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>/a/ suddenly hates Trunks

What happened?
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He was cuter as a baby.
They blame him for being the hero of his own arc and for the Potara fusion being retconned.

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How should I watch this shit?

In what order, what should I skip?
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Just watch the original movie
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I'm pretty sure I watched the 1995 movie 10+ years ago, can't remember much of it now so I'll definitely rewatch and get Innocence too.

Is anything else from this graph worth my attention?
Watch Ghost in the Shell the movie, the TV series Complex, and the 2016 adaptation.

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> its a recap episode
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>watching Gintama
>supposed to be a recap episode
>nobody in the cast bothers to recap anything, because it's so boring and they're busy cooking
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>Its a recap episode with character development and some entertaining character moments.
Gintama "recap" episodes are among the best episodes in the series, man. Would take those over any serious stuff any day.

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Is Taku Iwasaki objectively the best anime composer? I feel like the only person who may arguably be better is Yoko Kanno.

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>not posting his best work
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I wouldn't call him the best, but I always liked the way Kenjii Kawai's OST fit Tylor.
Not even the best Iwasaki.
Taisei Iwasaki >>> Taku Iwasaki

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The whole franchise appears slain by Bandai and I can not believe it... I just watched the series and the movies. Even the games aged well. What is wrong with other people who drowned even its TCG?
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dot hack can't survive in a post sword art online world
kids don't even know what dot hack is
Well Sword Art Online is rather silly and most kids might be caught in huge stupidity... Unfortunately it might get worse.
SAO is well... Just there and even the characters can not develope. Even in Dragonball they did and they just beat the hell out of eachother
.hack went mobile mmorpg, guaranteed to die. The world building was god tier but they didn't carry over past casts, instead writing them out into bad ends cause it's more realistic.

SAO is good, it's good for the people it is targeted towards which is young adult - preteen category and trust me, it's a whole lot better than the hundreds of web novels I've read.

The sad thing about SAO is that if you followed it at the start, you realise the author can write, (Progressive Draft Chapter) but he gimped his ability / editor kept him on track to appeal to the age demographic.

They pandered to otaku trends and boy did it sell well.

But topic is .hack, and the characters carried the series along with mystery. After R2 they fucked it all up with Link, and that was that. Uncannon light hearted sequel kills things.

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>[HorribleSubs] Keijo!!!!!!!! - 06 [720p].mkv

New episode etc.
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keijo 6 3.webm
1MB, 960x540px

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Well this was a fucking waste of time
>Absolutely terrible animation
>Paper thin characters
> the fucking space magic from the future "reveal"

Like I said, I regret every byte of data this took to download and every second I spent watching it. Fucking pathetic.
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>x person gives their opinion
>retard assumes he'll think the exact same thing for some reason
Every time.

Dropped it after the first episode. What the hell kind of shit show was that supposed to be? It's just the author replaying how he got beat up as a child or something gay.

I expected some nice existential crisis that would surprise me. Instead it was just another boring romance with an in theory good idea, totally butchered in the execution.

10/10 anime don't ex-
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Are these threads with that Re:Zero picture in the OP all made by the same guy?
try harder you pathetic autist
Oh no!
Someone seems to have killed OP for being a faggot in the middle of his sentence!

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Perfect girls don't exis-
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>2 weeks left until the yearly stream
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I may not agree with you on a personal level OP but I support your taste in the fact that it's not taiga
>Decides what's best for everyone and forces that outcome against their wishes


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W-Why is she dressed like t-that?
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She's going on a "date"

Her "parents" aren't supporter her, and she's travelling the world with only a high school diploma. As smart as she is, her only option for funding her travels is by sleeping with random disgusting foreigners for food and lodging. Or maybe it's because she's smart that she's doing it. You probably don't want to know what she had to do while she was in those African countries looking for Meme.
When is cat mating season starting?

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Tell me about KyoAni

How do they always make good anime?
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They care and put value into visual direction
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My wife isn't autistic. She's retarded. OK?
There is literally nobody in K-On I would describe as autistic.

Yui would have ADHD at best.

Does anyone watches this?
Does /a/ likes it?
Would anyone want to protect her?
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>Would anyone want to protect her?
I would endanger her with my dick.

What is it about Izumi that makes her so cute?
So people do watch it. Should i read the manga so me more or is the anime just as good. I tried reading it but it was kinda slugish.

ITT: Characters who were murdered by their creators.
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At least she's remembered, despite the murder. We've never seen Launch again, so he must have just thrown her in the oubliette.

Toriyama even confirmed that he has no idea who that is.
So every character that died in anime ever?
In what metaphorical sense are we talking here?

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You are going to carry this weight.
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Too heavy. Don't you have any girls with less useless meat?
Will she let me touch her gazongas if I do a really good job carrying her?
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You can get that small ugly girl.

I'm so sorry that you got murdered by Smurfs. I'll make a deal with you. You can be reborn with your current body and memories into any anime world you want.
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Can I pick another body please?
Shitty main character I'd never have to run into aside, SAO's world with its level of VR tech would be fun.

Brings up an honest question though. If you ended up erping with someone your opposite gender ingame, but same gender irl, is it gay at that point?
Sora no Otoshimono, please.
Can I also have an Alpha assigned to me, please?

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