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Why did Saiki go out of character and say "offu" at the end of chapter 214?
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Because Teruhashi is so deluded that it took him out of surprise.
He knew she was stupid/self confident to a fault, but he didn't expect it to be so bad.

I don't get why some people got upset about it.
It's a breach of the status quo, that's all.

At least Teruhashi didn't hear it.
It was his first speech bubble. The author could have saved it for something more significant.

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looks deformed as fuck so it must be the K-on retard
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Who is the useless character in part 4 and why Okuyasu?
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>Literally saves Josuke in the second to last episode.

Please go die.
He is the most saved character from the whole series till part 4 at least.
Hazamada is way more useless, I dot even know why he was in Great Days

Just watched Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi, thought it was decent.
Can't find anything (light novels, etc.) else.
Gimme what you got. /a/, you're my only hope
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ookami rape.jpg
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Ookami a shit.

Used goods.
>Women gets raped
>Make fun of her

I don't think this really happens. It makes no sense.
>Can't find anything (light novels, etc.)
Google it.

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Has a mom ever won a bowl in which her daughter was also competing?
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No one won the Novabowl because he's dead.

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The worst studio
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The fuck you saying about GODakobo?
I said they're bad
As always, OP is a faggot.

Okay, pretty damn late to this party, I know, but please bear with me here...

I just got around to finishing the Hope's Peak finale arc and I have got to say... This shit was pure garbage.

Throughout the entire thing, I felt like I was watching some B-rate battle anime that belongs on 4Kids... How the hell can this be called "Danganronpa"? The main themes of the game were the trials, investigation, and logical easoning to find out who dunnit. And yet ALL of that is missing in this mockery of a finale!

I was severely disappointed in this final chapter of the Hope's Peak saga, and I completely regret watching it.

But I wanted to hear it from others before I never look back. What did you guys think? Were you as disappointed as I was? Or did you honestly think it was a worthy end for the saga? I would love to hear your thoughts!
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Everyone agrees that it was hot garbage. The best thing about it were the threads on /a/ and the memes it spawned. Sorry you missed out friendo.
That's just how things are when you compare a VN to an anime adaptation. Especially so for things that revolve around mysteries. You can put 15-30 hours into a Danganrompa VN easily. Compressing that down to a 1-cour, 12 episode series just isn't going to work well. There just isn't enough time to go into detail for the mysteries.
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I just like to pretend that it never happened.

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Can anyone really blame her for what she did? Love is a powerful thing.
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only moralfags

homu did nothing wrong desu

I agree, it also gives the author an excuse to continue the story. Who wouldn't want to bed Madoka? She is the purest of them all.
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Can anyone really blame him for what he did? Simple math is a powerful thing.

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>Jotaro gets time stop just because, no real explanation
>Dio dies because his leg gets punched really hard
>Not from an actual weakness like sunlight or hamon, leg punch

This final fight was ass. Cry all you want about the ambulance in part 4 but at least there was an explanation.
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It's a gag series you dumbfuck.
>expecting anything more from reddit crusaders
Aren't gag series supposed to be funny? If they were aiming for "it's so shit it's funny" then they failed.

So /a/, what's the Evangelion of anime?
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epic thread OP
Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World
Evangelion, it is that deep.

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DO mangakas watch the anime adaptations of their manga??
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Japaneses are blind, they can't watch anything.
Most of them do as far as I am aware.
Why wouldn't they

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I'm going to post this chapter from a manga about a middle schooler reincarnated into another world. It's not translated, but there's barely any text anyway.
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Best girl(man) of 2017
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Is this even an anime, I thought it was just some shitty microtransaction filled mobile game.
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Gelt, you magnificent bastard! You became the little girl!

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>I like re:zero
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Who are you quoting?

How do we stop the damn fujos from taking over the industry?
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Spend more than them.
Bara anime.
but fujos are less likely to be neets than their male counterparts

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