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Can we pretend that Hibike 2 is AOTY by just ignoring 1-4 places in /a/ official AOTY contest?
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Kumiko is best girl at least
I demand a recount. Clearly the votes were hacked by Russians.

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It's out here:

It's the only page for this omake chapter, there aren't any more.
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While we're at it, I'll dump the New Year special chapter for the people that missed it.
Can't believe I missed it. If only I knew… I'm the guilty one here.

>Chloe in her piebald yukata.
>Miki wearing a yukata and all smiles.
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And this concludes the special chapter, and in the same time the dumping.

What's Rapeman doing? He still hasn't released the main chapter in English. This makes it he's behind three chapters right now.

>Lionesses above Big Awoo, one of them flying a kite that looks like an anomalocaris.
>Miki stripping and playing cards with Chloe.
>Kurumi sharing the table with molerats.
>Sloth sleeping under the kotatsu. (Does't it have a heating under it?)
>Chimp and Koala doing the preparations for the mochi IIRC.

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What did worst girl mean by this?
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She asked you to stop posting this meme gently.
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That´s a signal.

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What was the best animu fight of 2016?
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First Kizu fight
Cocona vs Papika in the desert
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What is wrong with her?
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>What is wrong with her?
She is dead
No spine.

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Ohhhhhhhhh we got this in da bag, boys! Best girl winning!!! These feels, mang... is this real life! I can already see the perfect ending, next episode is the deitooooo. Let's go, fellas, this Ruri thread is a go!
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Sure, man. Sure.
I hope you enjoy it.
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If only OP, if only
you poor poor newfag.

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Apart from this, I can't think of anything else.
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Strike Witches
That wasn't harem. It's like calling Kantai a harem.
Not a harem and also Perrine.

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Anime characters that did nothing wrong
Pic related
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She's Broken my Blade, if you know what I'm saying.
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you lost me
She is hot, totally would be a top choice for a one night stand, totally not wife material though. Still can believe she is the main heroine, mc not giving up on her is just dumb, maybe he will when he finally get to bang her, I would totally dumb her afterward. Only watch the anime didn't read the manga so don't even bother trying to explain why she marry the king, cause all those reason don't cut it for me no matter what they are.
Should I read the manga

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Have any really memorable anime come out in the last 5 years? I mean something iconic, something that left a big splash like Code Geass, Haruhi, Gurren Lagann or even something like Steins;Gate. I know there were stuff like the JoJo adaptations and Ping Pong but JJBA has been around for decades and Ping Pong wasn't even that popular anyway.

I'm out of the loop now but I've noticed a lot of regular viewers hold this opinion too. Do you think people who used to be teens in the 2000s are just growing up and their tastes have become more exclusive, or is the current anime industry actually stagnant and bland? Or am I just full of shit and have a lot of good series come out?
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kill la kill
>Asking this question
>Kimi no ni wa literally just got declared #1 2d animation film in China ever
Memorable for me seems different than what's memorable for you. You could probably just look at what's top rated on MAL for that time frame, those are typically the "biggest" titles for the mainstream fanbase. Kimi no na wa for example.

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Do millennials on /a/ truly believe that being Satou is the worst it gets?
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He's the worst it gets without character having to become a hero to get a good end and not being the hero was the whole fucking point.
It can always get worse. Satou is at least fit and healthy (physicaly). He has no social status but all of his basic needs (neets?) are met, and is in no risk of getting involved in a war or a gang.
The only millenials that understand suffering are the ones that went through it themselves. Maybe this is good. It means that there are people out there who don't know what daddy or mommy issues are, or who think homelessness is something like an episode of Gintama.
I don't know if I'm a millenial but I think Satou (was that his name? Now I associate it with the crazy old man from Ajin) has it easy. He's a depressive idiot and a lazy fuck, his problems are really psychological, his life isn't that bad.

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>OP by nano.ripe
Where does this happen?
No really, I love both of them.
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>OP by Ali Project

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Do any of these guys actually get along
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Gil is best boy
Gil and rider are bros

Can we have a QUALITY thread?
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Maximum QUALITY thread.
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You know it, bro.

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>This is a 14y old japanese girl.
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Strike the Sayaka!
Himeragi a shit.
Threadly reminder.

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