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Why do people generally think about this show?
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People either love it or hate it. To be honest it's about a 6 or 7 out of 10.
It's sure above average anime, I'd rate it as solid 7/10
I personally loved it, and will miss it

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That is not proper behavior at school.
Holy shit I thought only I saw that show...

Post single frame things.
Subtle jokes, fanservice, whatever you like. It just has to be hidden within 1-2 frames.
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Do we have to?
Don't fucking tell me what to do.
what is this? pleb central?

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She is a very bright girl and NOT stupid
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Thoka is stoopid.
Who is Thoka?
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>Walk into room
>See this
What do?

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>These are 10 years old
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I started watching Shuppuden when it was at episode 52 or something. Now it's like on episode 485 or something.

5cm/s is 10 years old? The other ones feel like it
That thing between Darkrai and Nodame can't be ten years old, since it doesn't exist. Same with the bottom left.

Have you ever gotten chills from watching anime?

Pic related.
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First time Goku goes SSJ.
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angry haydee.png
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>tfw your sister has the biggest tits

what is the point
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She is 3DPD.
>Sword Art Online
Isn't Suguha COUSIN?
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Still better than NBR

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1 punch man.
what a silly game

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I want Yukina to ride my black relic.
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This was one of the better anime of 2016 yet it gets no love at all.
It was the only worthwhile mecha of 2016, that's for sure.
It was a lot of to watch this show, thought it was great comedy.

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>little girl marries an adult man
Why isn't this allowed?
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You need to stop.
Stop what?
I like your tenacity, but you really should try to include something to discuss in the OP.

Anyway it's not allowed because the world just isn't ready for it.
manga was about to get axed too, had to hurry it up.

I think KnJ is more notable for it being about teachers and stuff than the loli romance. I work in a school so it's interesting to see something like that written about. I don't know many other manga about teaching/teachers as much as this. Especially elementary school teachers too. Even when a teacher is the MC of an anime it's really more about their relationships with their students than other teachers, I'm glad the relationships between the teachers got a lot of focus too. Not only that but a lot of characterization and development.

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What have you been watching/rewatching in between seasons anons? Is it any good?
I'm watching pic related for the first time to get ready for the second season.
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Rewatching Zeta Gundam, BD rips this time.

Holy shit, everyone is stupider than I remembered.
I've never watched any Gundam before but I really want to, which series would be a good jumping in point? (Other than the very beginning obviously)
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Started watching Gintama for the first time, I really wish I had known about this show earlier it's some good shit

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>Choose this at random off of MAL
>Good (but slightly hard to follow) premise and plot
>Decent protagonist and cool female lead, good chemistry between them
>Great supporting cast
>Good animation
>Great fight scenes
>One drab, dull, protagonistsexual robot of a girl who gets a quarter of the series' screentime for no reason whatsoever

Honestly this show could have been legendary if not for fucking Kazumi. What is this obsession among writers with putting in a character with zero personality just to serve as a rival love interest? Everyone else in the series has something that makes them who they are. Shana is proud, brash and outspoken. Yuji is kind and always puts others first. Even the minor characters like Tanaka and Makaze have tons of personality. Kazumi's only trait is that she loves Yuji. Why did the writers focus so much on her when they had a great cast to work with?
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Worst girl won. Shana a SHIT.

Yoshida a BEST.
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People only watch for Shana, anyways.

Mai waifu for 10 years and counting.
finish all of the seasons you fucking pleb

I want to like this series but I can't. It's very pretentious, don't you agree?
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You have to be 18 to post on 4chan
you just watch it for the colors because they are pretty
Pray tell OP what is your understanding as to the meaning of this word?

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They're never gonna make another Ar Tonelico anime, are they.
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Series is done and Gust has forgotten how to make anything that isn't yuri pandering.
>AT is done forever
>Instead we'll be getting atelier who-the-hell-cares-anymore every year or so until the end of time

Life is unfair sometimes.
I don't know why, but something about Aurica's design screams 'NTR bait' to me.

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When do they get together?
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When the series get axed
When they both end up in hell at the end of the series
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Anime fucking when?

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