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Dear 4chan,

Does any one of you know how to design this robe? The colour, height, type. Any idea how?
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A man will tell you to use google
You've asked this before, fucker. I recognize you. Did they let your ban up?

Anyway, it's a simple robe. The pattern would be mostly rectangles with a hood. As the other anon said, Google is your friend.
You don't need a specific pattern for this specific robe.
Omg not you again

Previously, in our thread about birth control, depressions and carnaval >>9332951
>Viencon is cancelled
>I'm Tully now
>DIY smoke machine updates
>DynamicCon happened and pictures got shared
>Closet cosplays
>WCS is back at Animecon
>Photographers copying each other
>Blazikont 2: Return of the Creepy Anon
>Kinks and fetish talk, but what else is new?
>Bag stolen at Dynamo Con. What do?
>WIP painting shots and a LED test video from Prop-Anon
>Another vendetta we don't care about
>Muscle suit talk
>Mr Satan is the one true hero of Earth. Don't fall for Goku's cheap tricks!
>PC talk, and not the GNU/Linux kind.
>Suggestions for anime's popular in Dutchland
>Yaycon talk
>"Official X cosplayer"
>Electronics, soldering, batteries and all that cool stuff

The five next major events:
>Yaycon (February 19th, Amersfoort UT), yaranaika?
>Showmasters Comic Con Rotterdam (March 4th & 5th, Rotterdam ZH), a con exactly like ACC only in Rotterdam.
>Dutch Comic Con (March 25th & 26th, Utrecht UT), a con exactly like X-mas DCC, only with more stands and people.
>VidCon (April 7th – 9th, Amsterdam NH), an overly expensive place to meet YouTubers.
>TomoCon (April 8th & 9th, Berghem NB), only the best convention ever that strikes fear in the eyes of all other Dutch conventions. Well, according to Tomo that is.
The full calendar can be viewed at https://www.churi.nl/agenda

Friendly reminders
>The recommended store list and old surveys results can be found at https://www.churi.nl
>Ignore shitposts and attention whores. They feed on attention, so let's make them starve.
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and just move on.
>Posts made in Dutch are against the global rules and will be removed.
>Posting WIP pictures and/or progress about your current projects is encouraged.
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Thanks for that! I'm not doing them in series so I need to check out how to go around it. smaug worked with parallel but in a lower amount... We'll see how it goes.
Well he could use his real hair if he grows it more and curl his hair. Possibly he could dye it a bit blonder. Also some fresh look contacts in turquoise if you wanna be picky on the eyes.

But either way, he's cocky to claim 'official Dutch'.
If you're putting the batteries in parallel just add the capacity of all batteries together and use that value. Or do a timed (stress) test, that never hurts and if it does at least you won't have to fix it out in the field.

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pikminlink buff.jpg
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You have 10 seconds to prove you're from ancient, primordial /cgl/
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maguma wins.jpg
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I remember this existed
RIP Westernfella

Wasn't there a significant amount of fanart of him?
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Never forget

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Anime North /AN/ Thread

Its 4 months off, did you pre-reg yet?
What cosplay do you have lined up?
Are you doing any Pannels?
Gay bathroom meetup when?
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L-lewd...you're making me want to go there
File: proceed.png (514KB, 497x433px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I wanna see some gay bathroom meetups
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It was pretty great last year actually

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We're back!
The point of this thread is to try to dressup as horribly possible, and selfpost yourself dressed as horrendusly as possible.
>other jfashions are allowed as long as you fuck them up as much as you can
>sounding like a giant weeb is optional
>you don't need any Lolita clothing articles to play
>dress up and pose like the biggest Ita weeaboo you can
>you can block out your face

Here's some suggestions to get the ball rolling
>cat ears and accessories
>lingerie as accessories
>actual maxipad as a headress
>shooping yourself horribly with MS paint or meitu xiuxiu
>self insert character
>cosplay wigs
>pretend to be your OC
>type "leik dis ^-^" for more authentic weeb posts
if anyone else has any suggestions, feel free to add!

here's an excellent time to get out that ita monstrosity that's been in the back of your closet collecting dust and put it on for shits and giggles
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This didn't work the first time and it's not going to now
This was done ironically a few times by a few girls. It's not a thing. Don't we have enough trouble with itas and weebs as it is without play-acting as them? Most Embarassing Behavior (attempt). I'd rather a god-tier lolita coords thread, we have not had one in a long time.

