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Post your seasonal mistress
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I know you did this.
I want to be this wiener witch's pillow.
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Is it ok if I have both?

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eva units.jpg
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Fuck Rei vs. Asuka, which Eva would you pilot? I used to solidly be for Unit 02, but after rewatching the series recently I've become more fond of Unit 00.
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>came here instead of /m/
do you really think these faggots give a shit about anything in that series besides their waifu?
There is no tactical reason to not pick 01.
On top of having similar specs to all the other models it has the aspull plot device known as berserk mode, which can get you out of shitty situations.
Actually all of the Units can go Berserk, 01 is just the only one that does because Yui's soul is unusually active. 02 almost goes Berserk in End of Evangelion.
That said, 01 is still the one I'd want for the color scheme. 00 is canonically underpowered compared to 01 and 02.

Did everyone drop this already? Are we not going to talk about how cute and perfect Leo is?
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Thread for this week's episode already came and died as fast as I came after seeing that face.
>there are so few people watching that we can't keep a thread going for more than a few hours.

Shame. This show is fun.
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Socially inept Kai is a cute

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Roka looks like she's not very sorry
Takako is too cute
I haven't read d-frag in a while (haven't read much manga in a couple of years. Too busy with animu, vidya and work), but is that Pukey? When did she get relevant enough to stay at MC's house?

Anyone watching this? Episode 2 subs are out.
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It's like I'm watching 12sai again.
I dropped it halfway through this episode. I was hoping the balls to the wall melodrama was just for the introductory episode, but it's clear now that it permeates every instant of the characters' lives. It's just tiresome to watch, and makes them feel like aliens rather than humans.
Is it just me or is the pacing really odd in this one?

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Who is your favourite mythical creature friend in the series. I like the shisas personally.
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The only choice
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No gimmicks or anything here. Just enjoy the thread, guys!
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Should I post the WSJ Chapter?
What happens when Toga drinks animal blood?

What about cloned blood?

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Why do shoebills exist?
They are such ugly and angry looking creatures.
I can draw in crayon for you anon
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They're cute! CUTE!

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RIP Campo Flicker
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Rip best non anime friend
Why is this general allowed?
It is an anime. Any issue thread police?

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What did best girl mean by this?
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I DON'T want this thread to degrade into a shipfaggot flamewar, like the last three or four or five.

Let's discuss what Touka meant here.
She literally told him that she'll spread her legs for him when he needs it.

Also do we really need yet ANOTHER thread? It will drift off into waifufags going at each other's throats anyway and we definitely had enough of that in these past couple days.
Daily reminder Kaneki never felt ANYTHING for Eto, except admiration for her writing persona.

And he sliced her apart without feeling anything when they met.

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Spotted Skunk Chan.jpg
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Which friends would you like to see in future seasons of Kemono Friends. I personally would like to see Spotted Skunk-chan (she is just so cute).
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Speaking of dead memes
>not using the latest news in OP
One job OP
Also they have to be friends that haven't appeared in the anime or at least only appeared in a cameo, no really popular friends that will probably return for season 2 anyway.

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Thread for those who like Veterans

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That's lewd. Also, tall Banana would have been a perfect waifu for Manlet.
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No. EH!

It's been ages since I enjoyed an anime this much.
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She can walk on her ass cheeks.png
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She can walk on her ass cheeks like the red guy from Cow and Chicken.
is Kaban the greatest genius in history?
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The rest of the friends are not very smart.

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Thread for those who like lesbians

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BRY a best.
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YH a canon and cute.
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Someone knows how to read flipped katakana from right to left?

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Waited awhile to see if anyone was gonna make a thread, guess Ill make it.

Somethings I want to ask to get the creativity going.

If you were going to have a quirk and a hero name what would it be. (Nothing OP like OfA)
Ill go first.
Quirk: Nuclear Fission. Can cause atoms within certain distance to split causing (Small) but effective explosions. Combine this with High-tec Fusion Shotguns adds Blast to the shot. evaporating everything it hits in a certain area.
Hero name : Nuclear Rage/Nuclear Shotgun (have not decided) nationality: USA.

Use your imaginations people. Create a hero and send them out into the world.
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I wasn't asked.jpg
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Power: material manipulation
Can switch any material he touches into a different material, ex: metal to wood, rubber to water. Pretty powerful and a wide range of possibilities/uses.
Pick a hero name and stick with it so I can tell whos who.

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