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ITT: forgotten shows.

Last thread was mostly about 2000-2005 era, this time try to post stuff >15 years old.
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I haven't watched anything from so long that's forgotten.
Tetsuya is great but no one knows how to play mah jong so it will forever be forgotten in west
It's fun opening an old folder on your HD that you don't remember ever putting there and thinking "What the fuck is this" and then watching through 10 to 40 minutes of old animation at the end of which you still think "What the fuck is this?"

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That one thing that made a shit anime worthwhile
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is usually a combination of pretty animation, interesting characters, intriguing plot and a nice soundtrack.
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Stop eating pizza.
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>implying I eat at pizzahut
I could eat some pizzabutt

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Left or right?
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Mine or theirs?
Asking the important questions.

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How are there people out there that don't like anime? How can someone dismiss an entire category of storytelling so easily without a second thought?
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In fairness, most of it is shit
Why are you asking /a/?
The same way /a/ justifies calling cartoons a completely different word just because gooks not only were drawing pictures, but also writing them.

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Are you telling me there were seriously no news about the new Symphogear Season on the last CC? Or did I miss anything? I need my dose of new Geahs soon or I'm going crazy.
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Symphogeah thread?
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The plot will be about the babel king and nobles who destroyed the unified language then he'll revive and control kanade and serena to fight for them.
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I hate it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.

Why can't we have a nice and comfy thread about 60s and 70s anime?

What are you currently watching, what are you planing to watch and what are you waiting to be subbed?

Gundam or Cutie Honey
Nothing that I can remember
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>Why can't we have a nice and comfy thread about 60s and 70s anime?
Because it's the third of January. /a/ is traditionally shit on the third of January. You can't break with tradition.
Been watching Ashita no Joe. I'm twenty something episodes deep, it's okay so far. I hear 2 is the better part though. Also rewatching Toei movies, my favourites are Hakujaden, Orochi and Horus. Planning on watching green jacket Lupin and the three proto-Ghibli WMT shows soon. Waiting / hoping to see subs for Dokonjou Gaeru at some point.
Moeagare Moeagare Moeaagre GANDAMU!

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this show fucked me up real good
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It's just like Endless Gr8
What's the point of this show? I couldn't make it past 3rd episode. Will something mindblowing happen after?

>The boobies are good, full and perky, but everyone's the same size.
>The boobies have variety, but there are more extremes that might not be appealing and the average is probably bigger
Old or new fanservice?
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DFC or fuck off.
That's literally just this movie though.

Kill yourself fag.

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Why are there no anime series about cute robocop girls busting crimes while doing cute things?

To me it sounds like a concept that would rake in trillions of yen and generate tons of merch and a lasting, dedicated fandom in the late 80s
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no robocops there

only power armor mercenaries
Robocop was good because satire and pessimistic humor... I don't think that translates well to moe shit. Even fucking claps dropped the ball remaking Robocop

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Childhood is idolizing Senjougahara,
Adulthood is realizing Hanekawa makes more sense.
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Other way around mate.
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Shit meme is shit.

However if you're going to use it, use it correctly.

Childhood is idolizing Kaiki
Adulthood is realizing Yozuru makes more sense.
>ripping off school kids for money
>contract ghostbuster work

Childhood is idolizing Yozuru.
Adulthood is realizing a stable base of income from scamming kids makes more sense.

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Summarize the theme of FSN in one sentence.
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Dum de dum de dummm, de dum dum dee

How'd I do?
A guy who redundantly know the concept of death is given a female king in a quest to obtain the wish-granting cup Jesus placed his blood into.
That's not a theme.

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Is it good?
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Yes indeed
overrated trash
Studio Ghibli is pretty overrated as a studio, but this movie is entirely deserving of its praise.

It's an undeniable classic.

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Has DEEN redeemed itself in your eyes after this year?
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DEEN have always been legends, don't let Fatefags try and tell you otherwise.
Rakugo pretty much makes up for anything they fucked up before.
After AOTY and masterpiece Super Lovers, absolutely.

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