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Oniisama new uniform for the coming movie.
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Agreed. That's some Darth Vader vibes.

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>Show about shilling tiny robot models and related supplies.
>Butt shots of the little robots like every 10 seconds.
>The human characters end up being far more interesting with nicer asses.

What happened?
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Because the human characters are probably the ones that you can project into easily

Reminder that Ao will eventually pleases old men for money and better FA parts
>What happened?

They didn't learn from Busou Shinki, the superior tiny robot anime and superior toy line.
Busou Shinki is dead and not coming back anon. Learn to live with it and be happy that its death planted the seeds for a whole host of new tiny robot girl lines.

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haruhi head bop.webm
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Who was in the wrong here?
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The cone.
The answer is (You)
did she just had an orgasm?

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dumping, this time with s07195's translation

>What should we
>Do during winter break?
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"Good morn-"
"SO DIRTY!!!!"

"Wow, this is definitely them playing and going to bed without cleaning up..."
"Wait, so no one else is up yet? Fufu, I'm the first... (Sudden feeling of superiority)"

"Well, let's clean up first, I guess."
"She let us sleep over so we can do this much at..."

"It's 'Ika Somen'."
(Ika means squid, somen is a thin type of ramen)
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"That's the Ika Somen that Hajime-chan was eating!"

"How can you unflinchingly scare someone like that..."
"I didn't really mean to scare you... Sorry..."

"Ahh, so Hajime-san was eating it, huh."
"That's correct! And when I was gleefully telling her what a good choice it was,"

"This! This fits so well as a snack to go with beer, you know~~~"
"Ah, this is a dagashi too, hm. But it's more like those snacks, hm? I mean, it is good with alcohol. Who eats it by itself?"

"...Is what she said.... Is that so? Ika Somen is not eaten by itself?"
"Well, yeah... Although I do..."
"As expected, Kokonotsu-kun..."

"Honestly, I can't recognize it as a beer snack because I don't drink, so..."
"Like this"
This manga is terrible because it won't go anywhere. The only interesting is the character designs and saya

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Just started this. So this is basically an anime about Senor Chang in a magic school? An unqualified douche of a person that jumped the system in some way or another to become a teacher?
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you haven't watched enough anime or read enough manga if you can't see what is coming
Literally the most qualified person there barring his mom. Its like you fags cant watch more than 5 minutes before making assumptions.
Just watch second episode

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can we all agree that best girl kyou deserved to win and not some autist?
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But Nagisa is the perfect match for Tomoya. Stop trying to self-insert.
ryou is such a fucking huge shit
Sorry but I was a Tomoyo fan. I do like Kyou 2nd though.

Either girl should have properly won. Not some fucking roach bitch.

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So it's Berserk with a furry Guts and no faggot ass monsters, right?
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I already see one faggot ass monster
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No no, it's a gender reversed Seirei no Moribito with furry spears.
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it's Guin saga for scrubs with a big mary sue for zero

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Do you miss her /a/?
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Still the best Sakurasou
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Not really
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No. Not one bit.

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Is this why you watch this show?
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Came for/to the loli yuri, stayed for Illya being pretty and pretty good magical girl action.
It doesn't hurt.

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Waifufags are killing anime.

>Prove me wrong. Oh wait, you can't.
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Anime is already dead.
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Please, to refrain.
Waifus are the only thing that anime does better than any other medium, so that's fine with me

Is Kiznaiver an underrated masterpiece? Was it too deep for /a/?
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If anything it was too shallow. It could be a classic if it had more episodes to develop better.
What did /a/ think of the kiznaiver op?? I kinda like the song
Kiznaiver had great aesthetics, and shit everything else.

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Would you?
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I would show her, and every other girl in that show how babies are made.
You just hold handsl and then 2 weeks later a stork drops a baby through your chimney, duh.
this kills the baby
i dont believe u

Go back in time and turn one flop into a financial success.
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I'd go back in time to re-live again the threads on here.
>1. Time travel back to '02, buy a shitton of stock in Apple.
>2. Wait for the flop of your choice to be released, while doing as little to alter the course of history as possible to ensure it still gets produced.
>3. Sell all your Apple stock and buy all extant copies of the DVDs/Blurays for the would-be-flop.
>4. Live out the rest of your fifteen-year-shorter life enjoying all the new anime produced as a result of your screwing around with the anime industry.

>Go back to time where parents met
>Make 'em sterile
>Now they got no excuse to blame giving birth to someone for becoming failures in life

Doubt very much they would've become any better but at least it's a try plus I get to off myself

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Was Kill la Kill a masterpiece?
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Yes. It's a canonical classic of anime along with Eva, Gundam, etc.
a masterpiece of shit.

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How did we go from girls like Tea, Mai, Ishizu, etc
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To bubblegum pop stars?
Moe sells.
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But it was such a simpler time

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