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What was she thinking about?
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shota cock
Is her outfit lewd?
she wants to gargle all of their cocks

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no worms allowed.jpg
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bone; sword
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I am the boner.jpg
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mantle; mollusk

When are they going to make their own Madoka or Love Live?
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They already did.
Haruhi, K-On

Post anything Cute, Funny, Interesting! Let's get a genuine PIC thread going ya'll!
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Isn't there a whole board for that?
Why is it so slow?

can anyone tell me why this series works and dragon ball super doesnt?
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What do you mean work, both are shit.
Because one is pretty much an exact copy of the original and the other is failing at new shit.
They're both shit.

Sometimes it's POV and sometimes it's not. This is just pointless.
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Where in this picture are we supposed to come out from?
Did we have sex in this episode?
>Not wanting to be the tree

Man you're just dull.

I'll post this everyday untill you watch it! Friendly reminder that ATOM The Beginning is our anime and that we need to support it!
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What makes this "our anime"?
I know that MAL is shit and all that stuff but ATOM rating is slowly but constantly increasing.
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What is this even about?

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Any other bings seeing this today?
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Not a bing, but i am a Bong seeing it today.

7pm in Nantgarw, Wales
When sao will in dvdrip?

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Do you ever accidentally recognize a sub voice actor?
How does it make you feel
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That happened to me the other day with that girl from Yuyushiki and the new girl in Alice to Zokuro. I don't remember how it made me feel.

Never really happened before, voices are all too unmemorable or nipponese or different to recognize, between shows.
what's a "sub" voice actor
A person who writes subs and doesn't get these delicious trips

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Did Arby's Just Make A Fucking JoJo's Reference?
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>Gyro instead of an animeonly fave character

I am ok with this
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what the hell.jpg
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I can't get mad about that.

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I've been playing a lot of Dark Souls lately, and it's made me want to get into Berserk.

Where's a good place to start? Is the anime as good as the manga? If so, are the English dubs any good?
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most people will say the manga.
only problem with that is the first 3 vols are a slog.
i started with the anime, decided i loved it and then read the manga.
yes the new anime is super good you should definitely watch that
not op here. what about the new movies?

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Would you be up for a late-night cruise with this stud?
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sounds pretty gay
I'd prefer his sister.
she's ugly though

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Barakamon thread.
Let's talk about volume 13.
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No one?
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Barakamon 96 23+24.jpg
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Oujo a cute.

Is it just me or has there been increasing Usagi Drop (you know what I'm referring to here) vibes going on in recent volumes?
I read it at my local bookstore thanks to your previous thread, didn't get the chance to talk.

I'm kinda sad to see Handa choosing to become a calligraphy teacher for an island with a small student population. I am pretty certain he'll be back into submitting entries sooner or later, but it might be back to island shenanigans before we get to that stage.

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Has Gintama dropped in quality for anyone else ever since they began the serious arc?

I preferred it when the writer stuck to comedy, because at this point it just feels like your generic Shounen where the protagonist wins through the power of friendship. Example being Kamui Vs Gintoki
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Too many flashbacks.
>at this point it just feels like your generic Shounen where the protagonist wins through the power of friendship
Yeah, Sorachi's using all the cliches he's made fun of in the past, except this time he's playing them completely straight.
The only "humour" left in this show are the occasional dick jokes that are thrown in between battles, and those got old a few years ago already.
The Rakuyou arc was a complete shitfest. Also no comedy arcs between Farewell Shinsengumi arc and Rakuyou arc was a missed opportunity.

The current arc is actually pretty good though. Maybe because buzzkilller Utsuro hasn't had as much focus. God I fucking hate Utsuro

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Black Shout
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What's this?
PasuPare event when?
A gothic rock band.

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