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Okay so this is something that has been bugging me for quite some time.

Big producers are literally ripping off anime to make big budget movies/cartoons that earn a shit ton off money and literally nothing happens to them.

They can copy as much as they want and they never get sued.

I made a list to prove my point:

Battle royale/Hunger Games


Ghost in the Shell/Matrix

Perfect Blue/Black Swan

Urusei Yatsura/Star vs the forces of evil

Why the fuck do none of you care about that?

Can you imagine how much effort people like Rumiko Takahashi had to put in to publish anime out of japan?

This kind of shit makes my blood boil.
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>Why the fuck do none of you care about that?
There's nothing you can do about it. But in the case of Black Swan, Aronofsky literally bought the rights to Perfect Blue after Kon's death, so in a way, the film he made was legal.
>Star vs the forces of evil
I don't even know what that is.

You forgot about evangelion/pacific rim

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/a/, I literally can't watch non-Kyoani anime anymore.
Every time I do, I just think "well, how much better it would be by Kyoani". Subtle character motion, body language, background characters, pacing, character designs, everything. They really can't animate every show, aren't they?
Anyone here have the same problem?
Kyoani thread I guess.
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Funny, I'm the opposite. I can't watch KyoAni shows anymore because all I think is "This animation is amazing, but the plot is so empty that its just a huge waste of money."
who /droppedhibikes2/ here?

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Was Kishi REALLY going to kill Neji, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji originally?
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Given that only Neji had adequate development at that point I don't see why anyone would believe that to be a good idea.
Not a chance.
I would have liked to see Naruto constantly trying to justify Sasuke to the rest of genin had any of those actually died when he ran away though.
Yeah Neji and Shikamaru were a bit of a stretch but Kiba and Choji DEFINITELY died before plot armor kicked in

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ITT anime adaption better than the manga.
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Ga-Rei Zero

Koe no Katachi

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Translations fucking when? Pic related best girls.
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esdesu otp.png
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Kill yourself.
None because this series is edgy trash.

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Who is the best tsundere?
Pic related
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I don't think so
Best Tsunderie

Some anime studios new shows in 2017 that not announced yet(Source=New Type magazine):

ブレベ:4月が2本 10月以降が1本
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Leiden: 1 and 2 titles unpublished
Mad: With the theatrical release and previous plans, sequels and original
Millepanse: All three works sequel
Polypik: Family TV anime
Shirogi: 3 titles including non-TV
Brebe: Two in April and one in October
Feel: original and original work
Movie Studio: Planning a sequel after a long time
Zerozi: Mainly three titles
Seven: 2 TV series
Siebeck: You know everyone
Sunrise: New variety of Gundam
A-One: Original work
Gonso: 18 out of 17
Trigger: That director and such a director's plan
Shirin: I will focus on the original content
WIT: Unpublished work available
Eight bit: a sequel to a certain title
Color: Please expect a dragon dentist!
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oh yes.jpg
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>Eight bit: a sequel to a certain title

Only really interested in Trigger.

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>characters comment on MC's blonde hair because he's foreign/HalfJap.
>nobody comment on other characters with weird pink, blue, green hair
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>implying pink, blue or green hair isn't natural in nippon
>>nobody comment on other characters with weird pink, blue, green hair
Those are just shades of black. Lurk more.
Pink is a shade of brown hair though.

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> No mob psycho chapter

is One too busy with one punch man?
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he's too busy looking for his toilet paper (it's in his wallet)
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He finally realized that OPM is better than his Mob shitco crap. BASED Bones for showing him that no matter how much budget they put it Mob shitco will flop because it's shit.

Why can't pic related have the recognition it deserves?
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It has it.
1. it has it
2. it's not that good
> let's attract normalfags, this time it totally gonna work

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Director of the Japan Animation Creators Association, Osamu Yamasaki, Discusses Anime Industry's Working Conditions

desk fee? desk fee? wtf is that?
i wish they treat animators better than maybe we would get better anime.

"Maybe the anime industry needs to create a new business model" - I've heard this so many times, just do something about don't talk only.
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>desk fee? wtf is that?
The inbetween animators have to pay a fee to work at the studio. It's a roundabout way of the studio telling the animator to get good enough to pass the key animator test or quit.
>i wish they treat animators better than maybe we would get better anime.

No you wouldn't because your regular animator isn't the one deciding to adapt run-of-the-mill LN/manga or inserting elements that are designed to pander to the lowest common denominator tastes.
>Jap animator is worst job on the planet
So its nothing new or interesting.

>Maybe the anime industry needs to create a new business model
Why does it have to be the entire industry, why couldnt 1 studio do it?

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They haven't made a good Gundam show in 17 years.

That's just sad.
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Another worthless thread by a phonefag.
>Not good.
Giant robots are dumb anyway.

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How do we fix KyoAni and their shameless use of filtered photographs as backgrounds?
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Don't you mean traced photographs as backgrounds?
We've been having this thread too often. You have to let there be some downtime between them or people start to catch on and don't reply as easily.
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P.A. Works has the best backgrounds.

Not counting Pablo.

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She's easily one of the cutest girls in anime. I personally think she's cuter than the girl from Prisma Illya.
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sure! if you like chicks with dicks.
i recognize that elephant!, doesn't he suck the semen from their dicks iirc
How can they keep getting away with this when women nipples are usually half the tit? Is that a MTF?

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Why did she have to win? Is this what they call bitchdere?
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She didn't win you faggot.
Silver a shit. Her losing in the LN would the greatest thing ever.
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Silver a best. A BEST.

Orange a shit. A SHIT.

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