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Who's your waifu, and why's it Saber?
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Posting better king and waifu.
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>liking mangled snatch

eww no
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My waifu is much better.

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>tfw he died for ours sins
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What a faggot.
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>dragged into the shittiest arc in the franchise
>have to face a meme villain that's going Bio Broly
>potaras been nerfed and shitty blue Super Saiyan recolor makes it even worse
>defuse and this hybrid scrub bullshits for the umpteenth time and Genkai Dama Sword slashes the meme
Haven't watched DBS at all but is this what happens when you forget the daily dose?

Does this look like the face of a liar?
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Crackwhore Ed from Bebop?
s2 when?
Did they cancel the sequel or something?

Would /a/ the major? Would she be the dominant one in bed? Also which is the best major design? My favorite is the original movie design.
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SAC design is good for fapping but i prefer the original design.
Gee whiz fuck yes
I never read the manga, is she a lesbian or bi or what? Also I read on 4chan somewhere that in the manga it's revealed that her brain was a mans before being put in the shell, is that true? I'm just getting into the series honestly.

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This has surely been discussed before. But since there's so much talk of anime adaptations right now, particularly GITS, it seems like a good time to talk about this upcoming show.

Any opinions?
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It's shit
It's shit right?
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>live action
stop doing this

This nigga was the strongest of the Z fighters. Why'd they neuter him in DB Super?

Also why's his face look weird now too?
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Why are you talking like that? Are you retarded or something?
Look how cool he was
Now hes some sweater vest wearin, little bitch

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>Hey hasn't worshipped Umaru today
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fuck Hey
What would Umaru demand for a sacrifice? I don't think it would be the usual stuff like cora, chipsu, or geimu because she can get those from her wagecuck-chan any time.
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Umaru thread?

What kind of character archetype is this?
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Best girl.
it's some kind of Yamada
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will platinum cicada man ever be a thing?
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Looks remedial with those tiny horns.
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golden cicada1.jpg
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Cicada is a symbol of immortality and rebirth in Asia.

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Youjo Senki, which is the military anime, will be soon in the next year.

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The new alderamin
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>tfw LN art is way better than this adaptation shit

she looks like a goddamn bratz doll

>Huge tits.
>No hips whatsoever.
How does she survive with crippling depression?
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This guy can't draw women for shit, she also has a manface. You'd think after drawing manga for as long as he's had he'd learn to make his girls more appealing.
Seras Victoria remains the hottest girl he's ever drawn.
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>needing women when you have yoichi

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is maid dragon THAT popular in elevenland?
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No, it's pretty irrelevant.
>literal who voicing the main character
why is this allowed?
pretty sure this word is not allowed in /a/, refrain from shitposting

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>two women casually talk about swapping husbands in a children's show
What the fuck?
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Why is Chi-Chi so hot in this filler episode
It's the hairdo. She usually has a grandma bun. This is a milf bun.
They should fuck.

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>Anime master Hayao Miyazaki is coming out of retirement to make one last film


And people doubted that Trump would make anime great again.
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Fuck you and your Trump, just post the link and say something interesting your Trump shit is getting tiring.
Literally who cares? Hope he dies on production.
>Hope he dies on
Fuck, I cut myself on that edge.


Holy shit, I thought this was a show about working-class adults, but clearly I just can't escape beta Japanese high schoolers.
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An alpha doesn't just give dick to every lame bitch that asks for cock.
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>Sex on the job.

She's trying to shit where she eats and he's more professional than that. He'll give her the dick when they get home and she'll dress up in her sluttiest cosplay and make sure to be extra loud to make his little sister jealous.

Did anyone else think Lucy Deserved better than Hasebe could offer? He's really just a dick.
He's Japanese. These things take time and patience.
Watch the series.

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