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Thoughts on Eiken?
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keep amazon

remove the rest
I like milk
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Got me into oppai loli, otherwise it's a 5/10 only because I like ridiculous boobs.

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The year 2016 is almost gone and done with. The question is: has this work of art been topped yet?
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>The year 2016 is almost gone and done with.
Not if I have any say on the matter.
K-On will never ever be topped.
Shit sucked

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Nty, I got like 20 of these already
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Fuk dat.png
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How's it floating like that?
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delte this

Show is called Poco’s UDON World. No fucking Udon nowhere to be seen.
It's not even comfy and the tanuki isn't even cute to continue watching this piece of shit.
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He ate Udon last episode.
Thx for your opinion.
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>the tanuki isn't even cute
Take that back!

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>11/10 girl loves him unconditionally
>falls for the ugly slut instead
Can we all agree that Subaru is a faggot for not getting with Rem.
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No reason to take it out on Emilia just because Subaru is a fucking retard
nah rem was 9/10
I don't know what the big deal was. It was clear from way before he even met Rem he was obsessed with Emilia. "I love Emilia" was retarded but it's not like it wasn't obvious.

What are the best kind of high fantasy anime?
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The kind that aren't really very anime
We need more recs threads.
Twelve Kingdoms and go back to /wsr/

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ITT: "Villains" that did nothing wrong.
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Honestly? At least his idea for a religion is literally just making everything and everyone happy.

It's better than most existing religions out there. Hell, if he played his cards right he wouldn't have needed brainwashing.

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>"Kyon-kun, I have the greatest idea! Lets go hunting for autistic people!"
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but haruhi you are the autism
Why would you spout out such an idea on the hunting grounds?
But Yuki is right here.

Also Kyon is too much of a moralfag to allow her to do that, he'd probably end up punching her for real this time.

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>can kill people with a note
>still get caught and die
is there more incompetent Anime MC than him?
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god complex makes you do stupid shit
He wasn't the brightest indeed.
Oh hey, I've read that OP a lot of times here on /a/.
How boring everything must be to always repeat the same routine every week.

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Which other shows had girls taller than the MC?
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That's a really cute reverse trap.
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ITT: couples that had premarital sex
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me X my waifu

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Was mystic gohan, Gohan's max potential? Is it to say that Gohan could never go super saiyan blue?

Trunks confirmed stronger than mystic gohan?
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what is Mystic Energy and what makes it different from God Ki?
>max potential
No. If Gohan trained, he could have been stronger than Trunks. Also, Half-Saiyans have limitless potentials.
>mystic gohan

This is not the real name of the form, this is the dub name.

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What did she mean by this?
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You will never shout "EXPLOSION" as you ejaculate inside Megumins womb, impregnating her and leaving her panting and covered in sweat on the bed.

Well she clearly just blew the hell out of something, possibly a building, since the background is a town?

Regardless, get ready to carry her to a tavern so she can rest and eat up, or at least out of the town she just devastated so you aren't both lynched by a mob of angry townspeople.
A literal explosion you dumb faggot.

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So anime version is pony tail huh.
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What is the basis of this?
I like modern history and little girls and from what i have heard its a crazy/smart little girl that helps in the war effort.
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>Aoi Yuuki

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I want to touch fluffy wings now
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I want to cum all over newly-grown, bloody but still fluffy wings.
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That's not allowed.
Well, guess you'd better kill yourself.

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