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t-toyotaro will f-fix this guys
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Who is the best DBZ villain and why is it Cell?
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fucking traumatised me
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Give me a break.

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What if the real traitor was the friends we made along the way?
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How would the traitor or traitors get found out? Will the teachers uncover the traitor? Will students start snooping around? Will the traitor just fuck up and accidentally expose himself?
Every student is a traitor except for Deku and Monoma
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Heaven or Hell?

Which series handles the concept of superheroes better; One Punch Man or Hero Academia?
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The pioneer, Ratman.

How do you make them bounce /a/?
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You apply a force greater than the damping constant of the soft body in question.
Makes sense
Can you explain this again but in the language of mathematics?

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Here we go.

39: Halloween all year round in Yuragi Inn

[Bubble] "If you don't give me treats I'll possess you!"
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[Side] A literal 'Haunted house'!!

"So this is Yuragi inn...!"

"Hahh... they sure went all out with the decorating"
"It's so great! Doesn't it feel so cheery?"
"Don't get too out of control, Hyoudou!"
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"Happy Halloween!"

"Sorry for barging in!"
"Whoaaa, your costumes are perfect for you guys!"
"Thanks! Come in, come in!"
On this day, Yuragi Inn held a Halloween Party at the strong behest of Koyuzu.

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Fuck him. I'm not gonna watch any more of his films.
somehow I knew he couldn't stay away

hopefully his next film is more like his classics, less like ponyo / the wind rises

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best boy coming through
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And here i thought love-no-jutsu was over with naruto and bleach. Who the fuck ok-ed this shit.
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He's a Mary Sue

>Setup Mafuba
>Setup Vegito
>Do fuck all to setup Trunks somehow learning the Genkidama and ripping off Super Android 13

At this point hating on GT is a fucking meme, Super has done the same and worse

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See you next week.
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He still watches shonen. He still gets mad about the asspull victory.
You didn't drop this show 20 years ago like everyone else?

Dunno what you were expecting really

Out of all of the characters in this season, how would you rank Papika?
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Generic archetype/10
Yuyu > Yayaka > all
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I'm so sorry.


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I miss him bros
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I miss Botamo.
Good riddance to bad rubbish
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Reminder DBS isn't canon.

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Why was GT bad again?
Everything wrong with this arc.

1. Trunks using a move he's never even seen or heard of before
2. Goku standing a chance against fused Zamasu
3. Vegito getting hit even once
4. A bunch of weak humans being able to power up Trunks
5. Mai's pointless existence
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DBS isn't canon.

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'Choose your non canon toeibait' Edition
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Genkidama swooooorduuuuuu
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They could've just used Gogeta if they were going to make them defuse like that. I'd have liked to see Gogeta again

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So whenever shit happens to her, her head seems to not really give a fuck but her body panics. I wonder why?
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OAD rip when?
Why isn't anyone stepping in to stop this bullying?
This is Smith's America. I stepped outside today to find "Slimeshit" spraypainted on my house. They feel emboldened by the election of a centaur-supremacist to Interspecies Coordinator.

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>the most BULLSHIT, blatant retcon for Potara earrings
>the fight, as awesome as it was, lasts for a few minutes, most of which is shown in the preview of last episode anyway
>Vegetto gets snubbed in a worse way than even Gogetafags could have predicted
Zamasu spends his entire screentime being an ugly fucking blob doing autistic screeching
>Trunks powers up to levels he shouldn't come even close to because he's angry for the xth time
>reaches even greater mary sue levels yet
>episode literally combines THE WORST of GT finale + Broly movie into one giant asspull shitshow
>Zeno will save the day at the end when he could have done so since the start

I never thought I'd say this, but this undoubtedly even worse than GT. And I've hated GT for decades.

Angry Trunks > Whis, Beerus, Vegetto, Zamasu, SSB and SSR, et cetera
Because he's angry and stuff. And some brats are giving him their power. This is Super logic right there.

What an absolute shitfest.
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>the most BULLSHIT, blatant retcon for Potara earrings

OP is a dumbass who doesn't read Japanese. Probably a Gogetacuck
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>tfw Bra will make Super great again

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