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Anyone else read this? I'm a couple volumes in and I'm enjoying it. It's a cute way to spend some time, and I love thick housewives
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Nigga, the translator dumps new chapters every once in a while here.
Neat, didn't know that. I just didn't seen anything in the catalog and wanted to talk about it some.
I just want the chapter with pregnant fatty wife translated already.

how much value do you put into visual direction?
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inb4 people start talking about "the camera" and "camera angles" while discussing anime
Reminder that you shouldn't vote kira for best villain. Jojofags deserve this.
Usually high but I'd rather have a good and cohesive plot with nice character development.

So something like 5/7 to plot and characters and 2/7 to visuals.

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When did she pick up her pizza habit? Will she get tired of pizza and move on to a new food eventually?

So many questions to be answered in R3
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AS long as we get to see more CC it is enough
Wasn't it implied she was in Europe 500 ago?
She probably started liking pizza then
Is pizza that old?

Just a friendly reminder this fine maiden popped out the first dragon-babby
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Why Akewhore is a hooker slut
Something is very off

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What did they mean by this?
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Fresh fruits are good for you?
Also, sweet cake.
I liked all the 3DPD Ako eyecatchers

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what is that supposed to be? I have an idea but if I'm right then you can hear like 4 songs
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Who should win the Kodakabowl?
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That thing on the left isn't even a girl though.
Rika, the girl MC actually likes.
>He doesnt know

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Why did Jojo stick his butt out?
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Because Araki could. That's literally the only reason. Because a human body can make such a pose...
it was araki testing the waters for where he wanted to take his artstyle
because he's the best jojo.

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>Nanashi no Asterism

Chapter 17 is out.
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>only one chapter left and then no more chapters for months because the guys scanlating it only scan the volumes
Being an EOP must be suffering.
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Isn't it online published?
Yes, but they will only scan the volumes.

Do yourself a favor son and read the raws.


AOTY has arrived.
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>first show to air in 2017
>already AOTY
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>first show of the season
Maybe shitposters will keep the thread alive.

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/a/ is talking about the end of wolfsmund for some days but I can only find up to volume 7

Where fuck is the volume 8?
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what a qt
nice nips
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Wolfram did nothing wrong.

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Also, what were your favorite anime of 2016? Mine would probably be Mob Psycho, Luluco, and Flip Flappers.
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TV: 6/9
Movie+OVA: 4/8
Answer for the question: Shouwa Genroku
No 3x3 but same 2016 favorites.
Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni, Koe no Katachi, Crayon Shin-chan 24, Mirai shorts, Mob Psycho, Chi's Sweet Home OP

3/9 TV
2/7 OVA
5/9 Movie

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What did /a/ think? Saw on the 2ch ranking thread that back in 2012 it didn't even make it to /a/'s top 20 but it was 2ch #2.

Did anyone notice how much the characters failed at most of the things they did and wanted to do?

Even at the end when Wakana was throwing the coin into the wishing thing she missed, I'm genuinely worried for the future of these children.
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Fat tits Hayami horse bitch was the best.
Unironically much better than hibike.
Love the soundtrack so, so much.

That Hayamin.

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Give me some valid reasons as to why Umaru was shit.
It was comfy, cute, and fun to watch. I don't see any real reason why it gets so much hate from some of you.
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People who hate Umaru just hate shit taste. She's cute, the show is amusing, and everything is cute and nice.
The show is fine

It's actually you that /a/ hates

Now kill yourself
Because i'm not retared or underage

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Goddamn, beginning of Samurai Flamenco is so fucking good, I love it.
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> beginning
Whole Samumenco is fucking good. You are watching a great show, anon.
Enjoy it while it lasts, as much as the fanboys want to deny it, it went to shit around episode 9
I've just started, and I fucking love it, the SoL scenes and characters are great.

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