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You hear it, you lose
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Everybody out

What's the most boring anime you've ever seen?
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OP's favourite anime
Giant Robo.

The most dull steaming pile of shit I have ever seen. I am amazed that people say that this idiotic thing is popular.

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Hey guys, making a new thread for the finished TL of S1 of 4 Cut Hero. You can get chapters 1-50 from http://www.lezhin.com/en/comic/4cuthero , so I left them out of the zip. Someone else can rip them if they want though.

For those who don't know what 4 cut hero is, it's Manwha about a fantasy comedy about a hero fresh after killing the demon lord that ends up dealing with a cursed dragon capable of destroying nations. Lots of comedy gags and perverted characters. It's a hot mess so I won't go into it more than that.

For your own sakes, read using index.html/viewer.html. Unless you have a continuous image viewer that knows 1 comes after 2 and not 10, you're going to get shit out of order in addition to cut off images.
dl: https://mega.nz/#!sAwHGTJR!iU0rQ5H4zxFKGzIcBCtQJV2XbCMA1w-_m4ItvvPANrc
pw: ripanon

BTW, there hasn't been any update for the Korean one either in ~4 months.

in b4 gtfo gook shit, complaining just keeps the thread alive longer because you're baiting responses.
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Dragons also tend to be weird.
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Quite a few manga/anime references.
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Forgot to mention, the download includes chapters 51-100. Last rip was 36-80. Too lazy to chop it up for 80-100.

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How does an anime about homos get so popular?

I thought Japan was an extremely close minded country, free of degeneracy?
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Japs were always degenerate fucks.

Two nukes weren't enough.
Go back to >>>/pol/.
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Try harder.

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Was 2016 one of the greatest years in anime history?
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Not a single thing I watched was any good. Maybe if the movies end up being masterpieces, but I'm doubtful.
Definitely in the top 50.
2016 was actually very bad.

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>Regarded as a critique and deconstruction of the mecha genre

Does this mean that I won't get it if I've never watched anime before? I thought I'd give it a shot, but I don't know anything about anime. Maybe I should start with Cowboy Bebop instead.
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Of course you're not supposed to watch it, no one rikes it.
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Worst anime ever, it's just a remake of every Gachimuchi anime ever except with hot girls instead of Leathermen.
If you have a basic understanding of the mech genre It's not that difficult, it's just teenage guys piloting huge robots.

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she isn't wrong
YOUBY is the future.
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We can all agree on this.
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I think we can all agree that you should kill yourself.
That's not very nice or anime and manga related. How would your choices have differed from our council's?
I agree with none but I'd accept Mononoke at least.

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How does this make you feel?
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Reminds me of ExistenZ.
Not fluffy enough

Shit, is the movie out?

KNIM is a 10/10, also why is Rin best girl?
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>KNIM is a 10/10,
giving it a 4 would be generous
>also why is Rin best girl?
She's a cheap whore with a really good body, and tends to get her tits or ass out every 5 pages
You would honestly rate KNIM a 4? Really? Despite having read plenty of manga I have yet to find a manga that actual makes the romance believable with such amazing side characters as well.
the mc became such a shit head i stopped reading. never before or since has a harem mc practiced such faggaotry. even the passive and bland as fuck mcs from your dime a dozen harem series were less rage inducing.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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A lot, which is why I prefer the aestetics of cel animation.
None, I'm gay.
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This show is beautiful

Is this a 70's shojo thing or a Dezaki thing?

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Keion. LNshit must die.

Haruhi, K-on was shit.
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Obviously I'd choose to be with my wife.

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Just finished marathoning this, enjoyed it immensely.

Is it really true that Rem somehow died on the way back to the capital, her existence was erased so no one remembers her, and the save point moved to where Subaru can never save her? I seem to have heard other stuff that contradicts this. If it's true, that's a real dick move by the author.
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>enjoyed it

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Yes unfortunately

finnaly someone with an honest wholesome opinion of Re:Zero

too many new fags these days thinking it's cooler than cigarettes to shit on this show
>Just finished marathoning this, enjoyed it immensely.

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Which Ama would you gami?
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To my corecshion.
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sex hair = trash

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ITT: Anime and manga that only sick fucks enjoy.
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The anime was pretty fun to watch alongside /a/ with all the otaku shaming stuff in it.
I agree. I didnt mind the incest too much either
We all know you faped to every episode anon.

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