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>/a/ says Re:Zero is trash, reddit, etc.
>watch it
>it's actually a solid 8/10
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It's the /a/ effect. /a/ praised Mirai Nikki, KLK, and so on when they were airing, yet if you ask anyone about them now, they'll say they're shit. The same applies to Re Zero.
It's a solid 5/10

A few good moments, a few bad moments, a lot of boring shit in between with no big highs or insultingly bad lows. It's forgettable.

Rem is great though. Fuck that sperg for cucking her.
Re:Zero isn't garbage but it definitely isn't 8/10 either. Characters feel often more like caricatures, but the setting and the worldbuilding is actually quite solid.

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>there are denigrates on /a/ right now that are incapable of appreciating a flat chest

How do we purge this heresy anons?
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did I miss a meme? I guess I don't lurk enough
Flat is fucking inferior. How are they supposed to breastfeed your children?
You have such shit taste.
did I miss a meme? I guess I don't lurk enough

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Hi! first time /a/ poster here.
I have watched every episode of Jojo's so far and I want to get ahead of David Productions, but I don't know if I am going to ruin the show for myself if I read ahead in the manga, in that though, should I read the manga from the beginning (phantom blood) or should I just read Diamond and beyond?
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read one piece :D
There's bugger all changed from the Manga so just go to the point in it that the anime's currently on.

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What was their best work?
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The Tatami Galaxy
Five years hand drawn

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>open door
>see this

What do?
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Since she looks set up for torture I'd tickle her feet for an extended period of time.
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Reminder the hiatus is near it's end. What will happen?
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it ends tomorrow right?
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We get more lewd edits.

Someone wants to fuck Misuzu/Carol/Tomo/Jun/Gyarus/Senpai/Tanabe.

I post this.
>it ends tomorrow right?
Dammit, I thought it was tonight.

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Are the novels worth reading or are they just the anime story with garbage prose?
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wondering this too
This is an actual novel, so probably worth giving it a shot.
I've read the first 2 since they're out in english, and I like them enough. Some things to keep in mind

>the history episode is the prolouge to the first book, to get all of the Goldenbaum stuff out of the way
>it goes a little more into detail about Yang's father and how he shaped Yang as a person
>Bittenfeld is Wittenfeld, though it's pronounced as Vittenfeld

Otherwise the anime is a pretty faithful adaptation. If you liked the anime you'll probably like the books.

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So when are we getting more of Carnival Phantasm?
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I'd assume T/m 20th anniversary, if ever.
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I'm in the middle of watching it now.

It is managing to get some laughs out of me. Just watched this episode.
Never ever

Post the best girl/waifu of a series you didnt watch
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worst veggie.jpg
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What are some things you're waifu won't eat, /a/?
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But tomatoes are fruits.
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rikka a shit

I will post this every day until Christmas!

41 days!

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I Hate My Life.
2nd Christmas without moot.


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Why do most people slam the shit out of Psycho Pass 2? I thought it was better than the original
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Terrible villain. Terrible cunt kouhai. There were great parts too, mostly Tsunemori being a badass, but it was definitely worse than S1.
worse animation, worse story, all the main story points are more or less worse versions of the plot of season 1.

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What are some of your favorite underrated anime movies? Please don't fucking post Ghibli.
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You say not to post Ghibli, but then you post a movie by another big studio that is loved by millions?


A real underrated movie is Happy Birthday: Inochi Kagayaku Toki.

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>ITT: We hum anime OP/ED/OST and have other anon guess it

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>itt: we hum
gay laugh too
>actually whistling
What a shit way to start a thread.


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Rather than fighting over the best idol sub unit, what is the best song for each sub unit?
Also love live thread.
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Guilty night, guilty kiss is the best song from the best sub unit.
Fuck Ruby
are there any good aquors songs yet?

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