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I want to rewatch this for the first time
I want to cum inside __________
>He wants to cum inside blank
wtf shes not even best nep

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Why are Japanese MCs such faggots?
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Because japanese "men" are faggots.
In this case it was more of a calculated decision. He could fuck her once, but would probably ruin his chances to get a steady girlfriend (and thus more sex) later. If you had to choose between getting $10,000 right not, or a chance at winning $1000 a week for the rest of your life, which would you take?
a) Self-insert fantasy of being able to be choosey when presented the opportunity
b) Self-insert fantasy of women being the first ones to make a move and also being incredibly obvious about their interest in you.

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Who is best girl?

Rem-fanboys not welcome

Pic related is my waifu of choice.
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Ryoko is best girl
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Hang with the fang.
>waifu of choice
You don't even know what waifu means, fuck off.

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How deep is to deep? Discuss.
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4.44 when
Is it even still happening
3.0+1.0 is such a shit title for the movie
My bet is it'll go back into permanent hiatus again. After this long, there's no way that Anno can mount the effort for his shitty movie.

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It's been six years. When will Japan produce another anime that comes this close to perfection?
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Not even the best show of its own season.
Re:Zero aired last year.
They just did.

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Why are short stacks the best?
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Why does he make everything blue?
Da ba dee da ba daa
To stand out more, I guess

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Folks, I hate to say it, but unless we find a replacement redrawer, the remaining chapters from here on out are probably gonna be some form of LQ. Shit sucks but I'd rather release chapters than wait for a redrawer that may never materialize.
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File: Volume-19---Page-110.png (383KB, 889x1400px)Image search: [Google]
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If you're an experienced redrawer and want to help us close out the last 30 chapters and don't mind a weekly release schedule hit me up: [email protected]
File: Volume-19---Page-111.png (461KB, 887x1400px)Image search: [Google]
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Otherwise enjoy the chapter.
File: Volume-19---Page-112.png (555KB, 892x1400px)Image search: [Google]
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What did she mean by this?
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She's absolutely correct, I did the math.
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>greentexted reply solely consisting only of the first word of your sentence echoed back to you as a means of heavily implying that your understanding of the circumstances under which you have posted were clearly misguided in a very egregious and immediately noticeable sense to those of us who are in fact privy to the aforementioned circumstances
Kuso banner

For me, it's KyoAni, the best Japanese animation studio.
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Because they animated the biggest dyke of 2017?
No one asked.
Is this a /tv/ meme or something

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>Purposefully doing bad character designs
So Toriyama hates Super with a passion or what?
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nobody likes Super, we're all just pretending
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Meanwhile Toyotarou being a prick copying Toriyama's work every chance he gets despite Toriyama telling him to come up with his own shit.
His art really degraded when he started using a computer.

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Finished reading this after a while and well. Fuck.
It was a good read none the less.
Im glad she got her happy ending though.
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She's dead, dude.
I know.
Do you realize that was a dying dream, don't you?

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What would you do?
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>"m-me too"
holy shit it's my lucky day
I think the last panel sums it up well

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what's the weirdest thing an anime could be based on? like coffee / cafe
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i believe if there was such a thing as cafe with anime, it would be killed by the jews
Bodily fluids
a prosthetic limbs factory where all the prosthetic limbs are cute girls and it's a slice of life

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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None, I'm a Kemonobrony.
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>using boruto as an example
Are you some kind of retard? You really couldn't use something that isn't a shitty battle shounen?
>taking the meme seriously

am I a pleb for preffering this 2nd intro ?
it's litterally Neon Aesthetics 5 years before it was cool again
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>watching intros
Yeah that's pretty pleb
Both intros are cool, bro. Feel free to enjoy them both.
Maxmimum the Hormone is great so it's fine.

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