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Strong, tall and beautiful.

How do other fairies even compete??
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Superior shitposting techniques and foot game
Not being retards.

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Help me /a/,

My heart aches so much, knowing I can't be with her. Cuddle her closely in the morning, hearing her gentle voice whisper "I love you.." as I trace my fingers over her fair skin. Taking in the warmth of her smile and the floral scent of her hair, nothing more important in the world but the two of us, lying still, in bed.
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Dude she's just some pixels on a screen get over it loser.
Saori Hayami can do that to people. She makes whoever she's voicing 10x better. I cope by listening to her songs. Take care anon.
Nice blog though

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Is there a more likable character in all of anime?
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joseph joestar.png
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BROSKANDER. Ironic shitposting. One guy's forced meme in /fgog/ that spiraled out of control last week when everyone was bored out of their mind due to lack of events.

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Thou could'st not feel my burning cheek,
Thy gushing tears had quench'd its flame,
And, as thy tongue essay'd to speak,
In sighs alone it breath'd my name.

And yet, my girl, we weep in vain,
In vain our fate in sighs deplore;
Remembrance only can remain,
But that, will make us weep the more.

Again, thou best belov'd, adieu!
Ah! if thou canst, o'ercome regret,
Nor let thy mind past joys review,
Our only hope is, /ai/ - Idle Activities!
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The guide: http://pastebin.com/iDebHQu6
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Nice OP.
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friday night -ai-.jpg
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Do you fap to you're waifu?
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Yes, if I don't I feel like I cheated on her, and then I feel disgusted inside.
I am waifu and I are fap to myself.
Is this your waifu, OP?

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Crimson Moon/Young Zelretch
Primate Murder


Black Sakura
FSN Berserker
Black Saber
FZ Berserker
FSN Lancer
FSN Rider
FZ Rider
FSN Caster
Fake Assassin


FZ Lancer
UBW shirou
FZ Caster
Tokiomi Tohsaka
FZ Assassin
Fate Shirou
Waver Velvet
Kariya Matou


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Nero is triple s tier.
>EMIYA not first
kill yourself evil scum

>An oppai loli will never love you
Why live?
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>oppai loli

Kill yourself with that shitty term.
She's not a loli.
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I'd like the one I fell in love with.

Is Pan the best Dragon Ball girl?
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Videl > 18 > Tights > Bloomers > Bra > Pan > ChiChi > Mrs. Briefs
i loved maining her in Budokai Tenkaichi, super fast combo beat the shit outta everyone, and i could fap after every defeat or victory

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The soap is no going to pick itself, Shinji
*is not
More like EvanGAYlion

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Fuuuuuck you.
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Blame Shirow.
He's the one who started that idea.
She was always a "lesbian." That's she works best as a dude in a female cybernetic body.
It looks decent, and she's completely uncaring for whichever sex.

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How long until he becomes an ally and saves everyone?
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Pudding is CUTE and will marry Sanji.
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wrong pic OP

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>MC has a hardworking, caring, hot girlfriend
>dumps her for his abusive sister who isn't as attractive instead

Was there really any reason for him to pick his sister other than the whole incest factor? Why would any sane person dump Kuroneko for someone like Kirino, who is incredibly selfish, manipulative and shallow?
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You are stupid as hell.
How very surprising.
It's fetish pandering, it doesn't have to make sense.

Read the manga instead
they could have at least made the MC break up with a worse girl after realising that her sister was still better, but instead he went from the best girl to the worst girl.

Why the manga? Does Kuroneko win in that one?

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Choose your Master.
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I want her to dominate me then take my life.
Alicia best QB.

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dark elf.png
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No sense of right and wrong
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I don't know why, but since the ritual, Marcille's become a bit of a semen demon (more so than before). She's so cute.
It's in contrast to her look when she's casting black magic.

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Anyone remember Mahoromatic?

I remember getting some crippling feels from this as a kid. And it was pretty lewd at times too.
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Sure, it has a banner.
I remember the end sucking ass, as is customary with Gainax productions.
Lurk more.

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