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Apple skin is groce

Who the hell would own a Power Glove outside of an autistic collector?
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why not. those things are rad.
Are power gloves rare?
It's so bad tho.

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Wrapping up summer now.
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74: The place where we belong (temp)
[Side] The very resounding 'Summer trip arc' is finally at its climax!!!
[Bottom] The newest volume 6 is selling very well

"...Kyouko-chan, where are you...?"

"Taro-chan, Kyouko-chan's not here!"
"Did she actually vanish because she heard about her model Kyouko passing away!?"

"First Love zombies are our 'delusions' as men, so I don't think they'd vanish just because their model passed away..."
"But great grandpa's worried about her"
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"I'll look for her!"


"You were here?"
"This is the cave Taro-chan and the others were at before..."
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"You suddenly disappeared so everyone thought you vanished"
"And great grandpa's worried..."
"I remembered"

"About my sudden parting with Shou-san 20 years ago"

"I was waiting for Shou-san here back then"
"Then my body suddenly flashed..."
"What's this radiance...?"
"And my memories from then suddenly blanked out"

"When I came to, Shou-san couldn't see me anymore"
"Where are you?"

"I didn't know why things ended up that way"
"But I was both sad and in pain"
"And I could only pity Shou-san as he was going through the same pain"

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Are characters with white/grey hair more likely to be gay?
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yes. gray hair is suggested to be otherwordly, noble, and elegant, and fits directly into some otome archetype i cannot name
Male and female.
I guess it would just be easier to say they are interpreted as quiet and pretty in a feminine way and so males think they are gay despite their origins in sex games for women

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Where were you when worst girl became best girl and beat the rest of the harem forever?
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She was always best girl.
boy am I glad I dropped this like 70 chapters ago
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>scat tier fetish
>stupid glasses
>shit hair
>horrendous personality


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A staff wielded by a JC.
A feminine wand
JC staff is an anime studio staffed exclusively by JCs.

Don't touch the sensei.
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>you will never have a floral decorated swing to sit and be depressed on
You're the only one who didn't drop this manlet /y/ shit after episode 1 OP.

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Please describe this girl.
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Plot device

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Post characters that were designed to be raped.

I'll start.
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I want to do creepy uncle things to Hanako, like hug her for too long, touch her thighs, tell her she's very very pretty, and watch her run around in a swimsuit.
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Hanako is a miracle.
I want to do normal husband things to Hanako, like fucking her.
i want to do psycho thing to hinako,like rape her until her comes to bleed

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is it good
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s1 is good
Season 1 was fun
it's worse than baccano

i watched all of it and didn't hate it enough to drop it, season 1 is about as good as the other whatever the fuck happened

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Stop it.
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That's not happening soon
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Not all the dragons, just Kanna and her fat loli butt.
riddle me this faggots:

why are lolis getting fat?

ITT good girls stuck in shit shows
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What's your type?
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Can only lolis be cute or something?
All 4.
All of them in the same girl.

Is this literally the only good entry in this entire franchise once you take off the nostalgia goggles?
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I think my dick is a good entry in your mom you shiteating fucking secondary.
Only the original VN is any good.
that would be fate extra CCC

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