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Inspired by acomment on aonther thread: What would you say are the necessary items to have on your person while travelling to, and inside the actual con.

As I mostly cosplay Batman, having a utility belt with functional pouches allows me to fill them with the basics: wallet, cellphone, glasses case (I'm blind as a bat and wear them when I need to look something from afar) keys, pocket change, Thread and needles, a bottle of superglue, and even a water bottle on the back

As for travelling supplies, I live in big city and there's enough cons all the year round, so I've never travelled somewhere else just to go to one.
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Depends on the specific costume.
Some standards are:
Phone charger with block and external battery
Menstrual products and pain reliever
Contact case, rewetting drops, and fluid if you're wearing lenses
Setting powder
Blotting paper
Eyelash glue (if you're wearing them) and someplace to put them if you need to take them off
Lipstick to touch up if you're wearing it
Adhesive (pros-aide, spirit gum, sock glue, etc) if you've stuck something to your body
Other makeup products for touch ups and the tools to apply them
Mini sewing kit and spare buttons
Super glue
Any medications you may need to take
Comfortable shoes if your costume ones are restrictive or uncomfortable
A sports bra or some other kind of back-up bra if you're crossplaying and need to take off your binder
Stain remover pen
This can all fit into one big tote:

Wig cap
Wig net/bag when you take your wig off
Fluid and a container for contact lenses
Makeup remover (either in a bottle or as wipes)
Dress tape
Duct tape
Hocky tape
Sewing kit including buttons, swatches of fabric, snap buttons, safety pins, bobby pins, thread in different colours, fishing line, needles, scissors, white acrylic paint, makeup sponges, brushes fr paint and makeup, q-tips
Tiny mirror
Change of clothes
comfy shoes

Folder for artists' alley
Tote for shit you buy
Allergy pills
PMS products
I'd add:

Scissors (amazing how often I used to forget those)
A spool of each thread I used on the costume (not just the 12 that come with the sewing kit)
Wig Tape (because it will stick anything to your skin, including bits of costume that want to slip)
Five minute epoxy (in case the superglue doesn't have the right surfaces to grip to)
Permanent Marker
Granola bars

Optional depending on costume:
Paint pens (black and white)
A small amount of wire and some pliers

And I always have a pocket knife with me, con or no con.

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Is there even any gulls in Omaha?

Its at the Ramada!
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Hi, I'm here!

Are you cosplaying?/ Did you go to Nebraskon?
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I'll probably check it out with my bar set pretty low. Sucks that the zen garden is gone, though.
Yep, rehashing a few old ones
Anyone know what they replaced it with?

Both MagWest and Crunchyroll Expo are on the same weekend at the Santa Clara Convention Center


That place is considered to be the graveyard of conventions so it will be really interesting to see how this plays out.
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wait hol up a joint convention
I'm cautiously optimistic about a name as big as Crunchyroll getting involved in cons. Those two together is going to either be an amazing con or Dashcon Goes Large.
I thought this would happen eventually. At this point CR is no doubt the biggest player in the NA anime business. Still i genuinely want to know what they mean by saying this will be different than other cons

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GLB_VOL_30 (40).jpg
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I thought it would be fun to see what sort of things lolitas miss. Trends? People? Culture? Obviously this is going to mostly apply to people who have been in the fashion for at least couple years, but newer Lolitas are welcome to share anything they wish they hadn't missed as well.
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I miss when OTT wasn't the norm.
When owning brand was only a dream because nowhere shipped outside of Japan so you appreciated every single piece you had.
When knock-offs were few and far between.
When gothic was the most popular style (I like sweet too but it definitely changed the whole fashion in a certain way).
Everyone being less visibly salty. Once the FB groups got going, the sodium is a bit much.
OTT sweet being the style. It's what got me into the fashion, and to me there's something so fun looking about carefully piling accessories onto every part of you.I know its not completely dead, but 2010 OTT sweet looks so much more fun and street fashiony than OTT princess sweet

