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Do you share your anime/manga hobby with someone you know?
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They adapted one of those doujins?
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>blog thread
My sister maybe. We watch anime movies sometimes.
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>tfw mom watches anime with me

she gets really into it and we have a lot of arguments about them

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stop it frog
>spying someone
>starts saying "Jiii"
Why is this allowed?

I've never watched Brotherhood. All I knew was that it was loyal adaptation to the mango and it is praised as the third coming of Christ by normalfags and entry level fans. This being said, why is the first episode filler? Not only that, why does it go and introduce so many characters as well knowing that it will undermine their future introductions?
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>why is the first episode filler?
More importantly why does it spoil half of the twists of the story?

Bare for a few action sequences, the show is directed like horse shit by the way.
It's not filler, you just don't find out the connection til the end of the series.
>More importantly why does it spoil half of the twists of the story?
This. Fuck, why would they do this?

It's filler in the sense that it never appears on the mango. It has events that eventually are mentioned, but far later.

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>'In This Corner of the World' Earns 47 Million Yen ($434,288) in Opening Weekend.

It's a flop right?
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Yes, but how many screenings it got? Maybe they were expecting it.
It'll end up less of a flop than Koe no Floptachi
I think it was 63 initially going up to 100+ after that.

Kiniro Mosaic's 50 minutes long OVA did almost as good on 20 screens.

>Get recommended to watch the Berserk anime
>Oh its great anon, its a dark fantasy and can get really gorey and extreme at times. You will love it!
>3 episodes in its mainly men expressing their love for each other and naked water fights to orchestral music

Wtf is this shit
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It's hardcore.
Don't you dig the extreme action?
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>watching the anime
>not reading the manga

The anime is good but it drops the ball hard towards the end. They cut out a lot of good shit that was in the manga.

Say what you will about this arc, but I'm glad that for the first time ever that someone ASIDE from Goku (or related to Goku), saved the world in the end.

It was Trunks' story, and he deserved to be the hero.

Gokufags, Vegetafags, Gogetafags, Vegitofags, and Gohanfags can get fucked.
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>characterfaggotry is enough to justify this brazen cashgrab and nostalgia pandering

you are as pathetic as those salty faggots
>on "Z"
>Raditz defeated thanks to 3 guys. Piccolo killed him
>Vegeta defeated thanks to 4 guys.Gohan Oozaru crashed Vegeta in the end
>Freeza was Gok-- actually Trunks killed him. And Vegeta cleaned almost every single goon with a final blow
>19 was Vegeta, 20 was 17, 16-18 was Cell. Cell+jrs was Gohan. Future Androids was Trunks to end his future arc.
>Buu was Genki Dama from Earth&space. It was Vegeta's idea. Dende even asked the dragon to heal Goku because Goku forgot he had barely no ki left
>Beerus was never defeated
>Golden Freeza was a retry because rewind magic
>Zamasu was Trunks to end his arc

In Dragon Ball when Goku was a kid won more times, but even then he lost a bunch of times like against Roshi, Tenshinhan and even General Blue if it wasn't for the fucking mouse.


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Writing and WHEREMUHOHTOOS aside, do people actually like this art style?

Even when it tries to be sexy, it feels so flat, unexpressive and blande.
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Tri kinda sucks as a whole.

I like the art style but it seems like the people who are actually animating and creating spreads with it don't know how to make the eyes more expressive. They rarely change shape and the eyebrows are always flat as fuck even during extreme emotions.

Tri is a clusterfuck of disappointment and ham-fisted nostalgia bait. I'll watch for my childhood crush but there's no way I'd pay for it. They forgot how to write a compelling story with actions and events that make sense. Instead they went from nostalgia check point to nostalgia checkpoint without worrying what tied them all together.
Which one would you fuck?

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Non-hentai anime you've jacked off to?

I jack off to Lucky Star.
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I remember fapping to almost all of Midori No Hibi manga.
Kiniro Mosaic

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Quick shes looking at you anon! Say something quick!
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I bet you have a cute butthole.
Not really, it's pretty hairy. How are you even supposed to shave that stuff?
Behind you! A ghost!

Let's discuss the homo detective show.
Now with less detectives and more edgy gay backstories
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I fucking love this show. It roller-coasters from cute to dark and back again with an ease I wish every other show could pull off.
>naked MCs sharing room

Well, I guess it's time to pick up again.
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Was it rape?

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Which non hentai anime made you horny while watching?
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Aku no Hana
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Why do so few series potray vampires as monsters that steal men's souls?
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Because traditionally vampires were more interested in women as targets and back then people weren't even sure yet if women even HAD souls.
Because they already steal something of grave importance instead.
Cause that's not interesting to japs

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>still using batoto
Do you have an account there?
I'm glad the author dropped this for Takagi-san.
Eh, the scanlator's site links to it, so I just link to it. I probably don't need to do it, just trying to be convenient without dumping the whole thing.

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Does /a/ decorate the walls of their parents house with animu posters?
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No. It's kind of a waste when you don't live there anymore.
No. i keep my anime and weeaboo activites secret.
Some framed pictures of my waifu.

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Where does she work?
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On top of my lap as I plug up her scat-hatch.
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Femdom Inc.
in a brothel obviously.

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