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What anime had the worst art compared to the manga it was based off of?
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I'm too tired to remember but it was the one where they tried to draw all the faces realistically and something about a beautiful rape
Koe no Katachi
Aku no Hana

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I don't get Tsubasa Hanekawa. She was abused for being too perfect?
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No, it was for being worst girl.
I like her but I'd get sick of her shit after awhile too.
>for being too perfect
For acting like she was perfect and better than everyone.

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Who else going to watch this?
I would actually prefer to watch KnK but sadly it is not mainstream enough to get shown here.
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knk is getting showings early next year in some places like here in britbong
You haven't watched it yet? It's been out on Kissanime for months.
>watching shitty 480p release
Yeah right.

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Arc 4 Ch 58

Previous stuff

Arc 3 Ch 35 ⅔
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When we reach chapter 65 we'll be at the halfway point. Jesus, Tappei.
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tfw minerva will never punch you
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> Spoonfeeding
You know, there is such a thing called Google or archive.
> Inb4 "Helping"
This ain't helping. This is called spoiling a child.
> Inb4 " stupid board culture"
You people should know that is the stupidest excuse as of this point to excuse your spoonfeeding and newfaggotry? Lurk for three more years.
> Inb4 Meganon is unknown
Tell the damn idiots to lurk in the archives. It's in every thread at this point. Fuck that notion.
This is bad, this is redundant, this is lazy. The bullshit should end here as of this time. I'm not trying to annoy you people, I'm the one who is actually trying to help you people look less bad as of this point. Seriously, the threads are regarded as shit as well as the supposed "community".
> Inb4 "You're shitting up the thread!"
You don't need me to shit up the thread when the threads themselves have gone to shit.
You people became like Jojo threads.
> Inb4 people missed it.
They can't, tell them to lurk harder you faggots.
> Inb4 straw-manning by saying, "Oh, you want people not to know about the sekirit club"
Fuck you, I'm saying for you fucks to tell the babies to lurk harder. That's an option. Never did I say for the ones to ask to not be part of the "sekirit club". Straw-manning my argument while being fucking lazy by spoonfeeding. Faggot.
> Inb4 "autism"
Here's the definition of "autism"
>a mental condition characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.
I'm sorry you have it, considering I'm pretty sure I'm telling you in REAL CLEAR LANGUAGE HERE THAT IS CONCRETE.
> Inb4 " He's a self-moderation faggot"
Oh excuse me, coming from a REAL GREAT WAIFUFAG that even avatarfags his posts.
> Inb4 "ignore him shitting on the thread, if he doesn't like the thread, he should stop posting in it."
I should tell you this, "if you know the thread is shit, why are you posting and indulging in it?" I'm only pointing it out.

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Did she deserve it?
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what a crazy bitch, holy shit
What the hell, no.

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Another one.
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Oops was supposed to be 85 if anyone can edit it.
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>Break Blade
It's still going on? I thought the author had died or something.

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So, did you guys like the Porter Robinson Shelter video?

I thought it was nice, but the storyline is kinda fucked. The dad basically makes a matrix for his daughter and shoots her out into space because why the fuck not? I guess she's just gonna die plugged into a computer.

Maybe I'm just too dense to get the bigger picture, but at least the music is nice.
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kinos extisential crisis.jpg
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>World is ending
>Rich as all fuck father wants to save his daughter
>Gets her a spaceship with a virtual reality she is plugged into so she doesn't have to be sad

Think of it as the kino episode in the land of books
pic related. Same type of shit just with space
>because why the fuck not?
Did you miss the part where the Earth is about to get fucked by a small planet crashing into it?
Anyway I feel like I've seen this story before but I can't really remember where.
good music + good animation in a small package
this 6 min short is better than most full anime these times

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Chapter out.Someone else dump it.
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Called it

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Was it rape?
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is that a girl
does it really matter?
if its a girl
thats a cute butt
if its a boy
thats gay

Do you like this?
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it's too slow
eh, it's alright
It's been a while.

>them thighs
>pantsu shot
>ponytail moving back and forth with the flick of the hips
My entire dick.

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Do you relate?
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shame he's one the few mc's with confirmed love for feet but it's hardly even acknowledged
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I'm all about that BOY PUSSY homie.
No, feet are gross as fuck.

I want to get into hokuto no ken. Where should I start /a/? Manga or anime?
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I'd go with the original manga.
That seems the safest bet. The animation of the anime looks abysmal despite the nice art.
i got banned for making a similar question

fair as fuck

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I don't get it, how is this good? Nothing really happens and it's pretty boring even for SoL standards.
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I don't get it, why do people keep comparing this hack to incredible animators like Kon or Miyazaki? Both have made notable contributions to film and animaton.
Comapred to both, Anno is a ant compared to these two.

>inb4 muh evangelion
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Watch more anime and you'll see Gunbuster everywhere.
Gunbuster you retard
>Gunbuster was good

Nice meme. How many mecha anime have you ever actually watched?

What the fuck is this fanart tier bullshit?
Has SHAFT finally gone too far?
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Have you forgotten nisekoi?
Just proves SHAFT is shit and should never touch anything besides Monogatari
Absolutely disgusting.

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