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Do you like Drifters? No? How about Flip Flappers? Of course you do.
This November, we’re singing both!

Drifters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVSNKn3YTew
Flip Flappers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGKjPD_BNAE
/a/ Sings God Knows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAk72siHBAw

So, for those who don’t know the drill, record yourself singing and send it over to me at [email protected]
I’m also desperately lonely, so any questions are welcome.

The Deadline is the 27th of November, two weeks from now (Because you assholes only ever procrastinate without a deadline), so get moving!
Here are more in-depth submission details, along with the recordings to sing by:

And here is the supplementary announcement video for all the assholes who inevitably miss all the thread, (If you’re salty about missing them, subscribe you faggot): https://youtu.be/OaBvQ9VSkgU
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[Muffled gay boys in the distance]
How many submitted so far?

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NagiAsu sequel please?
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I love you, Miuna!
Did the anime ever show that Shuiichi actually lives in the same complex as Kumiko?

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Would you let your daughter wear this?
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Hell no.
In this hypothetical, how old is my daughter?
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Only for Tanoshi time

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Hello anon, how are you feeling today?
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Don't answer, anons, she wants to make fun of you.
I feel like NTR
A flash on /f/ included music my 2nd-grade teacher used to play, and now I'm thinking about my terrible childhood, and how I wish I had more happy memories.

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Can someone tell me if this is a meme or not? Why was I recommended this so much? 1st season barely passable, then it becomes someone's closet fetish. Do people actually think this is good, or is it just a flood of edgelord preteens?
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First season was p. good
Second season was meh
Hei should have never lost his powers
now i've lost it
>then it becomes someone's closet fetish.
It becomes everyone's fetish.
Season 2 was all about fetishes, there was S&M, lesbiens, trannies, pedophiles they just kind of went through everything they could think of.

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Say something nice about Umi.

But not too nice or she'll blush.
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I want to breed Umi!
Nice smile
I-If you had EWGF and could 1+2 after, you'd be an amazing character in Tekken.

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>Characters wearing the same cloths for multiple days and episodes, especially modern cloths in a fantasy world.
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>anime is unrealistic

Immersion fucking broken
ah, one of the reason i love Hyakko back then.

The author change the characters clothes and sometimes even the hairstyles.
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I dropped Girlish Number because of this. If the character always wears the same clothes and its not a uniform it triggers me.

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>Muh key
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>muh wish
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>muh struggle
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>muh doka

ITT; 12/10 anime

I'll start
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Oh wait, there isn't another anime that's a 12/10. I guess I can end my own thread.
boku no pico
That's an 11/10. Nice try though

Name a better villlain

protip :

you can't
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Almighty Kubo.png
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best villain writing I've seen.
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One of these days, a full-length Touhou anime WILL happen.

Just watch!
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And it will be shit like the kancolle anime.
Fuck nice things.

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Dunno if edit anon will show up today, but just 2-3 chapters. Reminder SYD is actually tomorrow.
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Imouto for a bit then.


Back pain

"I worked too hard in the athletic festival..."

"Kanami, put a bandage on my back"

"Man onii-chan, you really pushed yourself"

"You performed self fellatio again"
"I see you're really obsessed with the 'self' stuff"
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Comic 1
It's October.

Good morning.

"So we change uniforms today"
"Maria-sensei, you sure know a lot"

"Komiyama-sensei taught me about it"

"It's the change from school swimsuits to bloomers, right?"
"I'll go to the broadcasting room and call Komiyama-sensei for a bit"

Comic 2
Trophy color


"The athletic festival trophy's up there"
"It has a nice gold color"

"But it isn't real gold"
"I see"

"Then it's a nice urine color"
"You kinda devalued it in one blow"

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Do you like 90's anime?
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I like 80s anime more
i like the 11000bs anime. best
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baked beans.png
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I only like GOOD 90's anime.

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This is Amir. Say something nice to her
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pedophilia is a crime

Amir is for boys.

And Amira is a good waifu.

What the fuck is wrong with every male character in this show besides pick related?

>Hagashida: asshole
>Yuuta: In a masochistic relationship with a bully who could have gotten rid of by paying off his debt
>Adachi: Afraid of a cute girl because of her smile
>Manager: literally retarded
>Daichi: Same as Adachi. Also tsundere
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Cause A-1
Even regular WORKING!!! was like that. Basically everyone in the cast had some issues except for maybe one or two normal people.
it's based on your job

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