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>a 7/10 animu is considered the /a/OTY
Why /a/ have such a shit taste?
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I like the ending but the show was meh
It's not like there was anything better than a 7/10 this year

FliFla was a 5/10 at best though
I dont like the ending but the show was fantastic.

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It's truly sad times we live in when you can't tell if posts like these are trolling or not.
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I would never troll on /a/

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Its time we practice our shitposting and prepare pastas to ironically shit on upcomming AOTS by GoHands, which will be Handshakers


I`ll start:
lol filters
lol cgi
lol forced animation
lolis are not loli enouth
random plot
overuse of buzzwords
lol filters
reused soundtrack
is this cgi?
lol filters
lol filters
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this looks pretty good
I mean I enjoyed K so I'm pretty hyped for this.

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Can't rape the willing.
Yes, on a purely physical level. Her mind broke because she couldn't properly rationalize that fact with the horrible circumstances that led to it happening.
Came here to post this.

When will KyoAni make an anime with lolis as main characters?
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never. nobody likes lolis
Never. Lolis are garbage and they do not sell merchandise.

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Someone post some webms of the fight
Nah SP added in way too much sasuke wank that wasn't even in the manga
who cares...

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Is there anywhere we can make a betting pool for guessing how the next movie will end? My money is on magic going away forever and all the girls living normal lives.
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Also Homura impregnating Madoka with twin daughters
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Madoka and Homura begin their ascent up the stairs to heaven as Mami and the others battle the wraiths/witches/whatever bullshit that threatens the universe due to god and the devil taking on human form.

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It's finally been uploaded
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the only ost i need https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NkrKFrKaDA

>[HorribleSubs] Nobunaga no Shinobi - 14 [1480p].mkv
Second cours with new opening.
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deader than dead
did she cut every anon
forgot her name
O-Kichou is best girl!
Good thing that I remembered to check if anything new had come out already.

Was furi kuri the most perfect mecha parody of its time?
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On a related note, are there any other notable mecha parodies?
>On a related note, are there any other notable mecha parodies?

Full Metal Panic (Fumoffu)
Maybe Patlabor

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2017 is gonna be her year
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too bad the first season sucks. falling asleep mid way through the first episode.
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Can I get left with horns? Otherwise still left. Less clothing is less appealing desu.
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Hunter x Hunter is a deconstruction of the action shounen genre.
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Deconstruction is an overused phrase to the point that it no longer has a meaning.
It's refreshing to have an MC who can be a kid but still at least come with a brain and not only that but be cutthroat as fuck when the time comes.
Your opening string of text is a deconstruction of a good thread

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This is generic as fuck. It's basically the Titanic of anime.
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Of course Koe no Katachi by based Kyoani (saviors of anime) is miles better :^)
This anohana design is hideous.

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This isnt a "Light did nothing wrong" or "Who was right" thread.

Mainly I just want to point out Light's resolve. Just how dedicated he was to his goal and mission.

He believed what he was doing was his right to do and he never ever faltered on that belief.

What made him so driven? Was it ever explained?
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He was just drunk with power. If he stopped, then he would have had to live a normal life, or had Ryuk end his life early. There was no going back,
>What made him so driven?
Egotism, probably. It takes him one day with the Death Note to decide that he's going to make himself a god.
he was a intense guy and found people boring, he only interacted with people in order to benefit himself in some way. I think changing the world excited him as it was discussed in the opening episode that life bored him; the deathnote offered a escape and a exciting chance to match wits with the best detective in the world.

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