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What does /a/ think of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Human Instrumentality Project?
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>mfw I downloaded that in rm format
Great faps.

Uncensored where?
An uncensored version probably doesn't exist.
This is some archaeological find right there. I remember the faps I had to this like ten years ago.

I have no clue as to the context of the video. Was it a really good fan project or something?

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Why did Charlotte make so many people buttblasted? It's not like it was ever a great show, but the early, generic episodes gave way to some entertaining bullshit, one of the most tragic and well done treatments of a character death I've ever seen in an anime, and a truly baffling and amazing final episode. Are people just shit at accepting that a show can have massive plotholes but still be enjoyable?

Also, Nao a cute.
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So, is this good?

Also, is main girl a tsundere?
pizza sauce best girl
I wouldn't go so far to say that it's good, but it's entertaining, has some interesting aspects to it, and occasionally has fantastic moments. So, better than most anime.

Nao's not really a tsundere, more just a fucking weirdo. But that's why she's the best: she's a refreshingly different lead girl.

I respect your taste.

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f l u f f
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superior f l u f f
I want to touch the fluff.
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1MB, 1280x720px

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Will we ever get a season 3?
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no electric batman for us senpai...
I hope not
We never got a S2, so why would they just jump to S3?

What the actual fuck is going on here? All they need to do is stop flying in a circle like mongs and turn towards the enemy and shoot them in the side before they get the same idea.
This series makes no sense.
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space battle.png
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>Not using space circles
Instead of making a million little peashooter ships, they should make like five ships with proper big beams.
so do they ever explain how space battles work or do they just never explain it?

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Don't lewd the angels/demons
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Left to right

Sadist, retard, NEET, retard
Bullying demons is illegal. Do it again and I will have to report you to the authorities.
It has the attention of my dick. Picked up.

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Thoughts on this show?
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Horrible terrible antisemetic never post this shit here ever again pls die
It was okay. Author died too soon. Overall decent Action/Adventure/Harem/RomCom
I got bored watching it, also pink a shit

Did you pray to your goddess today, /a/?
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I will worship her butt
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Blu-ray raws are out, subs when?
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No interest?
Blu-ray raws are out? I was actually going to go see this in theaters. Bought a ticket in advance and everything. They need to get their shit together with how long it takes to make it to the US.
there is a sub on opensubtitles, i'll try it as soon as i've got the raw

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What does /a/ think of Kagura ? Do you guys like her ?
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Hilarious character, one of my favorites of all time.

I'm ashamed that I want to lewd her
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kagura adult.jpg
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Deer shitto is pretty great desu.
no because she's very unlady like

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What will be the next cancer to hit the anime industry that starts with "I"?
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>Internet Games Anime
And it already happened this year with ShitCole and ToukenGaybu.

Who is the prettiest Sailor Warrior? Not accounting their personality.
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I am unbiased as I've never watched this shit.
Pluto and Neptune.

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>Ange is now the main character of the last show you watched

Did it just get better or worse?
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>Neon Genesis
Shinji is less of a faggot and Ange now engages in hate fucking with Asuka and vigorous sex with Misato. I like this new progress.

>Ange will never dominate you
I miss her
>Star Wars the Clone Wars
(You said show, not anime)
>Ange piloting her mecha on random planets murdering the fuck out of anything that looks at her funny while dominating jedi for money.
Fuck. Yes.
>Nanoha 1st
Better. I never really liked Fate that much anyway and the time cops never get involved.

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What do you guys consider to be drama that isn't forced
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When it's believable, because you can on some level understand the thoughts going through the characters' heads to cause whatever tension is going on.

Which makes it pretty subjective. Like if you're too autistic to understand the thoughts and feelings of others, all drama looks like forced drama.
Are you asking this because of Girlish Number? The drama in that show is forced in the sense that it didn't try to be one for 6 episodes. It shifted moods mid-season and didn't really know what it wanted to be at the end.

It's true that Sachi's personality isn't really that pleasing all throughout but I think I like her for some reason, more than Aiko at least.
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she was best girl for me, i was never a fan of aiko.
File: Goodnight Punpun v12 p176.png (541KB, 1165x1600px)Image search: [Google]
Goodnight Punpun v12 p176.png
541KB, 1165x1600px

A normal adult would prefer Sachi since she was way more mature and realistic in her actions and goals, but Aiko will always have a special place in my heart since she is a mirror image of a friend I used to have.

Also she's as cute as a button!

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