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What went right?
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Mamoru getting cucked.
Not giving a shit and just doing whatever they thought would be fun.

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2016 seemed to be a big year for gyaru

What are your hopes for becoming popular in 2017?
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Sassy confident tomboys paired with confident male leads so we get competitive banter and blushing from both of them
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2017 is the year of the cock anon.

Now that the dust has settled
Who exactly was in the wrong here?
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The painting. Usami and Uchimaki are meant for each other.
dude just wanted to paint wafius and 3dpd kept fucking him up
What was her endgame?

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Did she die?
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She had her dick sounded by me.
She did when her author saw how far tumblrs took the whole "you can be anything you want" moral of the story. The author probably would have come up with some other ending today if they saw what was going on in the world.
Reminder that Ikuhara is a massive SJW.

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>your favourite manga's anime adaptation was lackluster

What's her name?

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toei can fuck themselves.
We just needed one more season
Air gear is such a fucking shit show. I didn't understand what the fuck was going on towards the end or even the ending.

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Who was this character's target demographic?
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13 year olds, just like the show
The cucks who love getting neglected(?)

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Who asked for this?
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i cannot even last 5 seconds on hentai dubs and then they want to do this.
Way to start the new year
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I think I did once, while I was drunk. It was mostly to see how bad it'd be.
>dub news

Who cares honestly

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Just finished reading this, thought it was really good and entertaining, although formulaic, but what can you expect from a sports shounen.
What does /a/ think of it? Who's your favorite character?

Shin a best, Maria a cute.
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I always thought of this as the Reborn of sports anime. Has good moments, but somehow never gets mentioned. Am I wrong? Was thing popular when it came out?
How new?

Eyeshield 21 was so popular here it got a sticky when the Christmas Bowl ended.
Formulaic how? Has better twists than Jojo and that shit is talked to death. Give it props for adding such tension and ridiculous twists to a game that should otherwise be no more interesting than highly-testosteroned males smashing their bodies into one another

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>Macross Frontier had constant threads after it aired
>Delta finishes and there are no more threads

Was Detla a mistake? Also, this is a Macross thread for good Macross shows and OVAs. No Delta allowed. Macross II is definitely allowed.

Thread theme song:

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>Was Delta a mistake?
>No Delta allowed.
Delta was shit, mate. Having an idol band was a mistake. Windfags were a mistake. Only thing not a mistake was Pika-chan and Shinpi
Delta just wasn't good. I seriously won't touch Macross again until Kawamori is gone or is just handling mechanical designs.

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thinking of starting ergo proxy is it as good as it seems
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Kinda, it's rather pretentious and gets its head too deep up its own ass sometimes, but it's a pretty solid show nonetheless
im half expecting that.. i'm mainly wondering how the actions scenes are and how badass vincent law is on screen.. his whole ergo proxy form thing is delicious
It seems good?

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This Anime is almost a literal 10/10 for me. Raki and ending, the only two thinks that are holding it back.
It hit all the right spots for me
>all female characters
>somewhat serious tone
And that's just in general. Everything was executed almost perfectly.
I finished watching it a month ago and since can't bring myself to watch other anime knowing they'll never be as good. It's suffering.
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It was pretty good, the animation could have been better but the plot was entertaining.

Definitely improved a lot when Raki was gone. I read that it was better in the manga where he actually becomes a badass.
Is this your tenth anime or something? It's a mediocre adaptation of a decent manga, nothing exceptional whatsoever.
It was the Attack on Titan of the 2000s.

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What happened to MT?
Where am I supposed to get Haikyuu!! chapters now?
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Hasn't it been years since MT died? Where have you been?
Welcome to 2013 or so, anon.
Did you just wake up from a coma?

They've been gone for years

Just finished this. Did it sell like shit? Because honestly, I wouldn't mind another season. It's very rare for me to find a harem series where I don't hate any of the girls. (especially in regards to the "main" girl)
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Celestia a best. A BEST.
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SMnB - 002.jpg
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You must have posted the wrong picture by accident, also, you spelled her name wrong.
Best girl didn't get enough screentime

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Emilia is the most beautiful main heroine of the 00's. You can't post a prettier one.
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We're in the 10's
My bad. Still, is there better?
She's cute, but she's no Rem or Ram.

Do you think Yui is emotionally manipulative? Will she do a Setsuna if she sees she's going to lose the 8bowl?
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Read vol 11 and see that she is a kind girl. She is not manipulative and cares deeply for 8man outside of romance prospects.

Yui isn't selfish and willing to stop on people's feelings like Setsuna.
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Iroha a best. A BEST.
Why do you still have these threads? You're just torturing yourself.

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