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Hey /a/, I want to watch Sailor Moon. Should I watch the original anime? Or is it like FMA- the remastered version is better? Or maybe the just read the manga?
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Why is Mars so best?
Original anime by far also its sequels.
So the reboot is kinda meh?

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Season 2 when?
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This is now a Fremy thread
Hopefully never.
Best girl

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I think Saki is looking at you like that.

Do something or she will just turn around again.
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Spit mucus in her right eye. Then proceed with doign the rest with every other main character.
Kiss her!
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>do something

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This is Honoka, she has sex for money.
Say something nice about her.
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There isn't anything nice to say about her.
I have money.
I have sex.

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Why isn't there more Kemono anime (Monster Girls don't count)?

Serious responses only.
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Because it's furry.

Also because you can accomplish a cat person using a cat's ears and tails (+ nose / eyes ) on a normal person than drawing a person who is covered in fur and is anthromorphic animal.
Fur all over the body is where I draw the line.
So what you're saying is that it's more expensive to animate? I don't see how it could be much more expensive than the average monster girl. And considering how much disposable income most furries somehow seem to have, I imagine it could still be a worthwhile investment if it was handled properly (by having tons of waifubait).

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This time, your idea must be based on the article that you get here


Good luck, Anons.
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mario 64 the animated series
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>Please go out with me, anon!
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I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that, can you say that again?

One more day!

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Why does she always job at everything?

Isn't she supposed to be immune to magic? How did Wicker Man kill her?

Even in Prisma Illya no magic can even scratch her.
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Wicker Man may not count as "magic" maybe?
It's an anti-army spell

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It's shit.
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Every anime?
Ordinary school girl becomes Nemesis from Resident Evil 3, but without the mutant body. She has a goth lolita friend with an eyepatch that uses a gun to shoot zombies so hard that they un-die.

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Today at 19:00 GMT, prepare your beverages.
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Isn't it on the 7th?
Its on Saturday though
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>OP is going to set up a stream today and nobody will watch

So I know I'm centuries late to the party. And probably gonna get slated for OP'ing about entry level shit like this put meh.

Just started watching pic related the other day - it's actually not as awful as everyone's been saying all these years. I'm one episode away from finishing the Soul Society arc. It's pretty comfy.

Is the rest of the show honestly like this? I plan to skip all the filler. Or does it decline hard like nearly every single goddamn shounen..?

If so at what point.

Orihime is easily best girl
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>Or does it decline hard like nearly every single goddamn shounen
They cancelled the fucking anime after a canon filler-arc. Draw your own conclusion on that.
But yes, the first 50 chapters/ 20 episodes were actually pretty good.
>If so at what point.
Exactly when Rukia's brother and Renji show up. It's all downhill after that.
It declines gradually after SS, with the Arrancar arc having its ups and downs, but everything after that is pure trash, fights devolve into this

>You're pretty tough....I'll have to use A
>Ha, your A was negated by my B!

Rinse and repeat until Kubo gets bored

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Can black haired girls generally compete with blondes?
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Yes, generally.
Black is the sexiest natural hair color.
black has the advantage of contrast if you get your cum in it.

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Sorry for the potentially really shitty question but is there a way to upscale lower quality anime releases(lets say 480p) to 1080p and still have it look good? Since I use a pretty big tv as a monitor older lower resolution shows tend to look really shitty on full screen for me.
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use a smaller monitor

cant believe i had to click on 3 pictures of pizza to reply to this really shitty question.
>use a smaller monitor
not an option

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Why does he say "Star Platinum, The World"? It doesn't make sense. Wouldn't it be "Star Platinum, stop time"? Dio would say "The World" to call out his stand, but he would also tell The World to stop time. Why is Jotaro saying Dio's stand name?
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Because they're the same type of stand.
But they're different stands with the same abilities

I always assumed it's because technically it's a Joestar's stand.

"Same type of stand" just doesn't make any fucking sense.

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