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Time for the second round.

I'm guessing Gugu will die helping Fushi in the battle but that might be too obvious.
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It is kinda creepy how long dead characters keep on "dying" on this series.
tree thing attacks again...
meh I like the slice of life parts more

Me too but a but more action isn't too bad and make me appreciate the calm parts more.

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Why were so many plot points left unresolved? Was the manga canned?(although with the popularity the anime has now that doesn't seem possible)
For example the guy who saved Josuke when he was a kid looked like a hint to some sort of time travel shit happening in the future. Or Echoes act 3 only having one very specific power, when all his other forms had more generic ones. I figured alienguy's plot was left like this on purpose but otherwise it really feels like it just wasn't finished properly
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It's called Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, not Jojo's Well-Written Adventure.
That's the way it is with any long-running series. You'll have things set up, but production cycles, deadlines, and author interest can all change.
>why isnt my time travel headcanon reeeeeaaaal

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Hello friends

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Muh animes 3x3.jpg
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2/4 - FLCL, Mononoke
3/5 - Tatami Galaxy, Mononoke
Top middle isn't ringing any bells for me.

is it worth watching?
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There is no season 2.
DtB S2 is legitimately good.
You must be mistaken. DtB never had a squel. Anything saying otherwise is just propaganda to make the series look bad.

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>Watch hentai
>Girl is forced to wear a vibrator in class
>Then gets gangbanged outside of class
>She probably never has time to study
I feel bad for hentai girl's parents, paying their education only for their daughters to be unable to study because they were chosen as the designated cumdumpster
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She doesn't need education when her true calling is in being a cumdump slut, I'd drop out and be a full time slut if I were hentai girl
>being educated

LMAO modernity

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Who is the coolest high school boy, and why definitely not Araragi?
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Lolicons such as Rararagi are never cool. In fact, they're the opposite of cool: they're lame by definition.
Actual mad ass fuck pedo detected.
>posts about lolicons being bad
>is somehow an actual pedo

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This remaster is shite, sasuga Toei.
>In this batch of episodes, the show suddenly becomes really good. Someone dies, the bad jpop returns with a vengeance, and the Steel Saints are completely forgotten (Thank god for that).

Unfortunately, I have to ask you kind anons who have been following the project so far for a favor. Apparently Crunchyroll has subs for the Sanctuary Saga that are a lot better than what I've been working with. If anyone could direct me to a rip of those, It'd help get the series the subs it deserves, and speed up release times to boot. I'd also do v2/3's for older episodes to use the superior scripts.

Links for newfags in the next post.
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>What the fuck is Saint Seiya
Classic Shonen Jump series. Fights, Hot blood, Friendship, all that good shit.

>Where's the rest of the show

>What about the movies?

>What about a MEGA
Fuck off

>But SeiyaAnon, these Blurays are shit, and the files are too big
Blame Toei. I might mux the DVDs at the end.
OP can't bump anymore, so this is gonna fall off the board soon unless someone else starts posting.
SS rocks

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How many times have you watched this episode?
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Enough times to become an old man that expects nothing from life
not enough
Is this that Shadow of the Colossus anime I keep hearing about?

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S2 when?
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Karaoke kino
Irredeemably stained.

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Hi, this is a bloodthirsty vampaya
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Why are her nipples so pointy
Those cowtits on Hikari are digusting. Kill yourself, OP.
Valid opinion. Please kill yourself op.

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K-On will be remembered one thousand years from now.
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the cancer is until die
How when it's hardly remembered on /a/ to begin with, anon

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Quick! You just insulted Lina's bust size and she's prepping a Dragon Slave in retaliation. What do you do?
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Claim to fight for justice and get the protection of Amelia.
Is it a comedy dragon slave or a plot dragon slave?

You insulted Lina's bust size.

Clearly comedy.

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When that song starts playing


This song makes me question if I have ever truly been happy.
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why does /a/ hate angel beats ? it's was better than most of kyoanus drama . the characters were great too , music was fantastic , i know the end was rushed but they cut the show from 26 episodes to 14 what did you guys expect ?

Find a flaw.
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Cruz (Yamada) disappointed everyone and now that he's a girl he'll never fuck the whole cute girl squad.
has no boobs
Green hair.

Is pic related any good?
I want to watch a good mecha anime preferably with modern visuals
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I think it's okay, but a lot of people think it is the worst gundam ever.
I hear 00 is allright though, so maybe you could watch that too.
The first gundam is the best though, but that isn't what you are looking for.
>Is pic related any good?
Barbatos is cool

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