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What is she so surprised about /a/?
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m-my big benis ;))
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No S3 ever.
Yuki-chan getting a S2.

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Dagashi Kashi proves that good design lasts you longer than good content.
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Hypnosis thread? Hypnosis thread.

too bad director had to be sayafag and we didn't get good anime
The anime was awful. The manga is fun though.

reminder SAO will never stop winning
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Literal rigged polls
suprised Tanya actually beat Rem
memes aside what makes you think they're rigged? those rankings are more or less what you'd expect given the relative popularity of the series the winning characters are in, with a few surprises

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This is some Chinese-Bootleg level anime right here, Why people always defending P.A works?
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Heh,almost forget about this anime.

i drop it right after episode 4,spoil me anons,is the boy really gay?and how story goes?
idk but that girl is cute.
Is this the south americans thread?

Is this supposed to be satire of SoL/CGDCT?
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Too old to be satire. CGDCT was a fledging baby genre in 2007.
Not satire, but the standard to or above which all newer CGDCT should aim.
it was weird but not exactly satire.

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>let's take a 4koma series
>now let's turn it into an anime
when has this ever been a good idea?
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Pretty much every time it has happened
It worked for K-ON!
Azumanga? Kill me baby?

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So apparently one of the new canon Star Wars books is being adapted for an Eastern audience

Thoughts on this?
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Star Wars sucks dick but that brown girl looks cute.
>even more SW shit
Just end it already.
Could be cool. I really enjoyed that book

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so why does this show get praised, exactly? can anyone explain to me why I should be impressed by the ridiculous editing (fuck all those 1 second flashes of random words), meaningless cinematography, and nonsensical dialogue?

am I stupid or is this show really just boring and random? tell me the other monogatari shows aren't like this.
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Those flashes are too keep you from falling asleep on the dialogue. They talk for a long time.
>am I stupid or is this show really just boring and random?

If you find yourself ever asking a question like this, it means you're stupid.

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>TFW I have a thing for liking warrior hero and mentor archetypes in anime

Does that make me gay with shit taste? Or do I have good taste
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>enjoying a trope instead of a well written character
>can't enjoy archetypes
You mean like the aniki type? The big guy in the group? That's normal. No one likes the typical beta male MC anyway.

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Is this the BOTS? (Butthole of the season)
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New episode tomorrow right?
Can't wait for Sakura to start selling her body.
Nobody would hire her services.

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That's not Monkey.
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Tsukihi deserves more than one reply.
That's not Kaiki

Uh oh! Looks like Diana really did it now! I wonder what she could have said to rile Akko up so badly?
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>What's that, Borislava?
>You want to hold hands?
Diana is going to be put with the other kulaks where she belongs!
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Will give $20 on paypal for some quality little witch buttholes.

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This shit is never getting an actual anime, is it?
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Only pachinko.

Why is Chihaya green and not blue? I can't accept this.
Someday anon. Someday.

Why didn't Ryuko just light the life fibers on fire?
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If they had tried that in the show it just wouldn't have burned. Is what I was about to say but then I remembered that Senketsu burned up in the show so yeah, what the fuck.
Kill la Kill was basically a higher budget Inferno Cop, I don't see any point in picking holes in the story.
Life fibers are only susceptible purple justice fire. Conventional fire is utterly ineffective.

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>evil (female)
>she got pair of large tits

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Not sure which part of this you have an issue with
lust is a sin and breasts spur lust
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Because Flat is Justice, and Oppai is the opposite of flat, making it Evil.

Big Milkers=Big Evil

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