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Would you let your son dress like this?
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Jesus Christ this girl does not deserve the amount of bullying anons give her, hardly a days goes by where there's not a bullying thread posted about her either calling her ugly or a skeleton or whatever.

What a load of assholes.
It doesn't help that krulucishit is a lying, cheating, disgusting whore that tries to steal Lux from the more deserving Lisha-sama.

She thinks she is some hot shit with that "body" of hers. Krul needs to fuck off and get raped by real men.
I would insist on it.

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So apparently one of the new canon Star Wars books is being adapted for an Eastern audience

Thoughts on this?
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Is the brown chick the same one from the Battlefront II campaign trailer?
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No. This is Ciana Ree, the captain of the crashed Star Destroyer from the beginning of the Force Awakens trailer.

The battlefront girl is a new character all together. The leader of a new imperial special forces group
>manga/anime adaptions of western properties
That never turns out good

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Is she smoking tobacco?
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Why are KyoAni designs so perfect?

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> Before the start of the anime's story, the "local heroine fighter" of a certain city became popular and a national star. Because of this, "local heroines" debuted in various other places, and their action live events became a hit trend nationally.
>The anime is set in Hinano City, a tranquil area that cultivates fruits, but has lost its vitality. For the town she loves, high school girl Misaki Shirogane and other girls become local heroines (at the urging of Misaki's aunt, the prefectural governor) and vow to produce action live events. The teen story depicts their strenuous efforts to revitalize their town
So it's not by Shaft. Keizō Kusakawa is directing so it will probably be Diomedéa
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Pretty obvious even from the first preview that it was Diomedea. Those character designs, man.
Banana-chan best girl desuwa.
Is this yuri?

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Oh boy, it's another mysterious character who rambles on about fuck all in an empty room.

Can I fast forward past her scenes?
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>Making a RahXephon thread

Get the fuck out, fool. You're about to have everything spoiled to you.
No worries; the plot is so utterly uncomprehensible even by spoiling every single episode no one would be able to understand anything
Her face looks like a yam.

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>turn around
>see this looking directly at you

what do?
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Activate penor
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I think that she has guts to do this
Massage my dick with her cowtits

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>I've been waiting for 10 years to do this
The absolute madwoman!
Is he OK?
Holy crap, is the PLOT finally progressing?!

I bet Soma is also dead. Feels good to be a very rare non-fujoshit reader, can't wait for tears

Keijo's biggest fight has come to a conclusion.

Keijo chapter 176: http://manga-spot.com/archives/64295
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Tbh I find asscalibur' abilities to be underwhelming. I thought she would be significantly stronger.

I don't even know where to find new chapters and I haven't seen a TL thread in a long time.

What exactly are Asscalibur's powers
Didn't expect a Dragon Quest parody to show up at this stage

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Eventually we will just identify asspulls as Rubber Nens
>what that character did was a rubber nen
And here we see evidence that Hisoka is a baka that doesn't use his brain. Not only did he not tell his brain to come back to life, but he came back to life without needing to. Clearly Hisoka's brain was, and continues to be, superfluous.

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Which K-ON would be the best fuck?
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someone post the youtube music video with the beefy muscle versions of the keions

those would be best
Yui. She would get the most validation from it, so you have the most power over her, which makes her the most satisfying.
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yui lewd.jpg
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I'm just interested in her fat pussy and ass, tbqh.

Is this true /a/?
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Depends on the size, anon
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I can say that, as a sexy JC myself, I constantly fantasize about dicks.
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Is Sagiri right?

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> start watching a series
> get a few episodes into it
> enjoying it
> lose motivation to keep watching
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do you often have trouble finishing things?
Happens everytime I get into SoL or a slow starting series

I have to have visible progress or I start to question why I even want to watch it
Ever since like 2015 or so I've been this way, it's pretty fucking shitty.

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Thoughts on Chihaya Kisaragi?
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ugly, terribly designed. Overall horrible personality.
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>ugly, terribly designed
The personality thing I kind of understand.
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ts cday.jpg
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A slut.

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>It's a beach episode
>Starts with "UMI DA!~"

Literally every time.
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What do you expect them to say? It's a fucking ocean. By the way these meta threads are getting pretty fucking annoying, this kind of shit belongs on /v/.
No one asked for your opinion
No one asked you either.

>It ends up being garbage
I guess /a/ only likes moe trash now. This was disappointing thanks for wasting my times cucks.
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i think i dropped off this 5 or 6 eps in like 8 months ago, just didn'thold my interest sorry lads

>tfw when you watched 2 seasons of konosuba in a week and you have shitty moe taste but you're alright with it
Abhorrent thread. The canadians are getting out of hand.

your welcome

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