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Which studio makes the best background characters?
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I am convinced grumpy-chan is best hibike.
Can someone post the collage, please?
You don't have to pretend to make this something other than a KyoAni thread OP, this is a safe place.
>Daily KyoAnus circlejerk

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>passion project
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>multidimensional character
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>deconstruction of the genre
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/a/theist here

I like fedora 2 edgy memes

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>Wipe out the entire set of enemy servants aside from Saber Alter alone and yet still want to be summoned as a Lancer.

What did he mean by this?
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It means nothing. It means it was written solely to appeal to fans who had already seen previous works. Hallmark of creative and artistic bankruptcy.
He's the king of ONE ON ONE FAGGOT
I think it's pretty clear at this point that their artistic bankruptcy it's inverse to their actual assets. I would do the same thing,

Is this the magnum opus of incest anime?
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Too young
Yes since he actually fucked his actual sister instead of holding hands with some adopted slut or his whore cousin.
I'm not sure you know what magnum opus means...

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Post characters who'd be good fathers
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>go outside
>see these poor girls looking for something to eat

What do? What do you have that you can share with them?

I had uncooked pasta, some sausages and canned carbonara sauce, so someone had to do the cooking
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Well if they wouldn't mind nutria meat with secret cajun sauce then they can come to my place

We can have some fried catfish and loads of peas and mashed potatoes for dinner if they wanted to stay for the night
Bowl of eggs
Carbonara sauce comes in cans? News to me.

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This must be true.
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Don't fall for the DFC propoganda. Also, Kobeni has a nice fat butt.
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It's not. Look at this smile. See how more natural it becomes the face of a cute developed girl. Far more appealing than the stress face pettankos have all the time.
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Except this one has a fat chest herself.

What makes Spirited Away better than Your Name? Is it just as overrated, or does it deserve its #1 spot?
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>not even an oscar nomination
The only reason people like Spirited Away is for its visuals and monster designs. Beyond that, there is nothing enjoyable about the experience. There is no story in Spirited Away, and the soundtrack is awful. And that's saying something, since Miyazaki almost always makes stories about literally nothing. At least films like the Wind Rises and Howl's Moving Castle outperform this pile of shit. Glad to see it'll be going away to be replaced by a superior movie.
Disagree, about Spirited Away but

Arietty has no story and it made me mad.

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i think there more than friends lol

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name a better main character
pro tip: you can't
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literally every other MC is better
he is the absolute top don
>fucked the girl in his first guild
>fucked the loli with the dragon
>fucked the blacksmith girl
>fucked asuna bare times

meanwhile he saved like 4000 people by completing the game

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What went wrong?
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If anything, this retarded bait thread.

Kill yourself, OP.
lacks a story of them as a couple
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They didn't show Taiga and Ryuuji making love during that night.

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When was the last time you abandoned your physical body of flesh and blood, and became one with the Wired?
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When was the last time you fapped to Lain?
I dunno, a little bit ago, I guess.

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What the fuck was his problem?
>a hur dur i'm a retard
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Shittiest male character of the year. I'll pick up the LN when he dies.
well we cant really know why was he such an idiot since we dont know anything of his life before coming to Grimgar
but if he touches Mary im gonna fucking kill my self
Jokes on you, he was just pretending.

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drug addict aoba.png
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Is Aoba a drug addict?
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She's addicted to dick.
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that's not the face of a drug addict when they see a needle.
She's addicted to uranium enemas.

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You told me this was overrated shit.
But I watched it and it's actually alright.
Why do you tell hurtful lies, /a/?
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>You told me this was overrated shit.

That's a meme. Lurk moar.
Sometimes memes work in strange ways.
You must learn their subtle ways, OP.
Not OP, just wanted to say thank you for the Johan analyze!

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