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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I'm going to reply with this everyday until you like it.
But I already like it

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Best romance anime?
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Boku no Pico
Boku no Pico
Boku no Pico

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>get on the bus
>proceed to take the back seats
>the girls who sit there give you this look
What do?
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I would bang the one on the right until I died from thirst
put my dick back in my pants
Real life is not anime

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What were they called again, /a/?
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>What were they called again, /a/?
Sluts, they were called sluts.
It was something like the dream angels wasn't it?
Unclean duo.

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Say that to my face and not my ass you perv.
Why must you taunt Hiro so?

They won't let her go to the pool anymore after those kids mistook her for a whale.

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Are you ready for NTR?
Nishinoya and Tanaka on suicide watch
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Suga is Daichi's. Asahi will win the Kiyokobowl, this is known.
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>not pairing asahi with nishinoya

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What would you do in this situation
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fist her urethra JK Peta style
Loli has pubes?
Well secondary growth starts earlier in girls than boys

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Why can't I delete my mami folder?
Is this a waifu?
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No, she just has a lewd body that she uses to seduce and violate underage girls.
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just when I was deleting it you had to post
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You can still delete it. Here's one last Mumi.

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Is there a tag for this? I tried "colonized" but of course it didn't yield anything. I just want to see cute nips get defeated by superior gaijin dick.
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>I tried "colonized"
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>I tried "colonized"

Why do white and black people like the idea of conquering shit with their dicks so much?

ITT subtle anime clothing
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>oh wow look at that nerd wearing a shirt with the Seele symbol
>he is obviously a fag who watches anime and so am i since i'd have no way of knowing otherwise

I know there's this one guy who created a super big anime that practically everyone here loves, but he has one or two pictures of him on the internet at best. I'm looking all over for his name and the picture, but I honestly can't find it or even remember the anime.

Pic unrelated, I think.
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I don't know who you're talking about
can we all agree that araki has the best personality out of all the mangaka?

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Deconstruction of school aidoru genre when? I want to see cute aidorus suffering from depression, stress, drug addiction, insane work + training routine, media scandals, etc
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Done to death in real life
Yamakan's idol show was this and it bombed.

Fucking japs being delusional and into escapism

Is it a time we officially add Kinema Citrus to "top tier" studios club, able to endulge english tea and newspapers in company of such gentlemens as KyoAni, Godakobo and PA works?

Also, OST fucking when?
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Becouse it has lesbians
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>Is it a time we officially add Kinema Citrus to "top tier" studios club
Too hit or miss and not enough masterpieces. Shakunetsu is probably the best show they've made since Yuyushiki.
You can say the same about 10 or so other shows this season though.
>Too hit or miss
Everything since Black Bullet was a hit. Plus Godakobo also makes crap (this season as well|), but its still in the club since it proven its capability for making great comedy and CGDCT, as well lovinly approached production and great animation.

Kinema Citrus is studio with class, and its all that matters. As opposed to say generic "we are not jc staff" White Fox or "we will be bankrupt like our idols Gonzo" Hoods or even worse "just fuck my shit up" Lerche

What's their best work?
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Garnet MacLaine
In terms of creating a phantastic setting, I really did like Last Exile and the Tower of Druaga.

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Can we discuss this mans obsession with Sasuke?

They weren't even friends for that long. 3 months at most, and yet this fucker went to the ends of the earth to try to rescue him.

Not to mention he eventually let sasuke off scott fucking free for all the shit he ended up doing.

>Oh, you tried to kill all the kage, twice? No problem!
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>They weren't even friends for that long. 3 months at most
It's more than just "friends". They were basically same boat and related with each other.
>Naruto's parents were killed and was hated by the village
>Sasuke's parents were killed and was hated by the village
Naruto was just desperate so he latched on to Sasuke. If he had managed to make some real friends first, it never would have happened.
Sasuke was actually a pretty cool dude in part 1.

First to give Naruto food in the bell test, sacrificed his life in wave and was basically team leader in the Forest.

Even when Itachi came back, Sasuke's first priority was getting Naruto out of harm's way. Plus why they weren't 'comrades' for long, they knew each other for years in the academy.

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