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Who was the better redhead?
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Solar > Satsuki > Claire > Stella = Julis = Misora > Mio
I only know who one of those girls is, so I can safely assume they're all shit
Having anime as a 'hobby' doesn't make you look good, normalfag-kun

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When will it stop hurting?
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is True Tears the most patrician harem out there?
When you take your last breath
I've never that scene before and I watched all 7 episodes. Is that a preview for S2 or an OVA or something?

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Horizon 4-C, apparently, is done.

Where's S3?
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Just believe.

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What did they mean by this?
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Why are you streaming /a/'s AOTY?
because i have a shitty internet and i dont have a lot of space left on my hard drive
t.hird world anon

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann came out 10 years ago.
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I was 2 years old when the snes was released in the UK.
Why the fuck are old people on /a/? Get a life. No one over 19 should be watching anime. It's literally made for kids.
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Haruhi Suzumiya (original broadcast) was 11 years ago.

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>wake up
>See this
What do you do?
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wonder why i'm abusing an ugly cow

holy shit i'm rewatching eva again and goddam it is so good
the terrible waifuggotry almost made me forget how good it is
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>still 4:3
The fights and music are good, everything else is pretentious dogshit.
>muh psychology
>muh characters
>muh religious no sense making crap
Then only watch those AMVs with Linkin Park songs.

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Friendly reminder that Elsa was in fact, the real best girl. Only a little girl would prefer Rem and Emilia, those 2 flat chested young boys.

I'd gladly let her cut out my internals.
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I happen to be extremely sexually attracted to flat chested young boys.
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Please reconsider.
I see you are an anon of taste.

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What was he fighting for again?
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He wanted what we all want.
He wanted to fuck his underage cousin.
Both of them, anon. Right before he dies, a vision of both girls appears.
Sweet magic pussy

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While most are shit, some 3D adaptations are quite well done/translate well to the live medium.
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Umimachi Diary and Little Forest are the only good ones I can think of recently.
Fuck Malaysia
ImoCho's was pretty good. But mainly because it was essentially a lesbian JAV.

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From Japan's supposedly greatest contemporary artist Takashi Murakami! After this literally everyone online is calling him a hack.

Holy fuck that was beyond awful, and they could only churn out 22 minutes of pedo garbage after 6 years?

What was the point of this anyway?
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It's funny because the TV show slot it has was an hour long and it was supposed to last that long but they didn't get anywhere near it.
>literally everyone online
So just you?
I imagine he's talking about the reaction on 2ch and affiblogs they were already pretty savage about it when Murakami apologised for the production issues and said it wouldn't finish in time.

Season 2 when?
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Once I haven't fapped to Panty in a week. So never.
Never. All the key people of Gainax's golden era have moved on to other studios.
>Implying TRIGGER couldn't option or straight up buy the property

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I started Jojo today and I'm on episode 13. I'm really liking it so far. How does Stardust Crusaders compare to Battle Tendies? Can I expect more of the same semi-fast paced story? Does Dio become more of an evil dick when he comes back?
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Season 2 is miles better than 1 and Joseph is the best Jojo. Enjoy.
The pace of parts after 1 and 2 is awful but they are better overall, Araki becomes better in art, characters and story

I started with Diamond is unbreakable, but honestly I should of started with Stardust Crusaders.

It fucking triggers me when I here normies say that Jojo isn't a good anime and at the same time they say they like Music. Every Jojo series/part has a lode of music memes and references.

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rei 0.jpg
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Elder God tier seiyuu for sure.

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This show was about ninjas. Apparently.

Also Yumi is yummy.
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Is the show worth watching?
personally, Homura was always the one I wanted to rape most

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