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ITT: Edgy
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reddit:zero, and all of beserk. This isn't to say berserk is as shit as rezero though

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Korean Scans of Ghost Tits are out

Chapter 45: http://www.yuncomics.com/archives/1855500

Where's the Jap Raws?
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Why do korean scans always come out first?
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I want to see these in color
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S3 when? I want more sequsi mountin lolis.
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fuck that let's get an anime of some real climbing

fuck the friendship bullshit
Only if it's lolis doing the real climbing and suffering terribly.
fuck you

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Why can't they make a character as good as her again?
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If you're looking for some unrealistic wish fulfillment waifubait to pander to your pathetic NEET self just go watch Re:Zero or something.

Explain how this guy, the Invisible chick and Indian chick weren't below Izuku on the Quirk Apprehension test.

I dare you.
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>Hero's Academy

Also what indian chick?
>Also what indian chick?
this one
Izuku's pain from the ball toss made him perform extra poorly on the final three tests, probably worse than even the utterly average person's scores (Hagakure was last, right?).

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It's Helck.
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Also: RIP Anne from Accounting
she is fine, or otherwise helck would go berserker a little too soon.
Helck won't go berserk before he faces off against his waifu again.

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What's the best translation of リア充?
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Rear rife
It's >>>/jp/
Normie works fine

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I don't usually watch iyashikei, but I'll be damned if this wasn't the most relaxing show of 2016. I really liked the end where Tanaka realizes just how much he loves and appreciates his friends, it was very heartwarming.
Also, Miyano is best girl.
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This looks like it might be good
Pretty much on the virtue that it's a boy and not another girl.
Why would it matter if it was a girl?
Because they're a dozens of "girl in school and she goes to an all girls school and all her friends are girls and they have cute moments"
Just the fact that he's a boy means it will play out differently, and on top of that when someone takes the time to do something differently, it means they're generally good at writing anyway so it'll be well written.

Presumably, of course. It could be shit.

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actually good or just a meme?
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Actually good.
It's a little overrated, but still worth a watch.
Its best you make your own opinion after watching it.
>that art design

Who the fuck was in charge of drawing the heads of these characters.

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Saw this, Does anyone know how recent this pachinko is ?


Will we ever get a real anime adaptation of Fukumoto's work aver again or is he condemned to serve as material for shitty pachinkos until the end of times ? (Pretty fucking ironic considering that his work is a critique of the power of money)
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oops wrong link here's the link to the video

This looks awesome!

>No Zero anime ever

Zawa zawa...
It's from 2012

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What is so great about re:zero?
I don't get why it is/was so popular. I mean Emilia is a supporting character. Mc is this annoying ass genki boy. And then theres that raging faggot clown dude. Explain pls
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It has a realistic mc who actually acts like a person would when exposed to severe trama and great waifus. The plot is really entertaining as well.
The overall plot is interesting, the problem is, the anime only worked around the first 3 arcs, in arc 4 we'd get to see more world building and the mysteries explored further.

The anime also skipped on a bunch of foreshadowing, skipped scenes and cut out the real ending of arc 3 short.
Curious is there only going to be one season of the anime?

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How many of them lived through the firebombing campaign?
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All of them!
All of them because they moved out of Tokyo to Nagasaki and Hiroshima

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Is /a/ hyped for Kuzu no Honkai? New chapter in about an hour.
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>hyped for shit
Kill yourself.
>sluts and manwhores: the series
Threads will be pure shitposting and the original story isn't even good.
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Its ending april right?
Only a couple of chapters left

I doubt Mugi and Hanabi will end up together

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Give me one good reason why this is the bad guy.

All he wanted was to give Ajin's civil rights (Until the end when he went nuts, but who would have known what would have happened if they aquired civil rights sooner)
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Come on there has to be someone who agree with me here
I only watched the 1st season

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Chapter 18.
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oh hey someone else reads this

shit got super depressing towards the end of this chapter, fucking love it

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