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Happy now?

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I haven't been happy in 10 years.
Eh, it's okay.
it's not gits if you dont get to see some titty

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Do you think that will be a VA post-credit scene?
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>the lack of mercy
I'm not sure what you mean by this but I hope you don't mean what I think you mean
Yes, something with Koichi either talking to Jotaro, learning Italian from Rohan, or getting on a plane

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Preview pics of the 32nd episode. "My Friend"

Episode in 10 minutes
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They will die or they will live? Earth branch was a mistakeā€¦
Takaki will die.
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Low quality stream!


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It's happening!
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This is a semen demon
How much longer until it airs?
>one of the most anticipated duels
>keeps on getting cucked
>second lowest rating (somehow on par with harambe filler)

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super lol.png
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Trunks is an inexcusable Mary Sue fanfiction tier piece of shit

All Trunksfags must die
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>Trunks can't learn a new power up in Z because he's shit at learning
>he somehow learns the Mafuba and the Spirit Bomb in Super because HUH, REASONS!
Man it was so satisfying to watch someone besides Goku beat the villain for once. Especially since Trunks was trying so hard the whole arc.
don't worry guys, they'll make Vegetto permanent again. they'll explain it away as Goku and Vegeta becoming full gods or something

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Just fuck my franchise up
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It's not your franchise.
Given how many shows SL is working on right now it's to be expected.
I totally forgot this existed

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You'll lap it up like the little bitch you are, and ask for seconds.
Retirement was a mistake.
>retirement was a mistake
One last chance to redeem this shitty industry.

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Back when anime was great
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Post em
Why do you hate punctuation?
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witch in heat.png
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Are the Allies going to take action now?

Who is Germania's witch?

Will Rickert become a turncoat?

Did Fine and Izetta fuck?
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germania witch is called sophie

>Did Fine and Izetta fuck?

I hope so
I don't know about the rest, but

>Did Fine and Izetta fuck?

is pretty obvious at this point

though Fine-sama will probably have to become a cuckquean to let Izetta produce new witches

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How does one respond to this?
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n-nice digits, s-slut chan
'Yeah right'

Although the anime is now on vol 2's Minaha arc, this episode was mostly a Fujikawa chapter that came from vol 1 and a Yumine flashback chapter that was in vol 3.

More than two days until there's subs, like usual.
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Slutty old man fucker.
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The start of the week has been good for faceless senpais.
Me and my wife.

This is what Mitsurou Kubo regards as "making music with their body" and therefore inspired her to create Yuuri. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94-ShEi3EUk
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I love how delicate the rendition of Ode To Joy is in that piece. Such a nostalgic song.
"A pig that can't fly A bewildered pelican An inexperienced rabbit A black car"
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I don't know about his body making music but that's definitely where the best ass comes from.

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Jesus Christ A-1. Why is something like this allowed?
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that's not giselle
more details = more expensive to animate
>take a terrible design
>make another terrible design based off it with a little less gratuitous detail

Why is Stella so perfect?
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She wears thongs
Mad asterisktards in 3,2,1
She goes full IKU IKU when bald, fat old men pound the shit out of her holes.

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So does this even have a plot?
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I dropped this trash after the first ep.
Best as I can tell:
Araragi meets a cute girl in trouble.
Araragi offers to get the girl out of trouble
There's a ghost involved somehow.
Araragi has to fight with his vampire powers or solve a riddle.
If there's a riddle it's easy to solve, if there's a fight it ends in a draw and Araragi has to negotiate his way out of it, or there's a huge ass-pull because Shinobu.
It's a deep story about a man who wants to bang his sister.

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