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>mfw you'll never have your family like this

Why even live?
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>Why even live?
Konosuba Season 2
>Why even live?

That's what his wife thought, too.

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Is Anime Escapism?
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all fiction is escapism
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Everything is escapism.

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What will you all do if S3 turns out to be a hot turd?

At least S2 and S1 were fun, but my confidence in modern anime is so low I can see nothing but darkness ahead.
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Zero is a man of miracles, anon,you gotta have faith
Pretend it didn't happen like PP2
>Resurrecting a series so that you can pander to nostalgiafags
That's NEVER a good sign. We don't need a new CCS, FLCL or Code geass, what we need is good new anime. Bringing these series back is just proof that these studios can't make something good or successful now and thus need to butcher their old series to make money.

Why are anime dates always to the same places?
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Well where else should they go?
In anime probably because they want to fit the ideal of what a date should be.
I dunno. Has anyone in Japan ever had a houseparty with underage drinking and smoking when their parents are out of town?

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I want to pinch, rub and squeeze ribbon's cheeks!
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Butt cheeks?
Natsuki, stop posting on 4chan.
She's the second most huggable and snuggly hibike!

What in the flying fuck was that ending?
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It was an Occultic;Nine.
It was a Normal end. Which part you didn't get OP, I can explain it to you except for Ririka.

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Nakano's proving herself to be a great wingman. But she really should be the first person to know how it's all pointless.
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Are yurishitters going to ruin this like they did with Tomo-chan?
Mana is a dead girl walking and I am not happy about that.
Yeah the batoto comment section is full of yuricunts

I blame the author though
Thinking of dropping this

It's been too long since we've had a thread dedicated to lunar busts
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So he's the most powerful character in anime, right?
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How do you guys think he spent the rest of his life?


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Hey guys, take a look at my...
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i miss klk threads

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Dumpan' the first scanlated chapter. By the author of Fujiyama-san.
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Super interesting.
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either Megumi Hayashibara sings another sexy swing song for S2 or blood will flow

also Rakugo love thread I guess
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Official /a/ Patricians' Choice Award Winner of 2016
Will Kiku ever come out of the closet?

Will Kiku tell the truth about what happened?

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Moeagare! Moeagare! Moeagare GANDAMU

Let's be honest, this is a catchy song
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only the start to be honest, i feel like alot of older anime openings only the very start of it is noteworthy. Zeta gundam's first opening is fucking great though even if the mixing is pretty ass
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It certainly is.

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if we kill him, will the jojo fans fucking stop?
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I'll fucking kill YOU
You could also just kill all of the jojo fans
It would be more work, but at least you'd let some poor innocent Japanese man live.
is that a jojo reference???

>multiple, changing animation styles
>jump cuts
>old-timey camera effects
>weird abstract backgrounds
>written text instead of dialogue
>unsettling music in ops and eds
>3D pics
>textures that remain stationary when the textured object moves

Why does SHAFT, or rather Akiyuki Shinbo, want to be so artsy?
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Because "artsy" is a good way to make cheap animation and drawings pass as good or even amazing
It's not artsy. It's repetitive. Once you've watched one Shinbo show, you've watched them all.

Why does every Shaft character crane their neck like that?

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