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Who is the biggest bitch in anime?
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Not her.
Her rival

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Boku No Hero Academia thread

What did she mean by this edition
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What would be a good hero's name for Midoriya if he had not already chosen "Deku"?
Kacchan's bitch
Some Might

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Was he raped?
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Yes his adaptation was raped by SHAFT
What is this show? Can I find the manga for it in weekly shonen jump?
Is that his adoptive sister?

It's half into the season. What are some of your favorites? http://www.strawpoll.me/11654493
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Where the HELL is Teekyu
>no option for neither of the above
this season SUCKS

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why did nobody tell me?
fuck, I can't wait for winter
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I wonder how many chapters per episode they're gonna cover.
Horrible designs.

Is she really a prostitute?
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she moonlights as a prostitute

her day job is traitor

Prostitutes ask for compensation, she does it for free.

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are anime girls assumed to have black hair like real japanese except because they are self-hating of their hair color they use idealism to make the characters more appealing? Is that why they are also white?
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Like, do they just draw it different colors to make it look better but then in the anime's universe everyone's hair is seen as black?
Fix your screen, that's clearly black.
it looks dark blue on my screen

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I beg your pardon. There've been reports of gas leaks in this area and as an employee of gas maintenance departement I am requiered to check your house.

Could you please let me in?
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>after fukushima incident I'm pretty sure someone tried that
Hell no
I dun told y'all last time that I ain't lettin' no go'rment pigs into my house. Now get the fuck off'a my property before I excercise my second amendment rights on your go'rment overreach.

Sic semper tyrannis, motherfucker.

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Why is she so perfect?
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I wonder what it felt like to cum inside her.
Her strong endurance and constitution for bearing children.
I wish a nigga wood

What's next to ruin?
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What sound does Misato make when she drinks?
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Girlish Number
Brave Witches
That one Fujo show about book publishing

Which of these should I drop? I have the first episode downloaded but I am too lazy to watch all of them because fucking backlog
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Drop Drifters.
Drop fujo, o;n, and BW
All the rest are at least minimally entertaining
Let's assume you're a dumb crossboarder normalfag based on your OP image. Stick with Drifters and Keijo.
Girlish Number is good but doesn't appeal to all, Brave Witches and fujo are mediocre, Occultic;Nine is too much for normalfags and/or people with no attention span to handle.

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So I finally bought the english release of this from Amazon. According to Amazon, it seems to be a hot purchase. What ate the chances we'll be getting the rest of the series in English? Does anyone know where scanlations exist in the meantime?

Also, what's your favorite monster girl and why? If you were really in the world of monster girl encyclopedia and were going to be attacked by a monster girl (or sought out a monster girl), which would it be, even knowing all the ups and downs?

So far, I think the dryads are the safest, and a small community inside trees sounds interesting, but I still haven't read all the monster bios yet.
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You gonna scan it?
I recommended that you post in the Monster Girl thread in /jp/ instead.

As for your question, it's already confirmed that the second volume of MGE is going to be released in the West next year. Also, your favorite girl is shit
how many pages are in this?

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ITT: Batshit insane theories that ended up being right
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Chihiro winning
END being evil natsu essentially
I liked how things ended for Elsie,and chihiro is a qt though they all were so i would be fine with any of them except one of the Gods winning

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How cute approved
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I don't like Miyuki Shirogane's how-cute pose
Can we agree that maid-sama is best girl?
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>being paid to serve her master
>being offered a place in a prestigious school she could not afford otherwise
>can live in a luxurious mansion where she can privatize a whole bathroom and waste stupid amounts of products
>yet she talk shit to her master when she has to do her job and work for her

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