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Who is the most romantic MC in anime?
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Not a chance. There's nothing romantic about Kakyoin.
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You know, most of the time when anime has characters be terrible parents they're also horrible dickbags in general.
But what about great people that just suck at parenting? How many examples can you think of?
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>great person
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You know German's failure as a parent has a lot to do with the fact that being a Makai Knight is a thankless, tough profession he had to prepare his son for.

But it'd really help if they shared any interests whatsoever. Or alternately, if he didn't want to stick his dick into everything that moves...

What was the worst anime in 2016 in your opinion ? Boring game is the worst anime of 2016 In my opinion! Hifumi best girl!
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Your favorite anime.

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why is this the best character in all anime
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He supports the invincible folgore.

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Glooby majik

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What's with her eyes
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You didn't think Coconuts and Yoh could survive off penny-candies, did you?

They also help people chase the dragon.
Crazy for cock
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There's something about them

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>Hey, a lot of people like F/GO now, right? We should make an anime of it.
>Sounds good, what should we do? America? Camelot? Babylon? Or maybe London, that's basically where the plot starts.
>Nah, let's start from the top at Fuyuki.
>Didn't everyone hate the first few chapters of F/GO?
>Wasn't it so bad that the writers literally apologized and Nasu had to come in?
>And aren't the chapters mostly self-contained anyways, so there's not much of a point to animating the prologue?
>So then why?
>Because Fuyuki is all talking heads, it'll be dirt cheap to animate and people are gonna eat it up because it's Fate.
>...I like the cut of your jib.
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>and people are gonna eat it up because it's Fate.
But almost everyone agrees it's bad. The only redeeming qualities are Caster Cu is based and Mashu a cute.
Mashu is life
There are tons of people who watched it solely because they watched F/Z or F/SN.

It's honestly a pretty stupid idea to waste that goodwill by starting from the shittiest parts.

I think its good
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Honestly my favorite.
Shit taste general.
I didn't particularly enjoy it, but I respect your opinions and do not think any less of you because of them.

Just kidding. It blows, fuck off faggot.

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Hi /a/,
I'm in the middle of watching Cowboy Bebop for the first time and it's reeealy good. Does anyone know why there isn't a second season already? I find it hard to believe it didn't get the ratings it needed for a second season
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It...did get a second season. It has 24 episodes, one season is usually 12
>I find it hard to believe it didn't get the ratings it needed for a second season
That's not how it works.

>It has 24 episodes, one season is usually 12
That's not how it works either.
because spike dies

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What do
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Proceed to feed[/spoiler/] them
Resign myself to the horrid fate that awaits
They caught you so it's them intending to feed

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ITT: 10/10 anime ONLY
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still waiting for a 10/10 anime, OP
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I got your back, senpai.

sorry, you're right, luluco is 11/10

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I wanna rub my body on top of his in a sexual way.
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Calm the fuck down, Winry.

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Which adaptation was better?
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OPM was great and managed to appeal to a wide range of people, but I have to go with Mob because of the creative liberty they had in going straight from the webcomic to the anime and the different effects they tried out
As a animeonlyfag, that psychic one was much better since the teacher was by far the best character.

Both MCs are pretty boring but Reigen >>>Genos
I haven't seen Mob, but Madhouse's OPM didn't capture the manga's comedic timing. Didn't giggle more than a couple of times even though the manga sends me into chucklefits.

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This series is fucking amazing
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I had to watch the final episodes of season 2 with ads playing every 3 minutes. I will never be more on the edge of my seat for the rest of my life.
I stayed up til 5 in the morning finishing the pachinko arc, I don't know how they managed to make it so unbearably long but compelling at the same time
>with ads playing every 3 minutes
I still don't understand why there are no better raws on the internet

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Is it worth it /a/?
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How much is that in non-nip dollars?
>50,000 yen
No, not at all.
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