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Please just shoot me
vredens dag

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Why is this masterpiece is not popular as HOTD, yet?
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because it has better art than HOTD's fucked up body proportions
Its kinda boring
I dropped it when the fireman appeared

Maybe i should pick it up again
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Obari just got married

>Be one of the most popular animators
>End up married to someone less than half your age
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>getting married

Poor idiot
Literaly who?
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His wife.

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New translation system announced at the end of September. The company explained that translation errors were reduced by 55 to 85% compared with existing phrase-based machine translation technology (PBMT), by reading the entire original sentence and translating it as one unit and outputting it.

Introduction introduced in English translation of Chinese translation of Chinese. It was said that it will be extended to other languages over several months. It seems that it was introduced also in Japanese translation. Although I tried to translate a couple of things, although there are still unnatural parts, unnaturalness seems to be considerably decreasing compared to before.
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Are we going to enter the golden of age of accurately machine translated eroge?
This is great, I will be able ot shitpost on 2ch now
Did you translate this post from another language?

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Would you?
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That meat is overdone.
Is it a trap?
>would you fuck a hot girl with big tits if she was lying on a bed half-nude and embarrassedly waiting for you to stick it in

The sad thing is that amongst the hundred of shitpost answers this thread will receive there are actually going to be anons who are so fucking beta or big enough pedophiles that they will actually wholeheartedly mean it when they say no.

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the king of gags vs the king of asspulls
who would win?
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Asspull? You think this was super's last episode? Just wait for another episode you faggot and then we will talk.There will be an explanation especially that mysterious blueKi form trunks.There is something special and mysterious about it.
ya know you could atleast wait till tomorrow when the next chapter drops
>ever explaining anything
you haven't answered the question yet, anon.

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Code gayass ripoff.png
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ITT: post the most blatantly unoriginal shit ever.

Bonus points, if they get away with it.
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HAHAHAHA stay mad kid.
The point of this thread is not to bash code geass, but to bring out the worst offenders at being unoriginal. That image is just an example.
>code geass is made by sunrise

Will I get anything out of this if I'm not gay or a shipper?
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If you enjoy sports anime, yes.
Yeah, it's for the most part good animation, and a good story.
Thats about all I needed to hear. I guess this thread can be used to discuss sports anime now.

Did Eyeshield ever get an animated adaptation?

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>looking amazon for azumanga music and BDs
>the OST covers have the characters lewderized

Why fuck
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This makes me uneasy.
Ayumu-chan has cute panties.

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I think a live action Netflix adaptation of the Welcome to the NHK manga would be wildly successful.
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Some liberties would need to be made to adapt it for American audiences
>More emphasis on the MCs drug usage
>More emphasis on his neighbor being a total weeb. Make Satous reaction to the blasting weeb something more akin to how a normalfag would react to such a situation
>Never actually use the word Hikikamori. Like another anon said, that's not really as bad of a phenomenon in the states. Use the word "shut in" and make his social anxiety more relatable and consistent. The anime makes quite a few logical leaps to get him to move the plot forward. Him randomly attending a college class didn't really make a lot of sense. This could be fixed with better pacing

Also they would need to make Misaki more of a manipulative cunt and less like an actual fucking psychopath. Some of the things she does in the manga border on actually insane
>would be wildly successful
No it wouldn't. Keep Westerners the fuck away from my animu and mango.
It absolutely would. Americans are going through a weird depressing media phase right now. Things like Bojack Horseman have made depressing shows popular

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"later buddy"
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Who's that? I don't remember
see you in space cowboy
That is that guy from Robotech right?

The big brother character.

Will the nips give up on making high quality original seasonal anime after this flops?
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Dunno man I really like the artstyle and art direction.

The story is also cool I guess but I feel they could tone it down with the girly stuff. Like the only men are the scientist and Dr Salt. And probably the KKK members.

So basically all the men are evil or have ulterior motives.
>High quality original seasonal anime
That doesn't exist.

Also, nice trips.
Are you implying Flip Flappers is high quality?

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W-would you?
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Everything except a blowjob.
is she pure?
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Boro Movie.webm
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Is it time to board the hype train?
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>some dumb bug about eating fruit or some shit
WOW MIYAZAKI IS A GENIUS. fuck off, ghibli will never catch up to kyoani.
Kyoani is already dead
We all know the REAL reason he made this movie.

Why had the third impact happened when it was stopped in the end of 2.22?

Why was Shinji in space?
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Answer to everything about 3.0 is because Anno is a hack and rewrote the script for no reason. He didn't think about continuity at all.
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>plot holes are le funny n deep

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