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I feel like the distance between the two of us is growing, anon.
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I've seen this posted daily for like the past 3 years or something and I still don't know who or what it is
right click image, hit s
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Why are you lying? I haven't posted in a while.

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So after 4 chapters, what you expect from this?
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Not a single fuck given.
MC killing dinos with a katana

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What an absolute masterpiece. Amazing seiyuu, a deep mature multi-layered story, engaging content, host of characters and a strong satisfying finish.

Rakugo Shinjuu is up there with the likes of Hyouge Mono and Tatami Galaxy.

That aside, it's 25 episodes but feels like much longer. There is no Deen quality anywhere to be seen.

Truly a pleasure to watch.

When I saw Shinnosuke after the time-skip he was the spitting image of Yakumo Hachidaime. Yakumo... couldn't really have... with Konatsu. I mean, it would be a neat ending with Sukeroku and Yakumo lineages mixing together, but how... really?
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Deeply boring, and uninteresting.
I'm still surprised at how a show couldn't come up with an even remotely interesting plot point in 20+ episodes.static animation, shallow characters, and usagi drops all over again.

Actually thinking back the only intersting thing to ever happen in this show was to how ww2 effected bon as a young man, and they completely ruined it. These worst then amatuers did a bunch of telling and not showing, narrating how the war effected bon instead of just showing us, and nothing comes of it, resolved in an episode. There one chance to create interesting drama and it's wasted with a boring mundane slide show and old man narration.

wow this was terrible, i kind of feel bad for the 30 anons on this board who pretended to like it.
The NTR was funny.
It's not bound by cliche. I think that's why it was a bit of a fresh air or something different. It wasn't my top but it gave me some idea of what anime can be with good source material. The show seems like it was made by a writer rather than a mangaka or a LN author.

What does /a/ think of Boogiepop?
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I like these kinds of series. It's something you barely see nowadays anymore.
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For reallll that art style and like melodramatic spooky hazy feel is gone and now all we have is bullshit cgi, err1 trppin noe a days too, Just watching hella shit Netflix anime. I can't no more b.

You got niggas on Instagram flexing insecurity and anime, I can't fuckin stand these 2k newfags n shit I'm 23 rn so I don't know much. But I do know that we lost the steeze in anime years ago.

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Where's the second season?
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I ask this question every day.
wasn't there a movie somewhere?
>literally self-insert anime for fatfucks

Gas yourselves

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Is this just a meme show or is it actually any good?

I saw it suggested after finishing Texhnolyze
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Some call it amazing, other call it pretentious, the rest just stop giving a fuck. One thing is sure is everyone is dumbfounded after watching it the first time. But even if you call it pretentious, it's made by actually well read pretentious faggots.
If you finished texhnolyze, then you could probably get through lain. The show is only good if you finish it. Not to say its terribly boring, just feels really long. Ending worth it though.
Alright well that sounds good enough to press ahead


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>goku's first true rival
>training non-stop ever since dragonball. Trains harder than Goku, Piccolo or Vegeta
>Always there to lend a helping hand in every arc and actually proves useful.

>some robot and manlet can take on SSJB

Just how uber powerful will Tienshinhan be compared to the scrubs?
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I think it's pretty much canon at this point that he bottoms for Chiaotzu
>Powerlevels don't matter anymore
>Tien still isn't relevant

Cell arc was the last time for people to actually stand out
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We have enough jobbers to raise the stakes,Tien is slot filler

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Am I the only one that liked the Tsuneki arc? It's pretty romantic to meet the love of your life again years later.

Plus it was the only arc that was even remotely memorable. I'll bet most viewers can't even remember the other two girls names by now but Tsuneki won't be forgotten.
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Tsuneki is the only good seiren.
all that spic semen
Slutneki a shit.

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Have people here seen Kaiba? Thoughts? Just finished it tonight. Seems to be relatively underwatched/obscure, but an INCREDIBLE masterpiece from Masaaki Yuasa.
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The first half was amazing with its episodic format. The lighthouse episode still gives me chills. The second half felt very weak to me, primarily because I couldn't be arsed to give a flying shit about the resistance leader wannabe/unrecruited crush-chan/nerd who transferred himself into a robot/clone triplets/edgy clone. And the memory eating plant ended up being quite underwhelming too, even though it was somewhat hyped to be the final boss.
Yeah, I enjoyed the first half better, and felt the format of the second half would have worked better if it had a bit more time to develop and be told. Honestly I'd still give it a 10/10, or at the very least a 9.5/10 just because of HOW good the first 75% of it was. And not to say the rest was bad by any standards, but just not AS good.

Kichi wasn't the same person as the clone triplets/Dada-sama though.
It was ok.

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1/2 TV
3/3 Movie
1/2 Anime
1/2 movie

This is a really fun comedy
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I might as well watch it.
You should
yeah its the under rated masterpiece of the season, but /a/ has shit taste so I doubt you're going to find a lot of people willing to talk about it.

Worst anime of this season holy shit JC staff. Did they just feel like wasting money? Who was the target audience for this shit
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I like it
I can't see how, the characters are all retarded. Blue girl is generic as fuck. Animation is a slide show. They couldn't even animate a whole OP video for the song. The transformation was shit and the villains are retarded looking.
Yeah but I get to listen to MAO and Kayano Ai

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they cut some odd bits out for this episode, the titan that reminded connie of his mom that talked and the can of herring ymir found.

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You're dense. Did you even watch it?
The mother titan 'was' in the episode. They did sort of brush off some of the conversayions related to it though. The tale end of the Ymir scene was shown, with Reiner reacring to her being able to read. They probably plan on having a flashback to show the whole thing with context after Ymir reveals her Titan Shifter ability
must of missed the ymir bit then meh, the skipped dialog about the mother titan was what i was getting at yeah.

What's the deal with Kemono Friends? Why did some anime obviously made with a 5 yen and a cup of ramen budget became some popular? it is actually good or just "I like it ironically so I can post memes on my twitter XD"
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kill yourself go to the containment thread
I don't want more of this shitty series to have threads
It's good.

Every season has a hidden gem.

Do we know this season's yet?

(Picture related? I have no idea, I just grabbed a random one.)
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They use SD too much
Use what?

Super Deformed, I would assume.

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