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Can we get a thread going? This story doesn't seem to get enough enough love on /a/.

Also, what was the MCs problem with going back in time and saving the guy he killed? Always seemed rather illogical to me.
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Charlotte would have been a much better series if the last episode was the actual premise of the series and the first ~12 episodes were truncated into 2 or 3 flashback episodes slowly framing why he's doing all this.
Was an okay anime but the last episode was too rushed, they could have fleshed it out
I wanted more Speedbro and Yusa.

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Hey, you like bikes?
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No, I prefer trains.
Yes, I'm into big tits
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>Rin's big tits

Making this Diana thread to summon Tattun again.....

110 Hours left to Episode 16 subs....
50 Hours left to Episode 16 PV....

Febri magazine stuff:

>Trigger is larger than during the KLK days. Around 60% of Trigger's staff is working on LWA.
>Yoshinari is willing to come back to LWA in a year or two.
>The producers are more than glad to keep LWA going as long as possible if Yoshinari is willing to do it.
>Imaishi himself requested to work on Sucy's episode.
>From the writer: Akko is someone inclined to look UP to people. Chariot, Croix and even Diana, Akko put them all in a pedestal. That nobody is perfect is a point in the story.

Oh, also Tattun confirm Amanda episode is coming soon >>156061479
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Let's talk about this butt instead.
Episode 17 is Amanda's episode. I told you guys weeks ago.
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I wonder what its going to be about

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Toyotaro is holding back guys! He can actually write, but he's just holding back is all!
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Full chapter when?
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H-he's holding back! I promise!
Dragon Ball Super would be a 10x better show if all the arcs were feature length movies.

Prove me wrong

What's wrong with the Fate/Stay Night anime adaptions?
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Rider Rule Breaker.png
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they don't convey the complexity or nuance or dull cooking scenes of the visual novel. Instead of trying to adapt the visual novels, they should just give us more Carnival Phantasm.
you may joke, but they unironically should
They don't show off the worms.

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Which usagi would you gochuumon?
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My wife Chino is so cute.
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My sexy wife Rize.

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What Linkin Park song is that?
Every day,millions of Magical Girls across the multiverse realize their duties without any monetary compensation from their agencies(They do it for free)

Together we can solve this problem by informing the corresping authorities and give these girls their fair payment.

Call 1-800-MODA to get more information about this.
Mahou Shoujo Terrorist Mamika

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Is it okay for me to wear my shoes in here?
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What is this, some kind of shit-for-brains joke?
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What makes a design good?
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Makes your dick hard
shape language yada yada unique silhouette yada yada cencoroll monsters
That's part of the answer for sure.

Colorful is underrated.
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t american
I remember that one from late at night on the anime network back in the day. A lot of pubescent semen lost to that anime.
This segment is the only part that anyone remembers

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Reminder to cum inside Hisu.
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Sasha best girl
Wrong picture this thread will die.

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Previous thread: >>156045492

Chapter 82:

Reminder that Eren's "conciousness" traveled back in time and told Kruger about Armin and Mikasa.
Reminder that Eren is Bran Stark
Reminder The Eren is the one who started everything.
Reminder that a Scouting legion victory would mean the destruction of the entire world.

>Jean will be Hanji's new Moeburrito.
>Annie is quite literally forgotten by the rest of the characters.

Episode 29 Preview:

Hisu's body Bowl:

Remember to cum inside Eren .
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>Drop the manga a few months ago
>Suddenly, time travel
Fucking how
Armong a shit.

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why is Hana the best girl of Prison School?
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She puts the 'P' in Perfect.
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Absolutely literal piss taste.
more like the pee in perfect

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What anime release notifier do you use since notify.moe is dead ?
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Cock of Mind.
My brain.
Sounds amazing tell me more...

A very special day is approaching!
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Literally baby's first waifu. Fuck off Nico.
Honkfags attacking another Maki thread as per usual
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The special day is here! Roselia's first single, 「BLACK SHOUT」 is now official out!

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