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>geassed to live
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>geassed to live
Truly Suzaku is best girl.
R3 foreshadowing
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>geassed to die

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What's up with 90% of manga/anime having such shitty writing when it comes to romance? Everything needs to be emphasized and spelled out, so it's always incredibly unnatural and awkward. Characters have seizures over hand-holding when they're like 17 years old and can barely even comprehend the word "boyfriend/girlfriend" without having a mental breakdown.

Why is there not more of pic-related when it comes to romance?
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>Why is there not more of pic-related when it comes to romance?
Why don't you just read more Adachi if that's what you like?
>What's up with 90% of manga/anime having such shitty writing when it comes to romance?
Please don't start threads with non-questions that are really just jabs at anime, it's a good way to generate shitposting and nothing else.
>Why is there not more of pic-related when it comes to romance?
Adachi alone has written like 50 manga that are all the same thing.
Adachi is good with interactions, but he reuses the same premise too often.

Off the top of my head, I can only think of Horimiya and Kaguya as recent romance that aren't awful. And Kaguya is basically a parody.

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gendo stare.jpg
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But would Anon get in the fucking robot?
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Of course.
of course, inner chuuni too strong to resist
With my dick out.

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Be honest /a/. How bad is your animu backlog?
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The more I watch the bigger it gets. Up to 2.4TB now, and that's after a hard drive failure
Bad enough that this show is still in it.
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>only just now reach up to 2012
My autism won't let me skip anything so shit like Ramna takes forever

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Except for Discomilf and Clonefucker, who are best anime parents?
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The one mother who stole her daughter's boyfriend.
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>zero good KnK doujins
>all that western crap
Unironically? My studious boy decided to become a fucking farmer dad is pretty based.

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Is Kotegawa best girl?
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Why is she so pure?
That's a funny way of spelling "Momo"
She is The Best Girl and Best Waifu of tlr

Why was the byakugan the only eye technique that couldn't do cool shit like resurrect the dead or teleport or move people to different dimensions?
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Because the writing was good in the original series. The Byakugan had vulnerabilities and limits to what it could do, it wasn't some pseudo-DBZ garbage like the Sharingan is.
>the only eye technique
there's only 2 of those, weird way to phrase it.

>inb4 that loli in recent episodes
not cannon
Because Kishi eventually forgot about everything except the Uchihas and Ninja Jesus.

Such a huge and interesting cast completely ignored in favour of a few Gary Stus.

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>watch this
>cry like a bitch because of the story
>then cry like a bitch because of my life

Which anime made you think about your own life the most?
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>feels thread
>Join Memecrazy now!
What did OP mean by this?

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shit show.jpg
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Name a more shit show than this, I dare you.
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Didn't bother watching SAO 2 after I finished the shit show of an anime that was the first.

Can I get a tl;dr of it?

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>Reminder that Eren's "conciousness" traveled back in time and told Kruger about Armin and >Mikasa.
>Reminder that Eren is Bran Stark
>Reminder The Eren is the one who started everything.
>Reminder that a Scouting legion victory would mean the destruction of the entire world.
>Ymir is Literally Jesus.
>Jean will be Hanji's new Moeburrito.
>Annie is quite literally forgotten by the rest of the characters.

Eren Kruger>>>>>shit>>Eren Yeger

Season 2 trailer:

Hisu's body bolw:
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First for LH
Do not compare Bran with Erenshit please. What happened to the other thread?
Do you want this thread to be deleted too?

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I just wanted to meet some other country leaders and defeat the nazis, but now I'm in the hands of a lesbian witchi!?
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I'm an ordinary Japanese highschooler

I use swords to fight

girls love me even though I'm bland as fuck

I'm portrayed as underdog even though I have plot armor

I like protecting my friends

heres mine:
my best friend pranked me hard and now im scarred for life and my gf is retarded

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>"100 different ways of how fug Kud" in anime?
Converted Edition all way.
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>not a hentai OVA

Well just fuck everything. It's going to be shit.

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Finally got around to watching this movie and loved it.
I read a lot of negative feedback though and that surprised me.
What does /a/ think about it ?
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It wasn't his best, in my opinion.
I thought it was really boring.

But it's the film he always wanted to do, so it's not really for us, it's for him.
The criticism that I read the most was that the movie was too slow and didn't really have a climax.
That's what I liked the most about it though, it was relaxing.
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My name isn't /a/ but I thought it was good.
I'm glad it wasn't too fantastical, but the dream segment was glorious.
That ominous zeplin dropping bombs was very intense.
Also I don't like the timeskip in the end.
I know it's pretty obvious what happened but it pretty much forced the viewer to do reaserch on the zero fighter plane.
The foreigner is probobly my favirote Ghibli character, that accent.

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Milly Ashford best girl
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Declared by a do-nothing weeb transvestite.
Damn right.
Anon garbage taste

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Sakuga of the season. How can Trigger or KyoAni even compete?
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Rierii has the cutest girl to voice, as always
I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
An anon told me that it is going to flop.

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