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Kemono Friends.jpg
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Here are all the character voice clips from the game. Use them however you want be it remixing them into songs, making your own animations with them, make them into memes, or don't do anything with them I don't care. Anyway enjoy regardless if you do anything with them or not.

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Please no raping Shoebill
I plan to fap to Keroro, Sloth and Grey Wolf's voices. Kanae Itou is love
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Pick your poison.
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>dark hardening
niggastream does it again
How the fuck do you even make that mistake? that's just completely retarded.
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No spoilers yet.
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It's this kid's birthday today.

Say something nice about him!
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I got him something
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I love that pic.

For the glory of mankind!
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Don't forget this
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Do you think Bald Eagle holds a bizarre patriotism to a strange land she has never heard of?

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>shoebill didn't appear for the climax
>didn't show up for the celebration party
>didn't say goodbye to kaban

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These collabs are getting out of hand

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Vict's smile shape is so dumb
I need to stick my dick in it
What is this? I can't into moon runes.

And their situation is really dangerous, especially to our witch.
Kek Victor's happiness seems so smug. He must be so annoying unless you're the pig fucking him.

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Did Tokiomi know what Sakura would go through after she had been adopted by the MATŌ?
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he probably get off to it, the sick fuck
he knew what their magic was all about. there's no way he didn't know.
why didnt Sakura just go to the police?

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Berserk 28 - 035.jpg
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What's his endgame?
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/ss/ with retard
Thats gutts and cascas kid yo. Believe
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To be just like his dad

Great recent OP/EDs


Even if I end up dropping this show This has my favorite ED of the season
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Was sorely disappointed when I spent the entire ED staring at her crotch but the shirt never went up that high.
But anon, that's what makes it so erotic.

I don't know what you mean.

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What was his endgame? what he was gonna do if he won?
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He just came back from the dead. I think he just wanted to have fun.
To remind us that all of the Uchiha, save Itachi God bless his soul, are a bunch of SHITS
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Be a fucking fag like this guy

All I need is a Full Name and consider it done
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Faggot Dumbledore
Lanced Jack

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Don't you have any friends, /a/?
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I have you.

no homo
i have like 4 but they all went to college and rarely talk to me anymore so i just browse 4chan all day

Give me a legitimate reason for why you think 3.0 is bad.
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Because EVA in general is bad
it's a snorefest and not homosexual enough
thats a really good qualuty picture anon

Mind if I save it?

As someone who wears glasses, I can tell you this is how I see the world.
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How does that even happen?
It'd have to be like 4 inches away from your eyes and like 6 inches high
Personally I like how it's the part that's not covered by the glasses that I see well.
As someone who wears glasses, has a long nose, and who is permanently cross-eyed, this is how I see the world.

She deserved everything that happened to her.
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Daily reminder that Griffith did nothing wrong
What race is she?
Probably whatever the Berserk version of Moorish is. Not Kushan because people would have pointed it out.

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