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This is a Japanese parent killer
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What's your point?
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This is the one where the author has no fucking idea what kind of fighting manga he wants the series to be, right?

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I want to pee with a sexy delinquent!
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I love MC-kun's screams.
This anime still surprises me each week.
I'm sure that if you put this drawing in a fancy art gallery, it would sell for an amount of money superior to the budget of this show.

This is Attila the hun.
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Just finished reading this.
What did you think of the ending ? Was it rushed ? It felt way to open to me as many plot threads were not finished. Also the final arc made no real sense and was too fast, with a terrible final boss.
But overall it was pretty enjoyable, as a battle shonen that didn't take itself too seriously.
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I can't even remember how this ended desu senpai and I loved this manga

The ending was pretty shit but the rest was good
The last arc was about the Solomon Company whose goals I didn't even understand even if I finished it 1 hour ago. The final boss was Satan and his contractor, both of who were mentioned something like 20 chapters before and shown 3 champters before being defeated after a shit DBZ battle with power of friendship finisher. Last chapter was complete shit. Too bad because I really enjoyed it.
mangaka got bored of doing it so he wrapped everything up and quit

Furuichi is the true winner of everything

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How many vaginas do girls have?
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1 pussy
number of puccis is subject to your interpretation

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AKA the series that will be canceled next.

Boku no Hero Academia >>149756626
Love Rush >>149756964
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Casko is love. Casko is life.
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Maybe I should post NTR ?
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maybe we should post Tamamo becoming Tamama

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is there a character that's more of a mary sue then Trunks?
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Didn't Vegeta say that half Saiyans were the strongest?
Tenchi "I'm basically a God and I get all the hottest bitches" Masaki
I don't think so, no

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Last, final, ending chapter of Love Rush, the series with a very appropriate title.

Ultimately, it kind of sucked. Wolf Girl was great, however. Improve your writing, author.

Here is the entire series:

Boku no Hero Academia >>149756626
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what happened
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Shit manga
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literally you

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Holy shit guys, someone picked up Break Blade.

>MC and the queen are going to fuck
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>cock block

Why am i not surprised?
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Sweet fucking Christ. It has been too long.
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Now that the dust has settled, what did you think of Death Parade?
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The ova was much better.
Ginti was a boss.
>Now that the dust has settled,
You should fuck off back to your homeboard.

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False Gogetafag, nobody is going to apologize. And I don't want them to anymore. They've suffered enough. We all have.
gomen gomen
Watashi wa gomen

Delinquent Thread
It's been ages since we've had one of these.

New Shonan Junai Gumi chapters, the scan gap is finally being closed, we'll finally be able to read this manga from start to finish and actually know what's going on.

Bakuon Rettou seems to be carrying along just fine, translator-kun is doing a great job as always.
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They need to finish translating Bebop High School.

And I mean the manga, anime, and live action TV show.
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I finally found and bought the volume of Rookies I was missing.
Now to start reading.

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Hey kid, wanna /ss/?
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No, I don't.
Where'd you get that body, on a garage sale?
How this gonna work? Matrix already ripped off the GitS concept years ago,
you know how Uncharted ripped off Tomb Raider, and nu-Tomb Raider ripped off Uncharted? It's like that: total fuck up.

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