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ITT: the ideal situation you wish you were in
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Oh it's an ideal alright.
I'd be happy for Shirou.
Not my cup of tea though.
Would be great if it wasn't TypeMoon shit.
i just want to sleep on a bed made of my favorite girls

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Why is Ai best girl and why was this such a sleeper hit?
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Maximum comfy

No drama

Wish fulfillment

Nice art

Pure author intentions
Why the fuck are they not putting up the BDs for sale like a normal anime? I'm actually willing to buy it since you get the complete package in one box for $70~.
Amiami is where I got mine.

Also try amazonjp

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Get in the car or I'll be forced to use this.
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A loli? How did you know my one weakness?
>still buckled up
You can't even reach the outside of the car. What's the point of this threat?

I just noticed the girl is riding the car without the proper support for little children. Is she going to be okay?
>no rock music and coca cola.

no failed op.

/a/ loves Concrete Revolutio, right? I think it's a brilliant series. To the untrained eye it might just seem like random madness but when you look closely at it you realize it's intricately crafted like a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. Everything is intertwined flawlessly. And on top of that it's chock full of retro mecha throwbacks so if you're into that kind of stuff it's likely that you'll love it even just for that.
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I guess not enough to post about it. Oh well, at least the spammer isn't here.
It fell for the old trap of "Let's do episodic shit for most of the season and then rush the main plot in the last two episodes". It's alright, but could've been so much more. The fact that you think that everything was "intertwined flawlessly" (how about that ski-jumping episode?) shows that you know fuck-all about storytelling or writing.
>good Bones original
No such thing.

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If you don't like Mai's phat tits, get the fuck out of my face
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But what if I do?
Dumb Maiposter.
I love Mai's phat moles.

Specially those pink puffy moles on her phat tits.

Why did anime change between those era?

>The hero is attractive and macho
>The hero is immature and skinny
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Because you're a faggot.
>why did a medium change after 30 years?
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It's not that machos got replaced, there's just much less of them. I can recall some stuff from 80s with immature skinny faggots, but there's just not many of them.

With a 21.3x multiplier on its opening weekend too. Really amazing legs.
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I refuse to feel guilty for the nukes.
Of course the Japs would go watch a movie where they paint themselves as the victims of war. Should've sent them more nukes back then.

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Are Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Ghost in the Hell the holy trinity of anime?
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>ghost in the hell
You forgot Initial D, K-On, Akira, and Boko No Pico.
Replace that with anything else.

Re:zero is the most overrated and shitty show of 2016
prove me wrong

Protip:You can't
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I respect your opinion, even though mine differs greatly from it.
Kys faggot
Subaru is not Gary Stu like Kiriot tough.

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Who has the worse fanbase?
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ONE's underaged fanbase of redditors
Well mob doesn't have one and everyone love OPM, so OPM?
Both. They both have around the same people making up their fanbase anyway.

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>mfw 2017 is going to be Umaru's year

>new OVA releasing soon
>probably with an Season 2 announcement
>TV live action in China

There's no way to stop the nugget train
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Fight me, nerds

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Were Madoka and GuP the last popular series that /a/ also liked?
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I love gup with all of my soul but i'm not deluded enough to think the rest of /a/ does as well
Your Name
Why would someone not like GuP

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What is your honest opinion of this studio?
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Pretentious shit desu my senpai senpaitachi
Still my favorite studio, although they've been pretty boring the last few years.
They're the ones we should blame for death of industry. They are cancer. They make anime about panties and cool poses, and people PAY for that shit, of course, another studios will take the example and do the same.

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Has this kid aged yet?
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If he hadn't, he would still be the size of a newborn.
But he's been in elementary school since the 90's.

I really can't comprehend this series sometimes.

The whole "narrative" hanging over head ruins what could have just been a kid detective show. Didn't really need to use the whole deageing plot device if you're not gonna follow through and there's like 800 goddamn episodes of this shit

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this again.jpg
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Superior taste coming through.

>Venice in Space better than NHK
>Shitagatari better than K-On

Consider suicide.

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