Can we have a 2005-12 sweet thread? I want to attempt this look but I need inspo.
I started at the tail end of it and regret not jumping in sooner
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Didn't see the previous one in the catalog anymore so starting a new one. Katsu's about a month away. What are you currently working on? Any photogs to avoid this year? Etc etc...Discuss.
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>Any photogs to avoid

All jokes aside, this is why the community is so plagued with bad photographers.
Wondering if I should travel from New York for this with only a month's notice or pass and wait for next year.

Apparently, I'm spoiled from having Momocon, Dragoncon, and AWA all in my backyard for years. I guess people in New York travel out of state for AB and Katsu as a general practice?

I'm just worried its going to be a waste of time and money considering I have no hotel, have not paid for any transport or badge, and have no friends in NY or MD that I know that cosplay or go to cons.

If I do go, I'm not going to wear anything new or spectacular, maybe some retro shit nobody will get like Golden Boy or Gundam Wing.
Working on Eros Yuri and fixing up some wigs.
Not sure on photogs to avoid (since I don't deal with them), but I'm tired off their drama clogging up the thread. Take it to the photog thread.
That's a tough call, especially if you don't have any friends going. If you really want, make sure you have enough funds and try to secure a room asap.

It's that time of the year when LJ is still relevant. Let's discuss wardrobe posts.
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I love gothic wardrobe posts so I'm looking forward to those.
Hoping for a few old school ones as well.
And that girl with the all black wardrobe, gosh I loved that one.
this is the dream tbqh
I know, right?
Just had to save that picture when I saw her post last(?) year.
Don't remember her username, sadly.

No circle lens thread? Lenses thread
Show me all the cool sfx lenses you're getting for Halloween
Speaking of which, I placed an order for one pair of Phantasee mini scleras from Uniqso on September 9th and they haven't arrived yet, website said 15-20 days, at what point should I get concerned?
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If they don't arrive by next week I would contact them.
File: 1473185773491.png (686KB, 815x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Deets on these lenses (or anything similar that can handle a high prescription)

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Inspired by 'things we miss in Lolita' thread, it's probably time to try resurrecting the femme-Aristocrat thread. This time however to broaden things out a bit, I'm opening this to both femme and homme variants of Aristocrat/EGA style. While the homme-Aristocrat style is covered by the Ouji General, this thread is to focus on the mature mature end of Ouji, as well as the feminine equivalent.
Saved from the femme-Aristocrat thread was a master list of EGA brands that a kind anon put together: > https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19BTmZ11DF3C7R95JmlL2GFuaZYGgEAxMYzNBdJIUkJ4/edit#gid=0
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To get the ball rolling on some discussion, some things to think about. When did the style start to decline in popularity? Was it in any way connected to the decline in popularity of Gothic Lolita, as the Sweet substyle rose in popularity? How abouts do you think that Aristocrat / EGA could try and make a comeback?
aristocrat without the visual gothic influence is just neo-victorian. its decline is because lolita lost touch with its visual kei side and fell in love with prints.

it is also not a label that is used by Japanese brands outside of Moitie, and as Moitie diminished in quality and popularity there have been 0 brands and 0 models and 0 street snaps and 0 fashion editorials branded "aristocrat."

that lack of exposure, compared to things like lolita or even larme, means nobody is likely to encounter the concept in the wild as a new or current "happening" thing. also, androgyny has fallen out of favor as the type of people who might have once liked a dark, mature androgynous look are encouraged by social media to make androgyny their identity and be feminine and kawaii about it.

those are some of my theories anyway

I need help, what color shoes should i wear with this op? (magic princess 2016 ap)
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Black because black goes with everything
nooo but srsly what shade of pink or blue :cc
cmon anon this is like...basic lolita 101. "what colors should my shoes be with this mostly sax dress with pink and gold accents?"

pink. sax. gold. if you were really clever you could even do royal blue (pulling from the bows on the keys) but since you're asking this question, you probably aren't.

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