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has there ever been a good DD ocelot? all the ones I see are half assed and have shitty near party city-tier wigs
pic related, It's what I think of every time I see an Eli cosplay
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PW Big Boss with an upgraded Tactical Knife.
eyyy gingerboss! keep up the good work!
sword needs to be bigger though

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Time for another one of these!

I'll start in a moment
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I can't do the template because I'm on mobile, sorry.
5'6, 103 pounds. Female. Last time I did a measurement was when I was in Highschool but I have a smallish bust and bigger hips, and an ass that don't quit.
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I'm stupid new too. Sorry OP.

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ALA Aftermath Thread

Old Thread: >>9326583

Dump pics, stories, and anything else from ALA here.

What's the next con that you have on your radar?
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Which one are you?

I am trying to remember the discord of the guy who hosted the party.
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>made a last minute cosplay day before the con because first cosplay plans fell through
>worried about how I look as the character the whole ride over
>get greeted by a good amount of people,and asked for selfies/and pics with them
>didn't get any ribbons but did get a pokemon card from a girl and jelly beans from another Guzma cosplayer

My cosplay wasn't the best but still had a good time

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It seams to me that the cons new owners have no idea how to run MegaCon.
Tampa was crap, and Orlando is lacking severely.
I am paying over 50+ dollars for tickets, to shop and meet guests.
No panels, and the con shuts down after 7pm.
It wont last another year.
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>It wont last another year.
It'll for forever because of cape comic normies and Patreon """models""".
Just learned from a friend of mine that they have no intrest in late night programing, dances, or interactive events.
This is my first and only year going and my friend has already let me know it's shitty. At least I'll be on a week vacation

What was the worst part about it last year?

Previous Thread

> Cosplay Masterpost: http://pastebin.com/ekZP1fhg
- Tutorials and links that can help with Homestuck cosplays. Refer to it if you need help. Any contributions welcome.

> Crunchy Cosplay List: http://i.imgur.com/QRRWqRn.jpg
- A list of suggested Homestuck cosplayers to follow and check out, as they have great cosplays and some also have good tutorials on their blogs.

> To discuss: Christmas cosplay plans? Do people still hold sweaterstucks and skatestucks?
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The tag has been super barren as of late since fall cons aren't exactly as frequent. I had been expecting to see some more cute halloween cosplays pop up, but only a couple ever ended up on my dash...

I know request threads are frowned upon, but if you wouldn't mind, could you share some of your favorite coords or just coords you think look great in general? Doesn't have to be just lolita either.
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I'll drop a few from my inspo folder
Doing a dump as well.
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Not for everyone, but I appreciate the use of color in this one.

Can we have a print thread?

Post pics of prints.
>What are your dream prints?
>Are you working on any?
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WCS Main body says fuck you to Butler and her ass buddies sucking off cons and making was look like shit.

Butler tries to blame her horrible management and horrible usage of funds on Japan.

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How many bridges do you have to burn to reach the not even the main branch can get us into a con stage.
Tell us how you really feel WCS US. I wonder if JP knows they just handed out their emails?
>WCS wants attractive, impressive cosplayers
>American judges are fat ugly women who just vote for other fat ugly women
>"Uh... can we please go back to AX when they gave us good cosplayers? No? Oh, okay... we'll keep in touch..."

Conflict of interests. American WCS peeps need to get their shit together.

Last thread is dead.
In other news, AP is at it again.
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Why is it so ugly
>Memolial Library
I want to like it. But the print looks really huge on the skirt. I think they needed to cut it down to about half the size. Or do something to cut down on the height since the books don't look good practically touching the waistline.

First, Haenuli gained more attention from people outside the fashion with her artwork.

Now, WW is arguing with people on their FB.

When will it stop?
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It'd be nice if poorfags would stop commenting stupid shit like this EVERYWHERE. Why bother complaining about prices? It just makes you look tacky as hell.
For real, god fucking damn
Nobody cares if you think something is expensive because there will ALWAYS be someone out there who doesn't agree with you.
>comparing whatever shit comes up on a Google search to brand prices

fucking kek. Can someone please link the normies to this thread so they can see how stupid they're acting?

need to know what the material would be best for making a good fitting balaclava for a MSF Cosplay, would it be possible to breathe in something like this? Could i make this from scratch without having to "fix" a nylon balaclava that probably would look like shit?

also general material discussion thread

what is /cgl/'s favorite material to work with?
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>possible to breathe in something like this
the vinyl looking stuff? it would not be fun. not fun at all. you'd probably want a panel made out of a breathable material where your nose is
Whatever type of synthetic they make sports and performance clothing out of. The rigidity seems to come from how it's sewn together, and maybe some pieces underneath it to give those hard edges.
any idea where i could get something like that? i could probably buy some cheap jogging shirts. Also would i have to sew it in two layers in order to get that proper full look? im fairly new to working with anything other than metal or fiberglass

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This is my first cosplay ;D
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armor and costume look good. just need to buff up to fill the outfit out
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another pic
>not pushing 7'0
disgusting don't ruin my husbando plsthx

Discuss things that grind your gears at cons and in cosplay in general.

Mine is friends who are too afraid to make their own decisions at cons so they keep following you around and don't come up with their own ideas.

Also shoes not at all matching with the character.
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People who leave their piercings in while cosplaying young/cutesy characters
Those people who say they are canon/best cosplayer of said character or act as if they're better than everyone when in fact they don't put any effort into cosplay and look like shit all the freaking time
Unironed cosplays
Uncut bangs on a wig

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new larp thread
previous one is in autosage, etc etc.

This one will have 211,45% more... shit I don't know. We will figure it out on the fly
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Any tips for someone wanting to get in to larping? Also anyone know any good ones in NC?
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Making scale mail
should have patterned it out more, fuck
My advice to anyone wondering is, just go try it. Most games let you play for free for your first game
avoid investing heavily into costuming before the event, in case don't enjoy it.
ask to borrow a weapon, wear a simple outfit (like juSt a tunic and hose) then if you go back, then you can invest in nice clothes

realise that you have to make your own fun. There is always plot going on, involve yourself in it. make friends and make enemies. Both make the game more fun

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I really appreciate when anime cons bring in actual anime companies from Japan. What is your opinion?
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Anime Matsuri's been doing it too. Both "AM" cons.
OP Here (all the posts so far). Just wanted to note that I've heard the drama about both cons and don't really care.
>anime companies
Does this include single people as well?
Sakuracon has the director of FMA Brotherhood, the director of Mushishi, and a character designer for Bubblegum Crisis this year. Pretty cool imo.

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