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How will this end /a/?

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It autism, like it always does, but I'll bite anyway.

Ace, he can just punch natsu with his fists.
Natsu because main character
The one who didn't die in manga. Wow that was hard.

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Will HEALTHY animu girls ever go out of style?
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ITT: greatest anime couples of all time
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They cant be a couple
why not?
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Cool anime right?
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cute art style
Cute art style? Oh jeez i feel bad for you. Do you know??

Is Drills-chan spin off going to save Raildex?
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No, it is going to be another uninteresting and boring story that won't go anywhere.
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>Giving a spinoff to an unnamed tertiary character who is the lackey of an already irrelevant character
Absolute fucking madmen.

It's probably so we can have a story that's 100% unrelated to main Index plot. That's exactly what Railgun only fans wanted.

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Lets see if there is anyone left on /a/ with good taste.
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Remake by Sunrise when
I liked everything about DEEN's other than the character designs. Especially the two MCs.
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Shit anime thread?

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Why do so many anime and manga titles start with Re: lately, and if all the Re: protagonists fought to the death, who would win?
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So you just realized that japan sucks at naming?!
Kobayashi-san no RE: Doragon!
>why so many manga/anime start with RE: ?
>Why is there so many isekai's?
>why is there so many "my little sister cant be cute" knockoffs?
>why so many battle harems?

its called a fad.

Shinka fucks Dogs !!!
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Stop projecting.
Only you want to fuck dogs.
There aren't enough doujins of it
prove it!

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Can I have a re:monster thread ?
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But it's soooo bad.
You should feel bad for even saving an image to your hard drive
>monster self-insert gary stu dominates everything kills all men and captures all women to fuck who obviously put up no resistance and love it day one because he's so good
This is the shit a 12 year old would come up with i've read fanfics better then this trash for fuck sake.

This girl eats paper!
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i'd eat her paper
Some girls eat toilet paper.

It's an abnormality and indicates some kind of mental disorder.

Konata-clone should be checked out for bulimic behaviour and what her daily diet consists off.
And cocks.

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Who makes the best subs nowdays?
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>not understanding taiwanese
If you really want to watch fansubs, GJM is probably the last semi-reliable group to put effort into releases. You'll also sometimes have herkz doing a release with lightly-edited official script and marginal TS + OP/ED. To his credit, he's usually timely. I guess I don't have much to complain about with respect to Asenshi, but they're the only game in town for the show they're subbing now. The rest of the projects you'll see have like a 10% shot at making it through the season without falling at least a full week behind.

Additionally if you agree with /a/'s outspoken preference for literal subs, no fansub groups will help you. Though frankly on this point I support them. Long story short, just get HS unless you're willing to risk a long wait

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What is the worst catchphrase in anime?
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Fuck you nigger I'll rip off your head and nippah down your neck
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Don't you shit on NIPAA~

I like this show. Your thoughts?
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Through the Dark Lord, amen.
It's fucking horrible just like Oreimo was. Dropped at the 1st episode.
You can enjoy the purityfags' salt, especially in regard to OP's pic related, without watching the show, anon. Trust me, it's fairly entertaining.

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I'll just leave this here.
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Haruna a shit

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