this is not for a project, but I figured people will assume it is anyways lmao
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If you can, get it at a thrift shop.

Post your faves and grab some popcorn!
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oh, no!
Tfw it was a really good panel despite them. I hope more performance stuff like that happen more in my area.

Are there events/panels like texas idol festival in your area? I know AWA had a dance festival as well.

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Last thread is done >>9306533

Recap of last thread:
-Sob stories to make thrifty Lolita okay
- foreheads and bad shoe choices
-new LA mods that have average coordination skills but mod well
- gulls don't care if you know they are gulls
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gg grimace. guess your feelings got hurt too much
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Someone please help this girl learn how to do freckles.
Jesus what the fuck. Was this in LA? I don't see anything lolita about this...

Old thread >>9210466 is saging

Starting off the thread with a CholyKnight dump of the Beary Ice Cream plush, enjoy
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That's cute as fuck
Thanks anon, I thought so too. I bought it awhile back and never had the chance to make it tho... maybe sometime soon with all this extra fleece and minky I have

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Is there anyone here who prefers American cosmetics over Korean/Japanese ones?i feel like Japanese and Korean cosmetics are all nice packaging but not really worth it. I got some canmake eyeliner and I'll say the one I got at forever 21 was better.
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...You couldn't have posted this in the makeup general?
A lot of it is overhyped because this board is full of weebs

canmake, if i recall correctly, is pretty much drugstore-tier. for what it is, i like well enough. i feel like people get a wet pussy over certain cosmetics but in reality they're equal to maybelline, rimmel, etc, but in cute packaging and from asia.

Old Thread is in autosage >>9249461

Who are your favorite girl / main cosplay girl from each series? Do they have anything in common? Do you go for a certain kind of character or do they differ a lot?

Also post pics of your 2017 plans!
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Dumping some cosplays

Also, would love to follow more western idol cosplayers, anyone know any good ones?

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New hair thread because old one vanished
When I get my roots bleached, it's about $200 because I go from brown to nearly platinum. I was thinking maybe just saving that money, shaving my head, and getting a really nice human hair wig instead. Less hassle and I won't have to spend $200 every month and a half
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>shaving my head
How long's your hair now?
Just touching the top of my shoulders. I've had extremely short hair before and I liked it, but I've held onto this relatively "safe" haircut for a while solely for the purpose of lolita and j-fashion and I really do wanna cut my hair short again but super short hair looks weird with most styles
wtf OP why go to extremes and shave your head? just wait a month and dye your hair back to your natural brown colour so it doesnt look odd growing back

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Is it just me or does it seem like cons are younger these days? Re: Video from Anime-ZAP! in Peoria, Illinois. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j98s_jhc03o&feature=share
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you are simply getting older anon.
lol. u r an oldfig.
>Go to bbs first con, 2008, age 13
>Everyone there is college age, feel really out of place
>Decide I can't wait to be older and fit in better
>2016, now college age, go to cons
>Everyone is ~16, feel really out of place
I don't even understand where these kids get the money to go to cons desu. I was a hoarder of a kid who saved up all my money to be able to go to one day of a con, and there are kids with decent cosplays, full weekend badges, staying at hotels and arms full of dealers room/AA shopping bags filling the con halls now.

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Looks like more cons are tightening up their panel requirement (Sac Anime and ALA are doing something similar) to the point where the con wants more education/lecture style panels over improve and other interactive events.

Obviously this is done as a way to curb all the character QA panels but I do think slamming down on gameshows an interactive events too is just overkill. I hope this doesn't start a trend where fan con panels are just full of lecture panels and leave little room for variation.
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No cosplay panels? Wtf?
THANK GOD FINALLY. I don't think that it's meant to remove fan panels at all, but most of them tend to be trashy and shameless ways for people to abuse having panels about themselves. The ones I've seen around the area rarely are even about discussing the anime or character itselves, so I don't see how they should qualify for a free membership when they also tend to ask for 5+ free badges to shove their friends in.

I'm sure that if someone sends in a panel with a decent following if it's a game show or somewhat relevant, they might overturn it. But then again, it's just saying that they are giving a preference to comp people for quality panels, not ask me panels when they don't add to programming.

The no cosplay panels is likely directed at people who do miscellaneous stuff. I could see some grey area they might need to take on "anime-influenced Western panels", but otherwise, this isn't a bad thing.

I honestly think that cons should be decisive about what they think qualifies for a free membership. Other major cons don't comp you anyway even if you do a free panel, so no one is banning ask-me panels, just ensuring that there's not a flood of underage signing up for a free ride.

I've personally just dealt with lots of fellow panelists whom I've seen abuse smaller community cons by bringing x amount of friends in there for panels that just have to do with them dawdling for free.
I can actually see both sides of this argument. For larger conventions it's difficult to provide diverse quality programming. For smaller cons, they sometimes take every single panel submission they get. Considering that volunteers are required to work 16+ hours at Sakuracon, I think that requesting 3-5 hours of panel hosting for a free badge is a little light. Then again, if you have people who won or placed in the costume contest last year, offering them a free badge in exchange for hosting a workshop/panel related to cosplay would be a smart move. If someone has qualifications that may be relevant to other attendees, such as a Japanese teacher at your local university, you might actually want to invite them to speak and give them incentives beyond a free badge.

Not all panelists are equal. Some have clout, credibility and content that your attendees want to see in a quality panelist.

COF thread

Old thread >>9321133
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This is cute, not a big fan of the socks, though.
Since OP obviously doesn't know how to start a dump...

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Post anything, but it seems like all Mattel high cosplays are shit.
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File: d0145536_21405482.jpg (158KB, 900x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So Is it seen as a bad thing to "male" up a female character?

Was considering being a fubuki inspired ship!

Also Kantai Collection thread!
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People have been genderswapping male characters to female for years, I don't see how this is any different.
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You think this could be swapped into a male but still be identifiable as Fubuki?
You could think of yourself as being the admiral dressed as Bucky.

Ichigokitty believes that photographers should shoot for free at cons since cosplayers put so much work and money into their cosplays already. Agree? Disagree? Discuss.
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If she (hell, anybody) makes me a free costume, I'll do a free full photoshoot with the works with her.
Anyone with a dslr thinks theyre a photographer these days even if their work is subpar/awful lol. Photos arent something youre entitled to and people arent requires to shoot, then edit your pics for free just because you already spent a lot on your costume. Buy your own camera ans force a friend.
Plenty of free photographers around. Go ask them.

Paying for a photographer is an agreement for, and hopefully this is what you get...

1) A professional photo. This can mean many things, but let's stick with the simple ones for all photographers. A well-balanced photo that consists of adequate exposure/lighting, composition/framing, and focusing. I say this since not every photographer is a user of photo manipulation/imaging software.
2) A photo delivered. A paid photographer better deliver at least their minimum promised photos, or they'll be lambasted to Hell and back! *cough - Lauren Pihl/Aoife Haney - cough*

>Post your best OTT Sweet inspo.
>Discuss the 2010 glory days
>share tips on piling the most stuff on your head in the most flattering way
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Starting off with a mini image dump
What trends do you miss seeing or wearing from that time?

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Old Thread
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What was the second secret on btb? The one that got deleted?
also what was 12? thats gone too
I use to adore and aspire to he a purely old school lolita a LA Momoko. But lately I feel as if I look old and manly and note cute at all. I've only found myself to be pretty or beautiful in classic or Gothic.
>TFW i just wanna be a kawaii old school lolita like my old school novel hero

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