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This isn't a cartel sponsored or gg's 'lol so randumb xd' translation, he actually fucking says this.
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Stop watching trash then.
Do you think Nips never play western games or something?
whats wrong with that line?

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I was ready to drop this shit but then things got interesting. Then the mary sue antagonist comes and prevents anything from happening. Boring.
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I dropped it long ago, the fucking female character is unrealistic and the MC is a cuck.
so WTF is the fursuit's actual power supposed to be?
some sort of abstract blending thing that just starts out as a powersuit?
RIP Helmet.

Didn't get enough face time.

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Goku after Jiren gives him his punishment
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Reminder, god ki is just some kind of headcanon of fans
In the movie, for some reason gods' ki can't be detected, that's something special, but that's all. "Beyond god" Goku and Vegeta from RoF are just "saiyans with SSG power in base form" in Toriyama notes about SSGSS, they don't use a special ki which makes them stronger and undetectable, they just have the power of the SSG, and since SSG is a god, it can't be detected.
If you are a godly being (SSG, Hakaishin, Kaioshin or angel) your energy is undetectable, that's canon. But "god ki" as a thing that you can learn and makes you stronger and undetectable isn't.
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Jiren is going to fuck Goku up but good

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I just watched 8 years of anime production in 1 week

I feel empty /a/, what do?
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get some pussy
Read those Kaiki ntr doujins and write a story of suffering when you hit your lowest point.
Pretty sure OP hates cats.

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So this is canon now, right?
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Where are his nipples?
Who esle could it be?
Died to early.
Wrong side of the conflict.
You sick fucks.
You forgot Euphemia but she's dead too

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Where were you when anime was saved yet again?
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Eating chipsu.
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Playing geimu
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Did they announce Umaru S2 or something?

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Is it really a Harem when non of the girls are after the dick of the MC? Either way, every nice job animating the breasts.

Also, I was expect the giant corporation to be run by demons, or maybe even the demon lord himself in order to enslave humanity economically and not by force, and not just be in cahoots with them. Still it was a good twist that the Heroes made a contract that they don't kill the demon king because it ruins the hero economy
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I'm pretty sure at least All A and the demon girl wanted to fuck him but I could be misremembering.
All-Anal wanted the D, and Fino seemed like she did as well.
Okay, All A was after his dick. But no one else. The Demon Girl's relationship was more based on work and general friendship.

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Easter Hero.png
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I just realized I don't have any villains saved, so Hatsume will have to suffice.
I pray that this thread will stay safe
or do we have to resort to fujoposting again to get rid of him

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I want to build this bird's confidence.
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.Ohh, I see the end goal of this park.
>Take endangered species
>Turn them into cute animal girls
>Knock up the cute animal girls
>Turn pregnant cute animal girls back into animals
>They give birth to a new member of their species
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Left or right?
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Left and right.
Left without the glasses.
Straight through the middle

Why does people hate this show? I liked it well enough, thought the movies were fine. Why does everyone say it's trash?
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I dont remember disliking this show but at the same time I think I dropped it because it bored me
>Why does people hate this show?
What the fuck are you talking about? /a/ liked it back when it aired.
The tv series was fine but the movies were so fucking boring

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Is Kanbaru a pervert?
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Yes, but not as much as Ararararagi or Senjougahara.
But no one compares to her cuteness
Why is Hitagi a pervert?

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How will the Pokemon anime end?
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it won't
Jessie and James marry and their kid wins the Pokemon league before Ash.
Ash will go to /a/ and ask how to beat Elite Four, /a/ will tell him it is impossible for him to do it, a few drugs, wrist cuts and suicide attempts later it turns into a grimderp show, with Pokemon dying and Ash killing people

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Someone explain this series to me. I watched a few episodes and think it's okay. I get the feeling that I'd find it a whole lot funnier if I was Japanese and got all the cultural references. Or do later seasons take it in a different direction?
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I've wondered about that, actually. Why do normalfags seem to love this show when at least half the references go will go over their head?
>got all the cultural references
Most are anime/game/live show references, if you watched nip media for more than a year you'd get them.
Obviously there will people weebs who are so determined to be Japananese that they'll pretend to get all the references but enough for every incarnation of Gintama to be on the MAL's top 10? There's gotta be something I'm missing.

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Stop trusting adults
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But Tomino is an adult, so how can we trust him?
I never started.
He's actually a manchild.
>claims we have to stop polluting the earth
>makes G-reco

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